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Guitar name, Melbourne, spiders and something stirring!

Posted on August 22, 2007 by jimparedes

I finally succumbed!

It’s been awhile since I last bought myself a guitar—something like 20 years ago. I first saw this Admira Deluxe Arlequin Spanish guitar around 5 months ago on a visit to F. Payton and Son, a music company in Sydney where my friend Toti Bautista works. I thought I had found a really nice guitar but alas, I was not psychologically ready to spend a sum which seemed like an extravagance then. The Ilocano in me kicked in, I guess. Ha HA.

When Toti informed me a few days ago that there was one he put on reserve in case I wanted it, all it took was a one look, one nice, long touch and I bought it complete with a nice solid case. I just love the way it feels, sounds and looks. I can’t believe I have a quality Spanish guitar.

I feel like giving it a name. Any suggestions? I figure it must be a woman’s name. Feel free to throw in your ideas.


I am all set for my workshop in Melbourne. I am flying on Friday to be up early and ready by August 25, Saturday at 8AM. I am excited and raring to run TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE for the first time there.

If you are in Melboune and reading this, here’s a chance for you to see what 34 other batches of TCU graduates and 5 classes of Ateneo Communication students have undergone and loved and benefited from. Don’t wait. It won’t happen there quite often. I guarantee that you will enjoy the workshop, at the very least.

TCU Workshop (The Full Day Run)

WHEN: August 25, 2007
WHAT TIME: 8AM to 6:30-7:00PM

WHERE: Philippine Australian Multipurpose Centre, 93 Cowper Street, Footscray VIC.

If you are interested in attending a life-changing workshop, here are the contact details:


Emmy and Nestor – 0438 849 788 or email emmy.duLake@aanet.com.au
George 0411 566 885 or email george@philtimes.com

I’ve been shopping online lately and have gotten really great bargains. Whoever invented Ebay is quite a visionary. It’s like being able to shop all over the world right in your living room. I bought a few things at a fraction of their regular price. All brand new!! I LOVE Ebay!

I also brought home a DVD from Manila that plays all regions including pirated DVDs. It’s great to be able to play our DVDs from Manila. We’ve had three DVD players here in Sydney and they break so easily. Nothing like the trusty German brand one can buy at Makro.

The preparations for APEC here in Sydney are something else. Because of you-know-who (the one who declared that Iraq has WMDs), Sydneysiders are paying something like 350 million dollars to have a ‘safe’ APEC that conforms to the neurotic standards of the President of the most powerful nation on earth.

In the process, there will be no work in many parts of Sydney, no private transportation, and no access to cell phones to lessen the possibility of triggering bombs and the like. There will be spot checks on anyone, and no placards or protests will be aloud near the area. They also put up a big fence to seal off the area for added protection.

If I were Dubya, I still won’t feel secure since there is still the not-too-remote possibility of a deadly spider hiding under a toilet seat scenario. Someone should check under the commode every few minutes especially right before he sits down. Wouldn’t that be the craziest thing if one of Australia’s deadliest creepy crawlies from the bush crept up past the secret service and the security people to bite the president where the sun doesn’t shine? I can see the headlines: A bite from the bush in the bush of Bush! Ouch!

–Lastly, I received my first royalty check from Lulu.com, the publisher of my fourth book entitled As Is Where Is yesterday. I also got a message from 10,000wishes.com that my declaration or wish which I put on the site a few months ago was featured yesterday as the main story. All of a sudden, something that seemed dormant is stirring. I hope it means more interest in my book.

33 to “Guitar name, Melbourne, spiders and something stirring!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about Senorita Milagrosa? ha!ha!
    May cielo ba pala si Toti?

    Welcome back!

  2. Jim says:

    Ang pormal naman ng panaglan. Baka di ko na siya tugtugin. You looking for a cello? I can ask him. What size?

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi Jim,

    opppsss!(ang ginaw kasi)full size cello. thanks!


  4. utoy says:

    Hmmm, how about Amanda? That’s the name of my good friend who recently moved to Sydney 🙂 Sorry, that might be far from what you are thinking. Just suggesting . Hehe

  5. Kaye Mañebo says:

    how about Felicity or Felice (italian word for happy) since your smile with the guitar in the picture was awesome!!! Ü

  6. Kaye Mañebo says:

    i mean.. even if your smile wasn’t that wide, you could feel that the guitar could bring you great happiness. the smile was simple pero rock!

  7. Anonymous says:

    How about Cecilia?? she’s the “patron saint” of music…and its Spanish-inspired…

  8. zoi says:

    hi jim, been reading your blog for quite a while now. how about “Selina”. i just love the sound of that name. another one is “Isabella”. the last one is my daughter’s name.


  9. Anonymous says:

    SOFIA! from one of the more creative directors right now, Sofia Coppola…a person that first tried her chance at acting and failed only to become one of the more respected young directors of today….CHEERS! -LUIS

  10. Jim says:

    So many names! Pati sa private email ko sumulat ang readers. Hmmm.. will have to choose well.

    Keep em coming!

