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An accident, an old flame and a new addiction

Posted on January 29, 2012 by jimparedes

My son Mio had always wanted a motorcycle which from day one, his mom and I had always had a problem accepting, much less encouraging. At every conceivable opportunity, we would always mention the pitfalls of owning one. But my son Mio persisted. He worked hard to save money and spent hours upon hours online and on the road searching for THE ONE he wanted. It had to be a specific model and cc that conformed to his taste for vintage and for the requirements of the state of NSW for one just starting bike. When he got one, he was so proud and happy. It took him weeks to learn, take the test, pass, practice at night when there are few cars on the road before going on his first ride to the City. He also purchased a helmet, jacket and all the stuff bikers need to be safe.

This afternoon, I got a text from Lydia that Walter, Mio’s best friend had taken the bike and got into an accident. From what I can gather, he slid on some gravel, and ended up under a caravan. My wife and Mio brought him to the hospital where he is at the moment being treated for some injuries. I still don’t know how serious it is but it seems he did not hit his head which is good. The bike, alas, was totaled.

Aside from feeling bad about his friend, Mio is (as my wife described it), ‘beyond upset’ for obvious reasons. I texted him to console him. I said that while I was upset that Walter was hurt, as his father I am somewhat relieved that it was not him who was in the accident. Material things come and go. That can be settled later. I did not have to advice him to be with his friend. Mio has always valued his friendships.

Even when we know things will eventually get better, as a father, I suffer as well when my children are inconvenienced, hurt in any way. But, life happens. They must deal with it. I only hope he gets second thoughts about buying another one after seeing how easily accidents can happen.

Just got a new message from my wife. Mio, though upset, told her, ‘Ma, it’s only a bike. I hope Walt is OK.’

* * *
Yesterday, I picked up one of my guitars after not playing the instrument for over a month. I was in Sydney all that time and even if I have a nice Aussie-made Maton guitar there, I hardly even touched it. Have not been feeling musical these days. But yesterday, here at my house in Manila, I opened my guitar case and picked up my newly renovated Gibson guitar and played it for close to an hour. It was like spending time with an old flame that one’s heart still beats for. It was wonderful, to put it easily. I sang a few songs I used to sing in high school.

I noticed two things immediately though: my fingers hurt from lack of playing for awhile, and it took me some time to warm up vocally to reach the notes I used to reach much easier a few months ago. I must go back to the artists’ credo of ‘practice, practice, and most importantly, more practice.’ It never stops.

* * *

Slept this afternoon. I think I am still jet-lagged. I sleep late and wake up too early. The 3 hours difference between Sydney and Manila is quite hard to shrug off. I can handle the time difference between manila and the US better, strangely enough.

I have also taken to coffee in my 60th year of existence. I have been a non-coffee drinker since I was born. Masarap pala. My wife who is a strong coffee drinker, and my daughter Ala who supervises a Starbucks store in Sydney’s Darling Harbor have been guiding me through the pleasures that caffeine can deliver to the body. How did I miss out on this all these years..

Growing up, I always thought coffee was one addiction I could live without. I also do not smoke and hardly drink. But at age 60, one can begin to allow these ‘vices’.

* * *
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1 to “An accident, an old flame and a new addiction”

