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Two things I am excited about…

Posted on June 21, 2006 by jimparedes

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OK. It’s official! APO will be doing two shows in Aus–one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney. I am reprinting an email from Liz Angeles who is the producer for the Sydney leg.

‘Hi Everyone,

The success of “Kumustahan” concert featuring APO Hiking Society, Nanette Inventor and Geneva Cruz in Middle East and other part of the world have prompted the promoter from Melbourne (Global Events Organiser) to bring this group to Australia come Aug 4 (Melbourne) and Aug 5 (Sydney) 2006. There’s a big demand to return the ever popular and talented APO Hiking Society back to Australia after a long years of absence doing concerts in Australia.

In response to public demand, a return concert scheduled on (Saturday) 5 August 2006 is now booked at the Capitol Theatre, a world class concert venue located at Haymarket (City).

This show will be another popular hit with the Filipino community! APO Hiking Society with the addition of Nanette Inventor and Geneva Cruz packed into one show, this event is sure to be EXPLOSIVE!

Please spread the news and send this email to your friends and relatives.

Tickets are all $85.00 (Reserved seating). Booked your tickets early to get the best available seats.

Ticket Enquiries:

Liz Angeles 9618 1518 / 0414 759 890
Ed Pagaduan 9896 0151 / 0414 809 655
Bhajune 9677 1600 / 9724 5470 / 0411 673 558

Kind regards,
Liz Angeles’

We have done this particular roadshow in Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Rome, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait. After Australia, we will be going to Guam (August 26) and Saipan (August 28). I hope you guys can catch this. It’s a lot of fun. You can also get in touch with me to reserve your tickets. Write me at jimparedes@gmail.com and leave your contact details and I will get in touch or ring you promptly.

The other activity I am inviting you to is my 30th run of my unblocking-of-creativity workshop. This will be the first time I am doing this in Australia and I am REALLY excited about this. Unlike the concert, this will be for a small group, probably no more than 30 to 40 people at most. Read on:

Do you sometimes feel that life is passing you by?
Do you feel alive to your own life?
Are you experiencing the feeling of aliveness or has everyday living become
a dull, boring, meaningless out-of-body experience?
Are you in between careers, jobs, loves, dreams, and life paths?
Are you stuck and can’t seem to move forward to where you really want to
Are you ‘mid-lifing’?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I am inviting you to a workshop that will open a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself and the fire and breath of the creative in you that you may have forgotten. Engage and know yourself in a way you have never known before as you wake up to the potential creative energy in you.

TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE will help you identify your blocks and will give you the tools to overcome them and all other blocks that may come your way in the future. It will awaken the vitality that you need to feel and fuel the life that you want for yourself.

Where: Campbelltown Catholic club
When: July 23, Sunday 8:30 AM to 6:30PM
(Registration is at 8:00 am)
Fee: 99$ AUD
Reservations: email jimparedes@gmail.com if you want to recieve flyers and more info via email. Leave phone no. if yo wish to talk to a knowledgeable person.
(Name of participant and contact number)

This workshop has had 30 successful runs since it was first introduced three years ago in the Philippines. Companies, civic groups, regular people from different professions and walks of life have benefited from it. TCU has also been offered successfully in San Francisco and is now being offered for the first time in Sydney. I urge you not to miss this paradigm-shifting one day experience.

Here are some comments from former participants.

“TCU is about being conscious that every second, every thought, every little action.. and every little energy counts towards some destiny. It is about NOW. A series of joyous nows, makes a joyous life. TCU has made me conscious about the importance and logic of The Present… Moreover, I have found TCU friends here! TCU is growth not just during the classes. It is also what you do with what you have learned as part of your journey after the classes! -Diane, 40 years?!, (oh? it’s just a number!)

