APO’s Christmas album

Christmas songs are in the air. I remember when we made APO’s only Christmas album PaskonAPO. We started writing songs around April and recording in July. Since the Ber months usher the Season in the Philippines, we had to start early. It was such a fun effort. Christmas is a wonderful topic. There are many angles you can write about. There are the Christian and yuletide narratives that can inspire sacred wonder, mystery and nice, warm feelings. We even had our own children sing with us.
That year felt like it was Christmas all year round. The album was reissued a decade after it was released thus the two album covers below. I know i am biased
but I think we had some great songs in that album.
This Christmas, I hope you enjoy our music. Look for them on Spotify, Apple Music, etc..

paskonapo cover1

Paskonapo cover2

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