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Don’t Miss It!

Posted on May 24, 2007 by jimparedes

I am writing to announce the 32nd run of a cutting-edge workshop I have been giving the past few years called TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE.

Meet your dynamic but unknown creative self. Conquer the blocks that stand in the way of your attainment of your dreams. Get your stalled life moving. This highly effective ‘unblocking of creativity’ workshop will shift your paradigm and you will totally surprise yourself about what you are capable of. This workshop is spread out at two hour sessions for six days.

Like hundreds who have taken this workshop, you will discover aspects of yourself that will surprise, delight and inspire you to be the greatness you were meant to be in your life.

When: June 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 25 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Monday)
What Time: 7PM to 9PM
Where: 31 M. Jhocson St. , Loyola Heights, QC
Tuition: 5,000 Pesos

Call 426-5375 0r write to emailjimp@gmail.com for further inquiries.

I won’t be doing this again in Manila, at least not in the foreseeable future. I will most likely run it again in Sydney and maybe Melbourne. This is the time to sign up if you seriously want to get out of a rut and start enjoying and living a creative life! Don’t miss the adventure.

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  1. Richard Lionheart says:

    Hello po!

    Just checking out your blog… Hoping to find some answers…

    Thanks Kuya Jim! Goodluck!


  2. THE ANiTOKiD says:

    Nice post on the workshop – until i bumped into the tuition fee 🙂 La bang scholarship or discount, sir?

  3. Jim says:

    anitokid–it runs for 6 days and is alot of work. I also noticed that people who do make a serious investment on themselves take the workshop more seriously.

    I do give one scholarship every run after i get a desired number of enrollees.

    richard–what answers are you looking for?

  4. DaveLock says:

    … I do give one scholarship every run after i get a desired number of enrollees…

    Sir, I would be prepared to match your one scholarship for this (possibly) last ever workshop in Manila, if you don’t mind me to.

    Please understand that I’m saying this because I don’t mind giving up 1 days wages to give someone the chance to change their life.

    So if you agree, the only request I would make is that you choose the place to go to someone deserving, who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford the P5000 fee.


  5. Jim says:

    davelock–This is very generous of you. Please write me at emailjimp@gmail.com so I can tell you who I will choose.

    I had a benefactress who actually hag one ‘scholar’ every time I ran it.

    I will make sure I choose someone who will benefit from it. Thanks

  6. rexd says:

    Hi Jim.

    Got some questions with regards to your seminar.

    Do you have a limit for the maximum number of participants?

    Or do you have a deadline for the submission applications?

    I am inclined to attend but I am not decided yet.


  7. Jim says:

    rexd–Normally, I have at most 35 on the 6 day run but sometimes, the figures are in the 20s or below. I can handle even a much bigger attendance actually, but whatever shows up is fine.

    YOu can decide on the day itself to attend, but I urge everyone to let me know asap since I have to prepare the venue and the materials which I give to attendees.

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