“TCU has changed my life…for better. I recommended it to my husband and it worked for him too. SPLENDID!” Warm regards, -Athiporn

“Every writer dreams to have his works published some day. TCU has opened a portal in my mind, and enhanced my adventures in creativity. Furthermore, it developed my skills as a writer and made me realize that there are countless opportunities for recognition!” -Jard M Gerona, writer

“TCU was a fun learning experience for me. At 50 (when I took the course), I was the oldest in the class of about 2 dozen or so people who were mostly in their late twenties to early thirties (some are friends of my kids). Thanks to my ex-classmate Jim Paredes for teaching me useful tips on creativity.

Just do it!”-Rene Ongpin, retired stockbroker.

“TCU helped me unblock my creativity and get in touch with my inner self. I have discovered that there is more to me than what I know and there is no other time but NOW to do whatever I should. =)” -Lara M. Garcia, 34, Ghostwriter/Researcher & Vocal Coach

TCU has tremendously helped me to focus my energy and passion to what truly matters: (i) here, in the now — by paying attention to life’s everyday details, and (ii) my divine gifts — by expending them where they will make huge and real difference.

It was a very liberating experience for me. I am also very grateful to have met my lifetime friends through TCU. Through TCU, I am also beginning to re-discover my true self.” -Bettina Gancayco (wife, mother and civil servant of the World Bank Group) Age, Forever 21 — hah-ha!!

“Learning to live each moment to the fullest has had a tremendous impact on me.” -Wouter Lincklaen Arriens,ADB Executive,
musician, 47

See you there.
Jim Paredes

37 to “Two things I am excited about…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jim, .I can’t remember how I came up with your site but I enjoy reading it. By the way,it’s me May. =) Your classmate from college is a friend of mine..name’s Mon. Have a good day =)

  2. wys says:

    aww, too bad australia is so far from hong kong. i would’ve loved to be part of your workshop. i’m 20 years old and don’t know what to do. hahaha. anyway, continue inspiring lives. thanks for inspiring mine too. 😀

  3. Bass Poet says:

    Hi Jim,

    Congratulations to your new APO Hiking Society’s upcoming concerts in Australia.

    To all Filipinos in Australia, please do watch APO’s concerts. You will be truly enlightened and entertained after the show.

    I wished I can be part of your creative workshop. I will be the first in line to register and participate if your workshops becomes available in Toronto, Canada. Your writings and workshops are highly recommended and essential for sustenance in our daily lives.

    Keep on inspiring!

  4. malaya says:

    a lil OT. do you happen to know how much the tuition fee is in the australia national university? course is bs psychology, to be exact. i’d like to apply for an undergrad course there but i wanna know how much it’d cost me first. i tried looking for the tuition fees in their site but to no avail.thank you in advance.kindly email me at cradled_in_his_arms@yahoo.com, thatz if you dont mind..or just drop a message on my blog.

  5. rHo says:

    i’d love to go to your workshop but sobrang layo ko naman… hmmmm… anu kaya kuya jim kung mag-tour ka nman para magbigay ng mga ganyang klaseng workshop??!! i know mas marami pang tao ang ma-iinspire….

    keep it up and gudlak… i hope someday maging part ako nyan!! :)

  6. Jim says:

    Hi May– Thanks for the visit. Give my regards to Mon.

    wys–There’s a workshop inquiry from Hongkong. Right now, it’s a far-fethched possibility pa lang but who knows? Abangan.

    bass poet–Thanks for the great endorsement.

    bilang_ako–I heard from some pinoys who are not permamnent residents and who go to college that the tuition is about 18,000 to 20,000 AUD a year.

    rho-anne-If you are meant to be there, you will be there! Walang malayo o malapit kapag panahon mo na. I’ve had attendees who traveled from very far and felt they ‘belonged’ and were mdeant to be there. There are some who live so near but cancel out. So, is it your time?

  7. Anonymous says:

    jim, in case ur interested and craves pinoy dishes, there’s an on going philippine food festival at grace hotel in the city til 30th june. check http://www.gracehotel.com.au

  8. wys says:

    really? i’ll be looking forward to that! thanks!

  9. Benette says:

    Any upcoming shows sa USA west coast this year? Yeah i do miss the APO performing.

  10. sachiko says:

    Now I have two very valid reasons to fly to Australia,asap! haha! I wish!

