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surprises, clarifications, reconnecting, and unlocking!

Posted on December 06, 2007 by jimparedes

My children continue to surprise me!

My son Mio pulled a really good one lately. In Aus, it is a requirement that every graduating high school student must have a body of art work for presentation by the end of the year. Last August, he submitted a unique stencil collection of work on old vinyl records for the exhibition. It turned out quite impressive. During the exhibit, his collection was given a prominent spot in his school.

Three weeks ago, when he went to school to collect his stuff after graduation, he was told that his art works were missing. He was quite pissed when he came home and was wondering how the school could have misplaced them.

But lo and behold, a week later, he got a letter from some NSW university body informing him that his work was among 800+ finalists which MAY be exhibited through Art Express, a month long exhibition in art museums featuring outstanding works by high school kids throughout all of New South Wales. He was ecstatic, although I was even more so. He felt privileged enough even just to be considered a finalist.

Well, three days ago, when he opened the mailbox, he received a letter officially informing him that his body of work entitled, ‘Screw art school, I just wanna make art!’ has been officially chosen for a month long exhibition at the Gymea Art Museum.


Dear readers, I am extremely proud to say that my only begotten son Mio with whom I am (generally ) well-pleased will be exhibiting his work starting February 9, 2008 to March 9, 2008 at the said venue.

OK, I know some of you will want to accuse me of being a doting father. I plead guilty. ha ha.

Mark the dates.


And if that isn’t enough, my recently employed, hardworking daughter Ala meanwhile is also preparing for her own month long exhibit to run in the city by March next year. More details to follow. What else can I say? My children make me proud!

* * *

If you received an email about some near rape incident or a warning about rapists, or something like that which purportedly originated from me, well, it did not! But I may have caused the impression that it did since when I forward email, I spare the recipients the long lists of ccs that accompany forwarded mail by deleting them. I find forwarded mail which are unedited quite irritating, actually and very seldom read them.

I felt compelled to write this since I have been getting a lot of emails about it, and it’s been put up in so many blogs with the source attributed to me.

* * *

More than a week ago, Lydia and I, upon the invitation of Leo Valdez finally got to watch the long-running Ms. Saigon. Althroughout the show, I just kept wondering why it took me so long to watch it considering that I had so many friends who had been members of the various casts which have performed all over the world.

I only have great things to say about the Sydney show, but my superlatives go to the Filipinos in the cast who did not fail to hold high the world class standard that the Filipino performer is known for. RJ Rosales whom I had not seen in ages was a powerful, scary Thuy. His clear voice rang through the hall. Leo, as engineer was an overwhelming, menacing , magical presence. His was a seasoned performance, yet still overwhelming with sincerity and power, considering that this was this 2300th plus performance.

As a fellow performer, I could sense his ‘killer instinct’ throughout as he dished both tragedy and comedy. It was, to put it simply, his show. I also give 5 stars to the Pinay who played Ms. Saigon whose name I do not recall right now. She played it with sensitivty and a pain that had me teary-eyed in many scenes. Her love scenes were so filled with heart and passion that that can take your breath away. And considering that the cast has been doing this almost twice daily for more than a year now, it still had a freshness to it that wonderfully worked its magic on the audience.


(Thanks Todd of Melbourne for the pics)

After the show, Leo treated us to merienda at a nice resto with a great view along Darling Harbour. Our relationship with Leo goes a long way back even before Lydia and I got married. We reminisced about the old times and had a few laughs. It was great to see an old friend happy and very accomplished as an artist. We may catch the Adelaide or Perth run in a few months!

* * *

I have had my iphone for almost two months now and continue to be fascinated and delighted by it. I admit I can succumb to techno-lust every now and then, but this one can turn to ‘true love’, at least for some months or even years. I have been using it in Sydney and Manila annd it is simply great!
Yesterday, I went to Greenhills to look up my friend Jann Leigh who unlocked my phone fresh out of the box for use anywhere in the world. This time, I asked him to upgrade the OS from the original 1.0.2 to the latest 1.1.2. which I thought would be quite a mean feat if he could do it. Well, he did with flying colors. As he was doing it, I could only marvel at how adept he was at altering, jailbreaking, and unlocking the iphone, and all other types of phones as well.


If you are thinking of ordering an iphone from the US and having it unlocked, call Jann at 09213798888. Or you can buy one from him already unlocked and waiting to be used with any sim card anywhere.

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  1. iJann DeCode says:

    at this cold rainy day, i was amazed by your blog..

    wow i found a true friend..

    Thank you, thank you..

    i really thankfull that i found a person like you and a true friend..

    God Bless,

  2. Todd says:

    Jennifer Trijo from Sydney played Kim in our show. But like I said, if you see it again, catch an evening show and be blown away by another tremendous talent, Laurie Cadevida (Los Angeles). While Jen was quite talented, Laurie takes it up a notch.

