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centering and letting go

Posted on August 23, 2006 by jimparedes

http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifAm in a tizzy. Everything seems to have been turned upside down.

My life in Sydney for five months was quiet and yes, idyllic

1) I recieved few texts a day and they came from a handful of people–my family and a few friends. I got few calls on my cell and all from the same people above.

2) I had a lot of quiet time, and chores that took the place of zen sits at times

3) My concerns were about basic stuff: washing dishes, throwing out the garbage, picking up people from the train station, teaching guitar lessons, some photography.

4) I had a lot of good, relaxed , quality time with my family. We laughed a lot and the loneliness of leaving friends behind made us discover each other more. It is no exageration to say some of the best family times we’ve had happened during the last five months.

5) I could hear my thoughts anytime of the day. I was clear to myself. In other words, I was centered.

6) I had very few vanities to attend to. I am in t0shirt and rubber shoes everyday.

My life in Manila these days is the opposite.

1) My phone is beeping or ringing many times a day

2) I have little or no quiet time. Life is too busy. Manila is a noisy city. In Aus, I wake up when I am ready to wake up. Here, I wake up to sounds of cars, trycicles, the pandesal delivery, etc.

3) My concerns affect more people now–APO and management, the new show in ABS, my house here and my home in Sydney. There are things to attend to like the strong resurgence of APO’s music, crazy stuff like the Inquirer brouhaha, and so many other things.

4) I do not have family time because they are not with me save for Erica and Ananda. But they will be leaving and I will be left behind in a few weeks. I content myself with YM and chats with Lydia, Mio and Ala.

5) I have made a vow not to lose my centrer and so have to work at it. I am back to zen sits and meditations.

6) Working on TV means being subjected to make up all the time which I absolutely hate. Physical vanity is a factor I have to deal with again. Also, I am reminded to dress more formally. Naninibago ako sa TV culture ulit. But since Dream Academy is a reality show, they will probably wave the make up requirement. Good!

Crazy, exciting, unpredictable life!

The Inquirer episode is over. They have apologized and I am content with that. I know an apology will not completely restore whatever was before. Not all the feathers that were thrown to the wind will be recovered. But the important thing for me is to move on. There is no good in crying over something like this. That was yesterday. Today is a new day. In fact, I will not even let this affect my dealings with the Inquirer in the future. Forgiveness is freedom. Not to forgive, to hate is crazy, like taking poison and wishing someone else dies. The art of letting go of baggage is a life skill which is so important to learn. And I am constantly teaching myself that.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me with Kamikaze

The concert tribute to APO, KaminAPO Muna was, from the looks of it, a great success. Danny, Boboy and I were honored by the performances. Sobra. Nakakatuwa. It is great to be honored and recognized while one is still alive. But I am also glad that it happened 37 years into our career already since we are grown men and supposedly more matured, and so can handle all this adulation better. No getting drunk and no puffed-up sense of self-importance after. Just a high five between the three of us but accompanied with a humbled sense of fulfillment and pride.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
APO is hip (again!).

Throughout the concert, I kept thinking how strange and magical life is. You never know what God is gonna throw at you. At the same time, I knew that this high moment shall pass too. Every moment is a wave of form with its signature mark of impermanence written on it. Fame, Money, even life itself is fleeting. The moment is all we have. And so we must be present to its gifts. Boy, was I present that night and so was filled with gratitude.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Orange and Lemons singing Yakap sa Dilim–the biggest song on radio and ringtones currently.

Today we had rehearsals with our musicians. When I left for Sydney, I wasn’t sure if I’d even see them again. It was great to listen to their great playing. I can’t wait to do our Mall of Asia concert on September 2, and the Pampanga one on the 9th and the Alegria show on the 15th.