  11. von says:

    “spider in the bush”…he-he jim, you’re a naughty boy. huwag mong bibiruin si georgie, alam mo namang pikon yan eh. instead na gagamba, paano kaya kung ahas? australia has a near-monopoly of the deadliest spiders and snakes anyway. maraming redback doon sa may water tank namin.

    guitar name (a) michelle, from the beatles song, very romantic and european (b) semolina, from i am the walrus

  12. titoboy says:

    u posted a black and whie pic of urself playing a guitar when u were a teenager, did your guitar had a name then?

  13. daisy v. says:

    hi sir jim, how about carmen? it’s the first name that came to mind, and when i looked it up it means “song” pala. 🙂

  14. Kuya Fuji says:

    Sir Jim,
    What about MIRAH? Medyo biblical ang dating and yet may music to the
    ears.Merong angking yaman, kasi nga eh medyo Jewish ang name. eh…siguradong mag-cli-click kayo specially kung nag-kick in yung Ilokano in you…hehehe, perfect harmony.(dyok lang po ha)
    seriously? MIRAH from Admira…
    BTW, me premyo po ba ang mapipili?
    okey na po sa kin ang sang sakong bigas…o dika ya isang sachet ng
    shampoo,sabong panlaba kahit ano…hehehe

    -kuya fuji(D’bitir hap of Ate Sienna)

  15. Anonymous says:


    Congratulations! So you have two classical guitars now?

    The guitar looks more like a male
    than a female. “Jack” sounds appropriate–as in Black Jack. Or if you stay in the feminine side–“Ulap” as in cloud which is closer to heaven–at least that’s how you feel when you play your guitar.


  16. girlie says:

    since your new guitar is for sure your precious companion, why not call it ME-LADY or LIDDY as a tribute to your wife.
    have fun strumming!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jim,

    What about Salome, Lourdes, LuzViMinda, Quetta,Artemesia or Nikita?

    Sorry daming pangalan…

  18. isabel :) says:

    hello po! 🙂

    name of the guitar..hmmm..how about Isabella or Ysabella? haha.. 😀 that’s the first name that came into mind..coz it’s kind of the more ‘feminine’ version of my name, haha 🙂

    More power and God bless!

  19. Regina J. says:

    Dear Jim:

    How about “Binibini” “Magandang Dilag” or “Mutya” I know they all sounds too pinoy, but knowing you are a true blooded Filipino, I figure you would appreciate that.

    Regarding the spider, I can think of some places he can crawl on the president’s anatomy!

    I must check out your book…Nice ying and yang design on your guitar.

    Take care,

  20. nataraki says:

    Aida o si Lorna o si Fe, he he.i love reading your blog. thanks.

  21. krangsquared says:

    pangalan sa Spanish guitar:
    Lucia, Luz, Lilia – yes, I’m tripping on L names at the moment.

    Cecilia – Spanish siya, and it’s a Simon & Garfunkel song. (sorry, i’m kinda assuming you like them)

    Dolores or Carmen also sound cool.

    Di ako pipili ng masyadong mahaba, tulad ng Margarita o Luzviminda, at kailangan may lambing at lambot kapag sinabi yung pangalan. Imbis na Isabella, maybe “Sabel” na lang. Pinoy version of a Spanish name.

    Kung gusto mo ng Aussie, pwedeng Kylie or Shiela, eh? LOL. 😛

    Good to have you back in town!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jim! ive been reading your blog for the past 2 weeks now… hehe! nice blog! niweiz, about your guitar name? hmmm… i would suggest… SOPHORA… it sound so posh, just like your guitar =)


  23. Lou says:

    How about…”Malagueña”? Kastilang-kastila ang dating nyan. 😉

  24. bu says:

    senor jim,
    ananda would give the suggestion that would best appeal to you, don’t you think?

  25. *kawayan* says:

    Kung Aussie si guitar, why not FAIR DINKUM (faired income) …may apelyido pa.

    Kung Pinoy naman, baka pwedeng MALAYA (without the stress on the last syllable)

    Just a thought 😉 Get well, Jim!


  26. lala says:

    how about Vitoria? it means to conquer;victory. very apt for the spanish guitar who obviously had conquered the “ilocano” in you and was victorious in its plot to win your attention and finally be brought home with you. cute no?!? he he he.

  27. Mario J says:

    Hi Jim,

    First time reading your great blog. Being a Pappy myself (a grandfather, three boys no less!), I think the best name for your guitar would be “Dada”… similar to your granddaughter… a new guitar in this new phase in your life. Dada, alam mo na sa atin… madaldal and I hope this new guitar would be “madaldal” din in creating new music.


  28. MONACO says:

    hi jim,

    how ’bout dulce? has a nice ring to it. parang bagay sa guitar mo.

    nice blog by the way.

  29. cbs says:

    hmm teka, the guitar reminds me of something chinese…yin & yang.

  30. Gene says:

    Just call it your “jpg” (Jim Paredes’ guitar) or pronounce it as “hipag” as to sound Tagalog.. or your “tagaritz”

  31. Anonymous says:

    Luna, or bellaluna

  32. elmer says:

    apo Jim,couple of good name from my side.
    – Yomaris Valencia (i am the sun – strong) (saving the name for a future daughter too.)
    – Zerlina (beautiful dawn)
    anyway,im sure your fingers will pick a suitable name.

  33. Eden says:

    i laughed when you said the ILOCANO in you kicked in hehe!nice guitar you got htere mang jim:0)

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