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I am speechless! Say it for me…

Posted on January 21, 2008 by jimparedes


Watch this guy. You will surely laugh at him but he has a presence that could not be ignored. It’s amazing how for a few minutes he got Paula Abdul dancing and joking like she was in Eat Bulaga, and Simon Cowel was rendered meek as a lamb!What a guy! I almost wish it was an act because if it was, it’s brilliant! But I think he was just being totally natural.I was falling off my seat watching this! He may not be the next American Idol. Maybe the next American Pop Hero!! Or as the website below calls him, the new World Hero!! Hmmm… Baka may pagasa si April Boy. Man, I am speechless.

Listen to the remix done with his song at http://www.myspace.com/rs11rocko

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  1. Jet says:

    It won’t load but I know what it is. Yes, the guy is phenomenal. And remember what Simon Cowell said… that he’s got a feeling the song this guy composed would become a record? Wow…

  2. Mary says:


    Now – what are your thoughts on this other talent – Arnel Lapuz who was just hired as Journey’s Frontman?

  3. carol says:

    oh man, i was laughing so hard while watching american idol audition on tv. im sure he will guest sa finale. can’t wait…

  4. ivoryhut says:

    Isn’t it Arnel Pineda, not Lapuz? I hope he does well as the new lead vocalist. Looks like the guy’s paid his dues for many years.

    The video won’t load for me either, but I think I know who’s in it. I caught that “bird man” on TV the other day. He seemed really genuine. I’m telling you, I found myself half-humming the song a few hours later while making dinner. You never know …

  5. Christine says:

    Oh man…. my son thought that I was going crazy after seeing this.. I was on the floor, LOL and then I went to have shower and I was still laughing, you know I read an article recently that a good laugh enhance the fountain of youth in us, I am telling you now, I have not been born at all….LOL.

  6. palma tayona says:

    it seems everyone is in agreement as to who’s in this video (that doesn’t load) – the famous a.i. auditioner renaldo. hehehe, he’s so funny in his innocence. i wonder what he used to do back here sa pinas before he came into the u.s.

    i already bloghopped more than a dozen blogs who have talked, featured and clipped this video in their cyberspot. interesting funny guy.

  7. jorielle says:

    American idol just finish picking their 24 finalist and Ramiele Malubay got my attention. it seems that she has a filipino parents…

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