My blog hits have quadupled over night with the comments reaching unprecedented numbers. It’s always like this when the topic is on the political side. But this one was quite over the top. Things I deduced from the comments:

a) More Pinoys do not hold it against fellow Filipinos if they wish to migrate or have actually done so.

b) That a majority of Pinoys do not like to judge other people’s reasons for leaving.

c) That people respond to positive messages more than negative ones

One thing I learned living abroad is that there are infinitely more things in life than just politics. In our society, it seems sometimes that it is the only game in town. And the bad thing about is that our brand of politics is quite toxic and one can get so easily consumed by it. We react so viscerally since it strikes at the heart of the ego’s need–to win, to be right, to be superior and to protect its views at all costs.

And so let’s all simmer down. For the next comments, can we try NOT to bite the meatless bone of politics since it does not seem to give any sustenance? It’s a bone you can keep biting and chewing but it will not give you anything. Instead, I would like to end this blog as I’ve done before, with the vision of John Lennon’s world order. And don’t argue if it is attainable or not. That’s not the point. It is just a reminder that there are are more things that can unite us than the temporal, fleeting lure of politics. Not worth losing our sanity over.

By John Lennon

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Peace Pinoy Brothers and Sisters all over the world!

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  1. fan-ni-jim says:




  2. balikbayan_box says:

    Congratulations with the success of the “kami nAPO muna” concert a much well deserved tribute for you, danny and boboy!

    Now i have few things added on my Christmas list, this kami nAPO CD , that red shirt (posted on this entry) and your book.

    all the best neyburhud!

  3. DatuPanot says:

    hola senor jim,

    i’ve been a fan since way back when your group was known as the apolinario mabini hiking society. the first time i watched you guys perform was at st.pauls college manila 19…71? kopong-kopong. i just would like to express my thanks to you, danny & boboy for the contributions you guys have made to the Filipino Pop culture through music. nationalism and patriotism are truly evident and palpable in your music!



  4. Anonymous says:

    forgiveness is freedom…so true

    TCU made me take stock of my life. Thanks JIm!


  5. Alfonso Alvarez says:

    Hey Jimbo!

    Your “Maharishi” pose on the blog really makes me wonder if you really have a thing for Ronnie Nathanielz.

    Good to hear about the three of you. It’s about time anyway. Regards to everyone at Abada.


  6. JT of Dural says:

    Tanong ni Fan-ni-Jim:


    Suggestment po:

    1. Bago ka mag-invest bayaran mo muna lahat ng non-tax deductible debt.> Dito sa Aus, hindi tax break ang owner-occupied home kaya iyan muna ang pinupursige namin. Sa Amerika naman, tax break ang anumang tahanan kaya hindi inaapura ang pagbabayad sa mortgage.

    Bakit bayaran muna ang non-tax deductible debt? Kasi “TAX FREE” ang savings mo sa interest kung babayaran mo agad. Samantalang subject to tax ang anumang earnings from investments. Makes sense, ‘di po ba?

    1. Sa larangan ng stock market: Think Buy-and-hold. Patok na patok ang strategy na iyan over the long term (10-20 years). Huwag aksayahin ang panahon sa TRADING dahil iyong broker at taxman lamang ang kikita sa strategy na ito.

    2. Pumasok ka sa INDEXED FUNDS. I-research mo ito upang malaman kung ano ito. Umiwas sa MANAGED FUNDS dahil malaki ang KIKIL ng fund manager dito. Samantalang kumikita lamang ang indexed fund manager kung magpapasok o maglalabas ka. Sa buy and hold, walang kaltas!

    Karamihan ng pondo sa superannuation (sa Aus) at 401k (sa Amerika) ay nakapasok sa mga indexed funds na ito. Kaya walang kaduda-duda ang strategy na ito.

    3. Gamitin ang equity ng home loan sa pag-utang para magsimula sa indexed funds investment. Subali’t huwag maging gahaman: conservative lamang ang uutangin. Tandaan na anumang inutang para sa investment ay tax deductible. Kaya mainam na “interest only” ang kuning loan para hindi malaki ang paglabas na pera.

    Maganda ang website na ito upang magsimula ukol sa investment in general. Marami akong napulot dito:


    Email mo ako sa j0hnnyth0r at yahoo dot com dot au kung may karagdagang tanong ka pa. Nakakahiya kay Tito Jim at off-topic tayo, e.