    Thank you always for the warm encouragements.

  11. Obet Dionisio says:

    Jim, I circulated to the Ateneo Alumni Ass., and my other friends in the community (church, civic, social tennis)your two forthcoming events, inviting them to attend the TCC Workshop and the Apo Hiking Society Roadshow.

  12. Jim says:

    anonymous–yes, will check out grace hotel. Looking for good pinoy food.

    benette–No west coast this year. But we have a few in the east this October.

    sachiko–your back! Welcome home.

    Obet–salamat. I already heard from Kate who is joining. I hope more sign up!

  13. malaya says:

    i see.thank you for your response =)

  14. rHo says:

    hindi pa po siguro kuya… pero kung dumating man yung time ko, ndi ako magdadalawang-isip na maging part nito!!!

    Goodluck na lng po…. kasama ko po kayo sa prayers!!!

  15. rockin in rio says:

    hi jim!

    warm greetings from rio de janeiro on a cold winter morning.

    THIS TIME IT’S FOR REAL. i would like to send you those cds i promised years ago. i would like to humbly let you know that my brother-in-law was nominated in the latin grammy last year (or was it the year before?) for best sound engineer so i know he gets a lot of free cds when artists that he had worked with come up with new ones.

    sorry ha? i tried to find ways to send you those brazilian cds, thru my sis, my mom, friends at admu, etc. you even told me that you lived at b. gonzales (were you near the jesuit provincial’s house?).

    there are very few filipinos here (and i mean very few, 9 lang yata!) and we’re the only ones who work when there’s a world cup game. everything and everyone else stop for 2 hours. sana st. ignatius is listening to my prayers to let brazil win so my husband won’t be so broken-hearted.

    needless to say, i’ve always been a big fan. i’m trying to get my baby boy to listen to your music but it drives my husband nuts…he thinks tagalog is a very funny language.

    sige na, have to prepare dinner.

    please write and let me know the address to send the cds. i might send your granddaughter a brazilian world cup shirt if you think that’s a good idea. my 1-year-old wears one on game days!

    love to you and your family!


  16. nicca - toronto says:

    Hi Jim,

    I wish that workshop becomes available in Toronto. Sige na please…

  17. Jim says:

    nicca-toronto–Someday, I know I will be dpoing in this in other countries on a regular basis. Catch you in Toronto one of these months/years.

    Jeng–Good that you wrote agaqain after all this time.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mr. Paredes!

    When is APO coming back to Miami, FL? I missed your last concert here, I babysat my nephew and nieces so their parents could watch your show

    Good luck po!

    Maria in Miami

  19. bdelros@keypoint.com.au says:

    I was one of the first student of TCU back in 1999 and it change my life big time! I realised that I can fly like an eagle and have my dreams come true. The session gave me discipline and inspiration to write and publish my book “Finding your Heart” . I am forever grateful to you, Jim for your support and inspiration in making it happen. Your inspiring comment in my book added authenticity. I am so proud to say I am a writer and an author. I do need a TCU refreshers course for my second book. I will organise a group for you to come over here in Brisbane Qld to make it happen.
    Keep up the TCU workshop Jim! lets wake up those sleeping eagles.

  20. Bea Guanzon says:

    Ooops! I forgot to sign in,
    Bea Del Guanzon, friend, writer and author among other things.

  21. karen says:

    hi jim,
    what is the minimum age for someone to attend your seminar? i just want to know because my teenage daughter wants to attend.

  22. KaDyo says:

    Wow concert ng APO, i loved to watch you guys perform on stage. Yung kaunaunahang concert nyo na napanood ko ay noong nasa collage pa ako sa Saint Louis University, that was 1984.

    Goodluck sa concerts at sa upcoming workshops

  23. Jim says:

    anonymous–will let you know when we go back to Miami. I don’t think it will be this year though.

