FAQs, models and covers!

FAQ about TCU

Been getting calls, emails about the TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE Workshop. I have people who have signed up. Some people have been writing and asking questions which the flyers do not address. Here’s a short FAQ that covers most of the concerns:

Will I have to share personally during the workshop?

I understand that sharing can be an intimidating thing to people. No, you do not have to. But after so many runs of the workshop, I have observed that 99 percent of the time you will since the topics are quite engaging. It will encourage you to participate but not force you to. Honestly, you will get as much or as little as you are willing to put in from the workshop.

What can I expect to get from the workshop?

You will get to meet and know your own blocks to being happy. You will also learn ways to to diagnose why you are not able to move towards a more creative, joyful life and help you unblock to get there.

Is this workshop for creative people? What if I am not creative?

This workshop is for people who want to engage life more fully in all aspects and do so more joyfully. Creativity, as defined in this workshop is not limited to activities of artists, writers and the like. Creativity is engaged by all types of people, not just the so-called creative types. If you do not think you are creative or living creatively, then this workshop will wake you up to your dormant creativity.

Is this workshop biased towards or against any religious belief system?

No. It will however make you a more creative and spiritual person.

What can I learn from this workshop which I cannot learn from books?

You will go beyond academic knowledge into the experiential realm. It s one thing to know something intellectually, and quite another to actually experience it. As the saying goes, the map is not the territory. Or to put it another way, there is a huge difference looking at a menu and actually eating the food. TCU will open you to the experience of your own creativity.

If you have further questions, write me at jim_paredes@yahoo.com

Filo Girls Rock!!!

Lucy Watmore, a beautiful Pinay-Aussie model whom Ala did a TV ad with in Manila a year ago graced my studio last Thursday night. And what a visual treat she was! She was not only ravishing, pleasant to wphotograph but a very professional subject easy to work with. As usual, Erica’s make-up was flawless. Salamat, Aycs. To readers of this blog, enjoy!

Mabuhay Ka Edd!

I was interviewed by Edd Aragon, one of the coolest Filos I have met in Sydney. Ed is a nationally awarded kababayan who does the editorial cartoons for the Sydney Morning Herald. He is a free artistic soul and this is what makes him endearing. He also has a very unique set-up in his home where musical instruments are everywhere. I have been with him on two occasions–one at Ding Roces’ home and the other at Ed’s house during his birthday where we jammed on a few songs. For an article he is doing for the Bayanihan News, he drew a great caricature of yours truly which I wish to share with you. Can you guess what his favorite APO song is?

You should score Edd Aragon’s collection of caricatures of famous Aussies. I was so lucky to have been gifted a set by the artist himself.

A Pinoy’s life in OZ (so far)

Lastly, I wrote a cover story for Newsbreak Magazine. It was for the celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Paquiao Land and OZ, and you can score it already at the newsstands. Got an email from a good friend Ging Naguiat who emailed me a copy of the cover.

24 thoughts on “FAQs, models and covers!”

  1. Let me answer this for Jim. Filo or Filos means Filipinos. Aussies are very fond of having word short cuts and end it with an “o”, just like afternoon to “arvo”, registration to “rego”, etc.

  2. jim,

    the caricature of you can pass for one of jack nicholson. sa bagay matagal ka nang trying to look like jack.

    see you in audust!

  3. what if i already have a creative and happy life…ika nga’y wala nang pinapangarap pa.kailangan pa bang mag attend ng TCU?

  4. anonymous–Probably not as much as if you feel stuck in a phase in your own life and can’t move forward. But you would probably take a lot from it pa rin which will enrich you and make you engage life in a fuller way. Or at the very least, it will be an interesting experience.

    I notice that even for someone like me who has led this workshop many times, I feel so much more alive after every run. I have students who have taken it as many as 4 times and each time, they felt they got something out of it.

  5. Sir Jim,

    You really take beautiful pictures…

    As for Ozzies calling us Filos, I think that’s kind of cool. Especially because it sounds like Philos, Philo meaning love, and Filipinos being naturally loveable people. (Kinda reaching here, am I?)


  6. hi… good to hear that you are adjusting very well in the Aussie land… may mgaraket ng muli … i’m now here in NZ (finally!) and having a hard time adjusting with the weather (whew!)… how i wish i can be back with my ‘elements’ just like you.

  7. Tito Jim,

    Salamat sa dinala ninyong SUWERTE sa pagkikita natin kangina sa RTA! After three tries, pumasa na rin ang bunso ko sa Driving exam! Woohoo!!! Tenkyuberimats.

    -JT of Dural

  8. Neybur,

    Congratulatuions para sa lahat lahat na at gudlak na rin sa mga darating pa!

    Astig ang Newsweek Cover, weee!

  9. my gaseous–Just rfead your blog. I guess the weather is crazier in NZ. Mas malapit na kayo sa Antarctica.

    jt–Mabuti kayo sinuwerte. Balik kami next week. But as you say, just keep trying your best. We’ll be luckier. Two more are taking it this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    balikbayan box–salamat! Ang kumuha ng cover si Ala.

  10. Nice pix! And that’s one gorgeous lady there.

    However, I do wonder though if her looks are actually representative enough of most Filipinas considered in the context of your caption “Filo Girls Rock!” which I presume is in reference to Ms Watmore’s photos.

    Just some thoughts I thought I’d share…

  11. Hi Jim,

    Congratulations for being in the cover of the Newsbreak Magazine. I wished I could read the article about you. For sure the “gypsy spirit” within you is well documented in that article.

    Speaking of “Gypsy Spirit”, your FAQ’s are very informative and inviting. One of my life’s wish list is to attend and participate in your TCU workshop. I would loved to re-invigorate and revitalize my spirit.

    For all your upcoming endeavours, Sir Jim, keep them coming and flowing.

    To all readers, please do attend the TCU workshop if you are around the area…It can be a life changing and transformative experience for all of you.

  12. Hi Jim,

    Can’t wait for your TCU to get here in Canada. I will surely attend it.

    Good luck and nice caricature.

  13. Hi Jim

    I just found out recently that you’re now residing here in Sydney and I hope that you are adjusting well. I just want to say that I admire you and the rest of APO so much, I simply adore your music.

  14. Ed and I have the same favorite APO music-Pumapatak na naman ang ulan. Iyan ang theme song ko pag naglilinis ng bahay, ha!ha!

    Xcited na sa TCU workshop at APO concert!
    Marami na akong kasamang manonood.


  15. benigno–Filo girls rock and they don’t have to look like Lucy to do so. They just do.

    bass poet–thanks for the endorsement of TCU. The article I wrote is a rather dry one and it is all ab out my gtake on OZ so far. It’s more for the people back home actually.

    leah–let’s hope it gets there someday.

    carlo sj–salamat!

    anonymous (menchie I presume). Ha ha! After not singing it for so long, I played the song on my guitar the other day and I had a fresh liking to it again. And yes, see you sa TCU. Excited na rin ako.

  16. ————-
    benigno–Filo girls rock and they don’t have to look like Lucy to do so. They just do.

    Thanks for your response Jim, though I think people in the Philippine entertainment industry would beg to differ. Besides, I wouldn’t have guessed that Lucy was Filipino if you hadn’t mentioned so.

    I also continue to wonder why skin whitening lotions are selling like hotcakes back in the islands and even in Pinoy expat communities like the ones here…

  17. Lucy’s beauty is quite rare. She has that classy, devilish, naughty and naive look. Yes, she’s quite stunning and what flawless skin.

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