    -JT of Dural

    P.S. Tito Jim, nasanay ka na uli sa MANILA-STYLE DRIVING? Wala nang O.A. na “shoulder check”? 🙂

  7. Nori Villena says:

    Hi Jim, mabuti at nag-apologize ang Inquirer. Okay na yun. Ito pala si Nori, wife ni Mel – I just discovered your blog this morning; ayan may mababasa na ko lagi!! Thank you for sharing, malaking bagay…

  8. Da King says:

    You’re right on the money again, Jim. Let’s move on.

    It ‘s funny that I had another dream (the fourth) of the Beatles just the other night. I was stranded after a night of partying and had to go back home at 3AM by local commute. John, Paul and George thougth it was dangerous and asked me to crash at their house for the night. I refused as they had a German Shepherd at their house. Sayang, I could have heard him sing Imagine…(laughs)

  9. benign0 says:

    One thing I learned living abroad is that there are infinitely more things in life than just politics. In our society, it seems sometimes that it is the only game in town.

    This is spot on and I actually found it surprising in a previous comment directed at me that you find my comments always “political”. There is nothing political about my comments. They all have to do with the nature of our society and our collective character as a people. Our politics is a mere reflection of our character as a people. When we begin to understanding the nature of this collective character, we start to understand where our transformation as a country might begin. 😉

  10. OBET DIONISIO says:

    Sana, isusulat ko ito sa nakaraang “blog”, ngunit sa dami at haba ng mga pananaw ng mga mangbabasa, minarapat ko na maghintay na lamang na ibang pagkakataon. At ng mabasa ko itong “blog” na ito at binanggit ni Apo Jim ang awit ni John Lennon, baka maaari ko nang ipaabot sa lahat ang aking sariling pananaw sa pamamagitan ng awit, tungkol sa mga Pilipinong nangibang bansa. Matagal ko na po itong isinulat ngunit tila naaangkop sa mga usapan sa nakaraang “blog”. Ito po ay isang awitin na hindi pa naiilathala, na may pamagat na “PILIPINONG LAGALAG”

    Pambungad at Salit-Awit (Koro):

    O, PIlipinong Lagalag
    Ano nga ba ang sa iyo ay itatawag
    Ikaw by ay isang mamamayang taksil
    Sinilangang bansa ay iyong itinakwil
    O isang taong nagtatago sa dilim
    Sa katunayan ay bayaning lihim

    I. Sa dami ng taon ng hirap mong
    Naghanap ka ng magandang lunas
    Nag-ibang bansa at nagsapalaran
    Asawa at anak ay iyo ngang
    Mataas na katungkulan sa bayan
    ay iniwanan
    Nagsimula sa mababa dito sa
    bagong bayan


    II. Pitong araw isang linggo kung
    ikaw ay kumayod
    Di alintana ang anumang pagod
    Lahat ng overtaym, tinatanggap,
    Kahit na masakit na ang iyong
    At hindi maipahinga ang mga
    Karagdagang kita, maipadadala sa


    Ang buwanang pera na iyong
    Asawa at anak, may pagkain sa
    Pagaaral at kailangan ay
    Pati bahay ay nagawa at
    Nahango sa hirap ang iyong
    Nakatulong ka pa sa takbo ng


    Sana naman po, Apo JIm, pag-isipan ninyo ang alok ko na lapatan ng himig at isa-tinig ang abang awitin ko.



  11. Jennie says:

    Okay… moving on…

    Congratulations with the new CD’s success. My mum is actually in Manila for a holiday at the moment and I have asked her to buy me the CD. I’ve spoken to her last and she already bought it! Yay!

    I can’t wait to listen to it!

    I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Manila. Ingat.

  12. Princess of CJ says:

    I’ll link you up Mr Jim. I enjoy reading your posts. Very informative.

    Have heard from Sharon Cuneta’s show that you’re in town.

    You’re so quite true that there are more things in life than politics. Pinoys are just too drawn to it. Maybe, because everything here, economy, education, etc are directly hit by our political culture and climate.

    I am not into politics. Just my two cents worth.

  13. Jim says:

    Thanks for the stock and investment options. very informative.