    Bea Guanzon–thanks for the testimony. I am always happy to see people bloom. I am proud to have played a small part in your flying like an eagle. Would love to do TCU in Brisvbane. As a matter of fact, I was just gonna ask you if that was possible.

    karen–as much as possible I do not take in people below 18 for the reason that they generally have not experienced a lot yet. I know that is quite a judgmental statement so I make exceptions. If yo are really intereted to have your daughter attend, please send youyr no. and I will get in touch with you and yoyu can tell me what she is like.


  24. Toots Magsino says:

    I’m so glad to know that the Aussies will be given the chance to experience the TCU magic! As an artist, there is a constant need to unblock oneself in order to truly create. The seminar opened me up to a world of possiblilities. It cleared my mind and allowed me to celebrate my talents and accept my vulnerabilities.
    I think the reason why the seminar is so effective is because Jim is really a natural born teacher. He has the ability to draw you out and encourage you to be your best self. His love for life is so contageous that going through the seminar with him really becomes a life-altering experience!

  25. Alma Monares-Humphreys says:

    Hi Jim,

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I am interested in the workshop but I am from Melbourne and unfortunately can’t get time off work. I hope you would hold the same workshop in Melbourne soon.

  26. ven says:

    hi sir, is it true n my nilulutong tribute para sa APO ang mga bands dito s pinas? 😀

  27. Jim says:

    toots-daghang salamat. Glad to have been part of your growth process in a special way. Every student has helped me too. I do this worksholp also for me.

    choc-let’s hope that not too long from now, I will have the chance to do the workshop there in Melbourne also. Make sure you go!

    ven-yes, it’s true. I’ve heard some of the songs and they are really astig!!! It’s a flattering tribute to the music we have done as APO. Sana you score one when it comes out sometime in August.

  28. xienah says:

    napadaan lang po sir jim.
    keep blogging.

  29. Paul Farol says:

    Hi Mr. Paredes,

    Is there any chance you’d go into podcasting excerpts of your concert? I’d bet it would be as much of a hit magnet as your blog.

    My friends and I grew up listening to a lot of APO songs through our teen years straight through our twenties… I am 35 now and still listen to APO’s songs, most of which are on tape casettes.

    It would be such a treat to be able to hear you guys again.

  30. JriDDles says:

    wala bang concession rate for students?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Teka! bakit hindi kasama ang Brisbane sa Apo tour. Paano naman kami dito :-).

  32. Jim says:

    xienah–welcome to this blog

    paul farol–podcasting the concert is difficult. Too many factors involved–royalties of songs, ownership, producer’s rights, fees etc.. This country takes those things very seriously. But I will have podcast soon. watch out for it on this blog.

    jriddles–sorry, wala. I am actually charging less here than what I charged in manila. The rentals, supplies, etc, have to be paid. When people complain about the price, I always say (and with conviction) that it is not expensive. It is WORTH IT!

    anonymous–Brisbane’s producers came too late. We may have something going there next year. That’s what I gathered from the APO office. Let’s hope matuloy.

  33. Reden says:

    Hi Jim. How’s life in OZ treating you? One of my regrets is that I wasn’t able to attend your workshop when you were still here in Manila. And chances are, it would take a long time before you can conduct it here again.

    Anyway, I have been following your blog. Congratulations for the new life. I have also been contemplating to go to New Zealand with my wife. I hope I can cross paths with you in the future.

    Continue to inspire people.

  34. Jim says:

    reden–I may conduct it this august in manila since I will be home for a month. Wait for announcement on my blog and I hope you do not miss it this time.


  35. Reden says:

    Thanks Jim. Looking forward to it. Hopefully, the rate is still the same. Heh.


  36. Anonymous says:

    One thing i am excited about is going to the “Apo Concert” . My hubby and his two other friends in HS used to liken themselves to the Apo. Theme song yata nila “Awit ng Barkada” . Your songs highlighted our teenage years. It will be good to revisit those years by listening to your songs again. See you at the concert Apo Jim.

    Hope to bump into you one day. Heard pakalat kalat daw kayo sa Glenwood Woolies.. Die hard APO fan kasi hubby ko eh…

  37. Jim says:

    anonymous–see you onAug.5. have a blast.

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