  1. i was surfing for filipinos with basque ancestry,,, your name came out,,, my great grandfather is a spanish guardia civil sergeant major .. crespo i enjoy your writing, perhaps i will not forget apo hiking society, dahil atenista rin ako, 71 humanities, ex san jose seminary, i do not know if you know alex aquino, i am his senior, i am now 63, going to 64, i am older than you, perhaps si alex aquino is your classmate, san jose rin siya, jesuit seminary managed by loyola house of studies,,,, i was there like,,, 7 years,, muntik nang maging secular priest,,, na-indulto,,, i am now living in toronto, canadian canadian citizen pero, deep inside me,, pinoy na pinoy,,, paper lan si canadian covering my face,,, for travel purpose,, speaks iranian or farsi dahil nagtira kami sa tehran iran for 7 years,,, marunong ng arabo,, tumira kami sa jeddah for 8 years,, in fact we have a picture of APO with me, with my family,,, 1985 ba yon,,, cannot remember the year,, kasama mo ang ensemble mo,, tatlo kayo,,, your music was like the beatles,, super ganda,,, dalawa sa anak,,, danced the igorot dance, contribution ng school nila,,, you were like young young then,,, nabasa ko mga writings mo,, very philosophical and humanistic,, akala mo si father ferriols ang sumulat,, ewan ko kung kilala mo si ferriols SJ,,,kilala mo ba si father bernasSJ,,, noon kasi nakatira ako sa seminary nila, kaya kalaro ko sila sa handball … laro ng mga celibate jesuit priests,,, palagay ko,, this calms down the jesuits,,, kaya mahilig sila sa sports,,, ewan ko kung kilala mo si bishop honesto ongtioko ng cubao,, katabi ko siya sa san jose,,, ex san jose rin siya, pero obispo, mapalad mga parishioners niya kasi bishop nes is one excellent bishop, down to earth and pala joke,,may simple philosophy rin ako to share with you,,, the more we live,, the more we become wiser and thoughtful specially of the ending game, death,,, for me,,, death is basically a graduation into the darkness with a small light on top,,, dark because we are unsure and light because … we will all go there, no matter what,,, una una lan,,, being a catholic,,, despite lumabas ako,, i am still a believer of the resurrection of our lives,, someday we will be free from the chains of earth and embrace a life of eternity,,, when,,, is an issue,,, how is an issue,,, pero,,, there is no issue when,,, we say,,, we accept this,,, i have seen death in many many ways,,, in iran, in saudi, in bahrain, in canada,, and in other parts i had been to,,,, yung being alive right now is a blessing we will never see again,,, life is a joyful existence,,, specially if you have mastered your mind, your thoughts and your heart,,,, mind over matter, some say,,, there is a correspondence of the eternity and the present,,,, this present is only for a short short time,, and the eternity of your “existence” is basically forever,,, where,,, we will only know when we are there,,, you have read the miracle of our lady of Guadalupe,,,, till now i am still absorbed with this miracle,,, imaging the BVM appearing to a simple native mexican,,,, who may not have expected that he will be chosen as an instrument for the BVM in Guadalupe….australians, canadians, new zealanders, we are all members of the all mighty british commonwealth of queen elizabeth,,,and still pinoy inside our selves…
    papel lan hawak natin pero deep inside us,,, atenista forever,,,, i am so happy i am atenista because of the jesuits,,, free education,,, hindi ako nagbayad sa ateneo dahil i was then a seminarian,,,,of course i had had to maintain a high grade,,, not pasang awa,,, kailangan more than B,,,, Bplus and A,,,, walang D or C,,,, mahirap din atenista,,,and seminarian,,,, i was enrolled in a liberal environment,, jesuit style and at the same time i have to take religious subjects,,, for my coming to be a priest,,, kung aalisin nila ang celibacy,, i will become a priest for sure,, back to school,,, if i am the pope,, install a program for those aspiring to become priests and are married,,,, give them special dispensation,,, specially if they had had studies to become priest, madaming babalik sa theology,,,, to be become a pope is not easy either,,, he has to be firm with celibacy no matter what,,, this is what makes the priests real priests,,, not just,,, ordinary pastors,, celibacy is not an easy subject,,,, maski rito sa toronto,, they used to have 100 catholic churches in toronto,,, now,,,, 40 na lan,,, because,,, kulang na kulang sila sa catholic priests,,, walang vocation,,,of those 40 churches,,, mga 20 have pinoy catholic priests,,, imported pa,, halos wala nang white white catholic priests,,, naubos na sila unti unit,,, nice talking to you mr paredes,,, your picture is still very very young,,, and i am proud of your success,,, ( i am sad si chief justice corona is now suffering dahil sa isang atenista, si aquino,, ateneo vs ateneo) my gut feeling is this, whether corona wins or not,, corona will be damaged goods,,, and if ever he continues,, he will be a lameduck judge,,, if i am corona,, resign na lan ako,,, as president, pnoy should focus more,, on making lives of juan de la cruz better, alisin na ang revenge and vindictiveness,,,,pnoy should work ,,, on more houses for the poor,,, he cannot just
    focus on gloria and corona and abalos,,, lumalaas rito na pnoy needs a head doctor,, to check on his mind,,, nasisiraan na siya ng bait for,,, condemning those people,,, una,, you cannot win over those guys,, gloria is gloria,,, corona,,, matitinik sa law,,, yan,, they will all pay expensive lawyers and get out,,, free,, kaya,, pnoy should not waste time on them,,, he should,,, call on poor,, and say,, eto ang work for you, eto ang bahay for you,,,, politics, pa rin,,, i am proud atenista siya, pero mahihina advisers ni pnoy,,, look at estrada, he is now free and stronger,,, ganon din mangyayari kay gloria,,, gloria will soon be resurrected… like erap

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