    Obet–makata ka talaga

    balikbayan box-have a good christmas with the CD.


    nori villena–Heeeey! Nice that you dropped by. If Mel wants to talk to me about my Aus experience, sabihin mo tawagan niya ako.

    da king–Wow! I’ve only dreamt of the Beatles once at si Paul lang. Hmm…the presence of the dog seems to suggest that while greatness is reachable, there is something that’s holding you back. Hmmm… don’t believe me. I am really just an amateur dream analyst. But very fascinating dream. Parang carl Jung material.

    Hey M–everyday is a good, fresh, new day! Live the 5 rules!!

    Ponsoy– great to hear from you, my friend. That maharishi up there was designed by my creative daughter ALA. Keep in touch bro!

    jennie–enjoy the cd

    princess of cj–yup. my thoughts exactly. Salamat sa bisita.

  14. JoAnn says:

    Another blog well-written! Another blog that somehow resonates truth in so many levels. Kudos!

    Honestly, there were countless times I was almost in tears on the words you have written here.

    BTW, I also do not bear judgment on Filipinos who migrate abroad, live and let live, I say. We all have our own individual ways of handling our life’s trials and if we can better ourselves away from home, then so be it. Migrating does not mean giving up on our native land. It can also mean we want to grow somewhere else so that once we are ready, we can bring our better selves back home!

    I had been living and working in China for 4 years now. I already love where I am at yet HOME is always the Philippines for me. 🙂

    Anyways, the first 3 items on my X-mas Wish List are also the following things:

    1) kami nAPO CD (no. 1 yan!!!)

    2) Red APO T-Shirts (for me & my daughter)

    3) Your 4th Book!

    Keep blogging. Keep growing. You inspire us to better ourselves with your honest writing.

  15. Alfonso Alvarez says:

    Like I told you, I still feel that there’s still going to be a burst of creative genius coming from the three of you. Maybe this time…

    Great work by Ala and Erica’s make up work is pretty good too!

    Love to Lydia and the family!

  16. ang says:

    Oh Boy. I wonder if I can get my uncle to snag me an APO shirt!

    Glad the shows went swimmingly!

    Oh, whenever I’m visiting in the PI, i’m usually woken up by the “BAAAALUUUTTT!” and “TAAAAHHOOO!” guys.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jim,

    Isa ako sa mga “Filos” dito sa Sydney na nagbalak dumalo sa seminar mo sa Campbelltown. Unfortunately, I was not able to because of work commitments (i.e. I had to travel to Melbourne that weekend for work and have been doing so every week).

    When are you running the next workshop? Do you think there will an opportunity to hold it somewhere closer to the city?

    Good luck sa mga ginagawa mo sa Pilipinas. Nagulat ako doon sa mga palitan ng salita ng mga tao tungkol sa Inquirer article.



  18. Anton says:

    I have always been a big fan of the APO since I was in grade school and was sad to hear that you decided to leave for so called greener pastures. Pero sa totoo lang, it’s ok. The World is Really Flat now so it’s very easy to be creative and share that creativeness from anywhere in the world. (Obvious ba na I read the book by Thomas Friedman). Pero totoo naman yan….anyway, we still enjoy your music because of the new CD….Thanks for the memories!

  19. VICKY says:

    Hi Jim- Kaya naman next to the dalai lama your blog is the next best thing…IMAGINE- i love John Lennon and this song specifically. Sana nga wala nang wars…enjoyment nalang of aesthetic things like music, travel, foood!. Yeah- the secret of success is treating life as a journey and moving on.
    I wish that the people back home would develop the tourism industry (this is one of the top if not the no. 1 industry of most develop countries the the U.S/U.K,) each region should compete with one another, pagandahan, palinisan, restore the historical artifacts, promote your city e.g. baguio(kawawa na Baguio kay dami nang tao) and visit each other- I was impressed about the ‘wow philippines’ campaign- visit each other’s region. I went to Intramuros and San Agustin- and it’s sad that the original paintings there are fading na and not being cared for properly. This is our heritage.

