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Why Not?

Posted on December 14, 2007 by jimparedes

If you want to experience something different and stimulating, read below:

The WhyNot? Forum is inspired by TEDTalks (http://www.ted.com). wherein leading thinlers and doers around the globe share their thoughts, ideas, dreams, and experiences, which are then posted on the web as online videos for all the world to see. We envision The WhyNot? Forum to be the Filipino version.

The Why Not? Forum is a smorgasboard of great, brave ideas — an open-source innovation soup that will hopefully inspire other Filipinos to connect adjunct thoughts, take impactful action, and weave together new breakthrough ideas — redefining and challenging the inertia of the status quo. All in the spirit of positive change for the Philippines. •As such, topics are not limited to a narrowly-defined set of fields. At its heart, the Why Not? Forum is about Filipinos sharing with the rest of the world their unique point-of-view in their uniquely chosen field.

This is NOT your usual forum. It is not boring, stiff, nor bland. The spirit of the Why Not? Forum is impassioned, quirky, creative, revolutionary, irreverent, innovative.

I will be one of 4 speakers who will be giving a talk tomorrow at the WhyNot? Forum. The others will be Leonard Co, Erik Mana, Juddha Paolo, Fr. Jomar Legaspi, and the Everest Team:

Read details below:


WHERE: Magnet, Bonifacio High Street at the Fort.
WHEN: December 15, 2007, Saturday
COVER: 300Pesos

Do come on time!

What will I be talking about? How OPM can be popular all over the world! Why Not?

See you there.

2 to “Why Not?”

  1. cdisin9 says:

    How OPM can be popular all over the world? It would help if we don’t start restricting it with DRM.

    It’s good that you mentioned about TED Talks. Here’s one of those talks that I like: Do schools kill creativity?

  2. Jim101 says:

    I wish I could attend but alas I am in Seattle until mid January.

    As an American who once lived in the Philippines for many years, and visits family there regularly, I am left to wonder why OPM is not popular worldwide.

    The level of talent in OPM is something the world should take note of.

    I recall the fantastic performances at the Folk Art Theatre during the “Off The Air” concerts in the 70’s and the showcase of talent present at those functions.

    I also recall Apo Hiking Hiking Society being there at one of the shows I saw. Great performance! Unforgetable!

    To this day I listen to old and new OPM at my home. Often friends will visit and ask who is that singing? At times will ask where they can find a copy.

    OPM can become be popular all over the world and in my opinion should.

    In the 60’s we had the British Inavasion. Beatles, Stones, Hermans Hermits, ect…

    Perhaps it is time for the Asian Invasion. I for one would love to hear “Yakap sa Dilim” or “Ewan” on American radio.

    Best regards,

    James Watt
    Bellingham, Washington

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