    My Ebay seller replaced my iPhone (that I dropped and broke). Unfortunately, it’s FW 1.1.2; as of this writing, there is no unlock yet for an out-of-the-box 1.1.2. 🙁 But it should only be a matter of time.

    Recuerdos a la familia.

  3. BabyPink says:

    Hi Sir Jim!:)

    Congrats to your son, Mio. And, good luck to Ala.:)

    To see Miss Saigon was in my list of 100 Things I Want To Do or Must Do Before I Die and having seen it back in 2000 when they came to the Philippines was really something I will never, ever forget.:)

  4. ces says:

    Congratulations to your kids, Sir! Btw, does your greenhills-friend unlock XDAs as well? I have one I brought back from the UK and your article actually reminded me of it.

  5. jimparedes says:

    Ces, give him a call. I think he can do it. I saw him doing Japanese phone and other stuff.

    Todd, thanks for the info, and the pics. Will probably catch their next run. I hope to see you there.

    Jann-Salamat din. I love my phone.

  6. jimparedes says:

    Baby Pink–super galing no? Glad I finally saw it.

  7. toti bautista says:

    Good one Mio !!!
    Can you do it on my guitar? (s)
    Toti Bautista

  8. Kristyn says:

    Saw Ms Saigon sa singapore, made me cry (and my husband too but shhhh).

    So the iphone is that great eh, maybe next year na lang, can’t justify it yet since I just got my mac pro (and a new canon lens for christmas!!)

  9. Chai F. says:

    Hi, po. Ok, now i am green with envy about the Ms. Saigon bit. Kwento: I’m in a play myself right now (Call of Guadalupe [Cebu production], i don’t know if you’ve heard of it, it’s from Australia too and has been going around some countries.) Playdates next week.

    And by the way, great offspring, hehehe. But really, Kudos!

  10. Guadine Sanchez says:

    would he be willing to ship it to NZ? The price was reasonable considering phone + unlocked. What about warranties? c”,)

  11. jimparedes says:

    Toti– I passed it on to Mio and suggested he call you. That would be cool.

    Kristyn–Don’t wait too long. The higher the iphone version that is released, the harder it is to unlock.

    chai–hmm.. I have not heard of it. I wish I could watch you though.

    guadine–I suggest you call him. Once an iphone is unlocked, it loses its warranty. But if you wait too long, it gets harder and harder to unlock the latest versions.

  12. cris says:


    congrats! proud dad huh?!

    and with regards to forwarding emails, i too make it a point to delete the forwarding history to protect the identities of the sender and the rest of the recipients. so your clarification in this blog made be reconsider. since then i retain the “FW” in the title + the “—– Forwarded Message —-” in the content.

    more power to you and your family.

  13. B says:

    Hi Jim,
    lucky father for having a very talented kids,
    i really love your writing sir jim, i never miss any blog
    everyweek , My husband and I will even buy the Phil. Star and read your article, btw he really admires your writing
    if you have the time I hope you can visit his blog spot

    thanks and more power!!!

  14. loraine says:

    kia ora jim! (greetings from NZ).

    i have been wanting to watch Miss saigon since I was in high school (and it’s more or less 15 years ago). I heard that they have been running the play in Australia… do you have any idea if they will be having an NZ tour?

    You see, press releases here are not that good when it comes to entertainment or live performances. Lots of good and high profiled artists (bands, musicians etc) from the US and other countries have performed here but they were not featured even in the news. that’s why i am really worried that if Ms. Saigin will be staged here, i will never know it..and i will really hate it. …. huhuhu..pls if you hear from your friends (the casts of Ms. Saigon) that they will be here in NZ, pls do let me know. thanks!

  15. jimparedes says:

    loraine–YES, they will be going to Auckland. Watch out for it!

    cris and B–thank you.

  16. Emilie says:

    Wow. Congrats proud Dad. I’m loving your site

  17. iamsorceress says:

    Wow! I am not sure if you’ve found the fountain of youth or what, but for someone who’s part of the trio who has warmed (and melted?) the hearts of Filipinos for decades now, you sure look better and, errr, youthful (?), and sound funky too!

    I had the privilege of seeing you in person way back in my freshie years in UP when you had a show in the UP Theater for Sang Linggo nAPO Sila–then with Bing, Michelle and Amy, I think! I’m sure you miss the good old days. But the beauty of life is that it does go on and it goes on beautifully for you, from what I read.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Merry Christmas Sir Jim!

    Wow, mabuti naman at naging finalist ang anak niyong si Mio sa ArtXpress. I’ve been praying since the start of december of last yr na sana makapasok sa ArtXpress ang artwork ko but unfortunately, it did`nt. I still feel proud though coz my Mum is really proud and everyone in the family thinks that Ive done a really great job.

    I`ll try to visit the gallery nxt yr to see his works (and others as well).

    — Ashley/Ayen
    (Underground Internet Rapper)

  19. good morning, awesome post.

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