    And on a positive note- i wish you well while in the phils.

  20. ayn_rand2003@yahoo.com says:

    Hello Mr. Paredes. I shall begin with a line that you must have heard a thousand times… I grew up listening to APO songs 🙂
    I never knew you had a blog. I was looking for some Philippine news (I live in Holland now) and saw the news about you and PDI. LIKE YOU, I have not given up on the Philippines and love going there still as most of my family live there but I do not have a sense of ‘nationalism’. I read that you returned your green card before, I’m not sure I can do that not because I would prefer the US but because I don’t have any strong bond with the Philippines. I have been to India too for a while and I envy their sense of nationalism, their pride for their country… Anyway, I wish you happiness and success… wherever you are 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    wow, your manila homecoming is sure a hit and really busy, and more social and lots of night life…unlike life in oz which is more predictable , waiting for the day to finish and TGIF at weekend party with friends or relos na naman!
    good luck and no matter what i still read your blog and loved it! i admire how you and your kids write , you maybe subject to scrutiny but you know how to deal with both positive and negative comments anyway.

  22. nanditonAPOsya says:

    Hope you and your family enjoyed your first winter in Australia. I’m interested in your guitar lessons. Where do you conduct your lessons ,when do you conduct it and how much is the cost of the lesson? Many thanks.

  23. Jim says:

    nanditonaposya–emial me at jim_paredes@yahoo.com and I will get back to you with details.

    ayn_rand–ha ha. Though I’ve heard it a thousand times, it’s still a thrill.

    vicky–right on gthe money with youyr observation. Tourism is really a grreat way to go.

    grace high school– I like reading Thomas Friedman too. There are no more borders. we can contribute from anywhere.

    Anonymous–I will be holding a workshop again sometime January since I will be Manil abased till december.

    Joann, salamat! I ‘m glad you enjoy reading what I enjoyn writing!

    ang–those are the thinggs that wake me up too.

  24. enigma says:

    We’re pretty excited for the Sept2 Concert Jim! Congrats on the success of the kami nAPO!

  25. Anonymous says:


    “There’s nothing political about my comments. They all have to do
    with the nature of our society and our collective character as a people”.




  26. Anonymous says:

    Shocks gusto ko ng t-shirt with you three guys on it. Hehehe! Wow, you guys are hip. 😉

    Vintagely hip. 😛 hahaha! Peace.

    Hey, did you know we just lost a planet? Man. Now I only have to memorize 8. Hahaha!

    Ingat always.



  27. Bass Poet says:

    Hi Jim,

    Wow, a big congratulations for the reemergence of the APO music in the Philippines. It shows you that Filipinos are still hungry in listening and digesting beautiful, timeless and profound APO music.

    To all my fellow Filipinos in the Philippines and in the world, “Forgiveness is the greatest healer of all!” Peace, love, equality and tolerance to all of you!

    Hanggang sa muli.

  28. Bass Poet says:

    Hi Jim and to all bloggers,

    Just a quick reminder, please check out the book:

    “Personal Finance for Dummies”

    This book is well-written, simple and easy to understand and most of all is it very funny and humorous. It is a financial book that tells you “Money cannot buy true happiness”.

    Enjoy reading!

  29. Abszz says:

    Any chance you will be performing in Dubai soon?

  30. jam says:

    Hi Sir! I’m planning to write a research paper about you guys, APO Hiking Society! 🙂 But I need print sources(books, magazines, newspaper artciles, etc.) in order for it to be approved. Can I get suggestions from you? :)like wat are books written about you besides the book by Rosa De sequera(APO Hiking Society, singers with a cause)? thank you so much!
    IM A BIG FAN! hehe 🙂

  31. Nori Villena says:

    Hi again Jim. Mel will call you soon. We’re both very interested to know more about your life in Sydney; my sister lives in Glenwood, and Mel’s been there, but it would be good to get a perspective from a musician/artist/performer, a great one at that. Hay naku, matagal na akong fan ni Jim Paredes. Anyway, I was at 70s Bistro last night and they were playing your new CD. Renard, Bistro’s manager remarked that it’s been selling very very well. Wagi nga daw. i said I better get a copy. Today. Thanks again for just being a good soul.

  32. Anonymous says:

    fan-ni-jim and JT of dural,


    You’re right

    Having a solid economic base before launching into business back home is essential. Rely on your own funds for your venture rather than borrow money. Especially back home where interest rates will always be much higher than elsewhere.

    And when you do go into business, make sure you have the profit motive in mind. We are not NGOs after all.


  33. karen says:

    Pls perform in Los Angeles!!! =)

  34. neva says:

    You are a far better Filipino than I, Mr. Paredes. And you have my admiration, however little that may count. However, I am still seething about that “apology:”


  35. Jim says:

    Neva– I agree with you that their apology was actually supot. It was not an apology really. It was good that abs-cbn headlined it in their TV news that Inquirer apologized. That created a bigger, more beneficial (to me) impression than what PDI had intended.

    I’ve decided not to sweat over it. The people whose opinions matter to me were not fooled. We should feel sad that we are actually losing a once credible newspaper really fast. My case is only one of many falsehoods through the years that have damaged the PDI.

    As for me, the lesson I am learning is a spiritual one. I will not allow muck to wreck my spirit and my disposition. At least I am trying not to let it.

  36. paolo tiongson says:

    hi sir jim,
    i’ve been a fan of your fabulous music since i learned to play my 1st chord on the guitar.
    i just moved to sydney about a year ago. anak ako ni lilian tiongson, yung sinasabi ni nori villena na sister niya who lives in glenwood. i’ve been wanting to get in touch with you for years now through tita nori and tito mel, ewan ko kung bakit di ko nagawa noon. siguro kinakabahan lang talaga hehe. anyway, the reason for this is i have an arrangement i’ve been performing for sometime now. it’s a medley of some of my apo favourites arranged for solo guitar, and everytime i perform it, kuhang kuha ko ang attention ng mga tao coz they all know the songs at syempre..iba talaga ang apo hiking society. i told tito mel and tita nori na gusto ko sana maiparinig sa inyo, not to get anything out of it, basta maiparinig lang.

    i haven’t recorded the complete version of the arrangement. una walang paalam, pangalawa..aba’y ang hirap linisin! pero just to give you an idea of how i play it, you can check out some videos i did at http://www.youtube.com/paomigs

    kapag naririnig ko yung mga palakpak at sigaw ng mga tao everytime i perform it, i’m being reminded of how much your music has affected the hearts of the pinoy. maraming salamat! 🙂

  37. ayn_rand2003@yahoo.com says:

    Hello Mr. Paredes. I was very happy with your short comment. How do you make the time to even comment here?!? 🙂 Where can I buy your new CD online?
    Also, news naman about Mr. Danny and Mr. Boboy! Thanks.

  38. JT of Dural says:

    Sabi ni Chris:

    “Having a solid economic base before launching into business back home is essential.”

    Chris, kung naghahanap ka ng patok na patok na negosyo sa Inang Bayan: SENIOR HOMES.

    Mantakin mo iyong milyon-milyong overseas Pinoy na mangag-sisipagtandaan sa darating na panahon. Wala silang bukang-bibig kundi ang pag-uwi sa Inang Bayan balang araw.

    Simulan mo na habang maaga upang mauna ka na! 🙂

    -JT of Dural

  39. Anonymous says:

    hi Jim

    just excited to watch you boboy and Danny in Mall of Asia. and congrats again for the very successful tribute album.sorry this is off topic and shameless plugging. I am just passing off to you since you are widely read. please read the following message from gary granda. am helping out. pakipasa na rin kung gusto niyo po. worthwhile naman. 🙂 and the songs really are downloadable for free. sayang kasi dahil hindi naririnig musikani gary granada sa mainstream

    tina b.

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Gary Granada
    Date: Aug 24, 2006 11:32 PM
    Subject: My name is Gary Granada..
    To: dyezebel@gmail.com


    My name is Gary Granada, i’m a volunteer in an
    ecumenical community called Kaalagad. I also teach and
    write songs. I would like to invite you to a website I
    made, and if you like some of the things you see, most
    of them are downloadable for free.

    There’s a little information there about Kaalagad as
    well, and the little that we can generate out of that
    all goes to the programs and projects of Kaalagad.

    It would also help if you can tell others about it,
    thank you. (and so sorry if im being a nuisance~~)


  40. Jim says:

    Trina–thanks for the visit. No problem about the plug

    Gary G—YOu are one of my idols as a songwriter and as a human being. Everyone, let’s all check out the website and do our share. Walang pinapasukan si Gary na hindi maganda o hindi ikabubuti ng mundo.

    Mabuhay ka Gary. Saan ako makakakuha ng kopya ng ‘bading’ song mo. very good song and well-written.

  41. Jim says:

    paolo–just visited your youtube works. Galing! Am excited to hear what you’ve done to our music. Send naman.

  42. paolo tiongson says:

    i can send you a short version. i recorded it last year, home recording lang kaya di masyado malinaw

  43. gaiL says:

    I just my copy of kaminAPO last night…hope to get it signed by you, Danny, and Boboy on September 2.


  44. fan-ni-jim says:

    JT of dural: thanks for your comments. I’ll give SENIOR HOMES
    ***** (FIVE STAR) rating pero long term. Siguro naman on time ang payments ng mga retirees.

    Pagkatapos kong mag-alaga ng matatanda uuwi rin ako sa Inang Bayan pag matanda na ko. Isa na ako sa sinabi mo bro.
    Meron ka bang expereince sa mga online trading firm sa Phils.?

    vicky: tourism will always outperform… dyan dapat focus gaya ng sinabi mo, promote your city!

    Sir JIM: that website you suggested … di ba masyadong leftwing yan…just curious…my suggestion to gain more insight into U.S. geopolitical/economic standing: http://www.dailyreckoning.com

  45. N says:

    Mr. Jim!!!!!! I luv luv luv the KamiNapo tribute. I mean.. to be honest, I was still young when you were in the airwaves so it’s like discovering your songs. nakaka-inlove yung mga songs ninyo. i luv when i met you (although mas gusto ko yun version ninyo kesa kay barbie – no offense to those barbie fans!) and panalangin. ewan ko kinikilig ako talga! hihihi!

    as for the brouhaha, glad you’re okay with it now Mr. Jim! imho, i dont see your migrating as somewhat un-patriotic. baket ba!? eh you wanted to explore other land eh.

    -still listening to Panalangin-

    nette =)

  46. ivy says:

    I uber love APO! i used to listen to one of your CDs every morning way back when i was in college (im not as old as you think, im only 22) It was a collection of your best songs ever and my roommates loved it. My family also migrated to new zealand recently and have been missing the Philippines everyday, crazy as it is. True, where I am now is way quieter and a whole lot different from what we have, but then again, the Philippines is and will always be home. Nakakainis lang yung mga pinoy na nakarating lang ng ibang bansa e ni halos ayaw na magtagalog. I admire you for everything that you are and what you do for our country. I wish other Filipinos would be more like you. Kudos to you Mang Jim and more power!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your new job at ABS! BTW, you only lived 5 mos. in sydney, I was there for 5 years and swear I will never ever go back. I visit Manila every year during Christmas time, I prefer to spend Christmas there than in sydney. I left sydney because there are only 2 ways I can end up there, in an asylum or ending my life. I worked with the largest companies in sydney so I know very well the culture and have experienced the worst, just like everyone else there suffering depression. So you don’t really know what it’s like to live in oz, you have to be a buddhist monk to be happy living there.

  48. ruth says:

    haay,salamat naman po benign0 has not written again!!!!!
    incase you intend to benign0……SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!

  49. jam says:

    Hi Sir! I’m planning to write a research paper about you guys, APO Hiking Society! 🙂 But I need print sources(books, magazines, newspaper artciles, etc.) in order for it to be approved. Can I get suggestions from you? :)like wat are books written about you besides the book by Rosa De sequera(APO Hiking Society, singers with a cause)? thank you so much!
    IM A BIG FAN! 🙂

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