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Why I blog

Posted on June 08, 2008 by jimparedes

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I  have kept an  active blog for some years now. You can find it at http://jimparedes.com. I would like to share with you an e-mail I received from a reader. “Anonymous” wrote:

“Jim, just wondering why you (and your children) open yourselves up to the public this way. You are so open to the public that they feel they have earned the right to make comments on your characters and your lives. Just wondering, that’s all.”

That’s a valid question.

When I was younger (sometime in the late ‘80s), my generation went wild over CB radios. I had one in the car. My friends even had base stations where they played traffic controller for all CBers in the area. My radio in the car was on all the time. In fact, I wanted to drive just so I could CB. One could “enter” a conversation with anyone by saying, “Break… Break.” The mantra of that time was “10-4, good buddy!”

It was great fun because you could reach out to people and you didn’t even have to know them to talk to them. We even had aliases and it made everything all the more mysterious and thrilling. One could be anonymous and that was part of the thrill. All one could grasp of the other in terms of an identity was a voice and an alias, and one’s imagination took over to fill in the rest. One could be a nerd or some Plain Jane but, through a unique voice and a made-up handle, one could project him/herself to the world as exotic, wild or sexy. And sure enough, one would get noticed!

In the age of the Internet, the excitement antes up even higher. There is a dynamic working here that makes blogging a real blast!

One gets the chance to dialogue not with one or two people at any given time but with the whole world — that is, if you can get everyone to visit your blog site. With the relatively heavy traffic I generate, I get a kick knowing that a certain number of people from different continents read my thoughts and resonate with them. I get a thrill knowing that when I express what I think is a unique experience, I get a response from somewhere affirming the universality of what I thought was particular to me alone.

“Of course! Why not?” I almost have to say this out loud as I realize that my feelings of loneliness, happiness, doubt, joy, wonder, bias, fear, humor, irritation and my hopes and dreams are shared by so many other people everywhere. There is an affirmation felt on both ends. It’s like I look up and smile for a satellite camera and the whole sky beams back my image.

But why expose myself to comment, some of which can be downright negative and nasty, as my anonymous reader asks? It is because, deep down, we all need to connect to others. We are alive when we are connected. My own yearning to connect is heightened and colored by my artistic bent. I am an artist. Artists must create, and must release their creations to the world in more ways and with more urgency than non-artists do. It is in my nature to communicate. It is therapeutic for me.

A writer writes with the hope that the world will read what he writes. I make songs so that people will sing them. The very nature of creativity is to take wings and fly, catch someone’s imagination or land somewhere where it can embed itself in someone’s life and thus make its mark on the world.

In the Christian tradition, we are told that God made the world in His own image and likeness. A book, a song, an architectural design, a poem, a painting or any other work of creation is a creator’s way of trying to be God-like. How? By making his/her own imprint on the world. In my case, writing/blogging is just one way of making my mark by conversing and sharing my thoughts with inhabitants of this place called cyberspace. I write and leave behind my own image and likeness. There is a layman’s theological explanation to this: Just as it is God’s nature to be everywhere, it is within us as heirs to divinity to attempt to do likewise!

If I had been an American Indian two centuries ago, I would have been adept at smoke signals in my need to communicate with people in the distance. If I had been a caveman, I would have carved drawings in my cave. Expression and creativity are natural impulses.

Just as our cells multiply, I wish to multiply my presence in the world. In sexual terms, gustong magpalahi. Do you ever wonder why a man releases six million sperm cells when only one is needed to create life? My theory is because life likes to express its own abundant self.

The risk, of course, is that one can get criticized, condemned, laughed at, just as one can receive praise and adulation. That’s okay. It comes with the territory. The very act of being alive is to accept the risk of being exposed to the ups and downs, the ying and yang of living. Where there is light, there must be shadow. Opposites exist to validate each other.

In the cyber age, I dare say, it is better to blog, even if I get criticized, than not to blog at all!

27 to “Why I blog”

  1. Pongpagong says:

    Very well said.

    The moment i came across this blogsite three weeks ago, I instantly connected with its ideas and ideals.

    Thanks for sharing, sir.

  2. ilongga70 says:

    “The very nature of creativity is to take wings and fly, catch someone’s imagination or land somewhere where it can embed itself in someone’s life and thus make its mark on the world.”

    Amen to that. I work with strict rules of codes and programming, but it’s the creative side of web design that keeps me sane. But what would creativity be if it cannot be shared? What would art be without an audience?

    I happen to like people with opinions, albeit contrary to mine. They open my mind to things I refuse to see 🙂

  3. Roy says:

    wow! my musical icon is also blogger!

    i wonder how you can still keep blogging in spite of your schedule?

    i hope i could get in touch with you sir, and hope i can get some advice on songwriting

    more power!


  4. jadz says:

    (Responsible) blogging is the next best thing to getting published! It knows no borders and editors. More power to bloggers.

  5. auggie says:

    Why Blog ? because we are living in a village ( a Global Village that is, according to the late media magus, Marshall Mcluhan) and there is a need to connect with fellow villagers…

  6. A wonderful post Jim. I too have been asked questions of a similar nature and find your answer certainly resonates with me. I am glad you blog, and encouraged me to do the same. Like email, I wonder what I ever did without the chance to share my thoughts and feelings. I do not have as many people who visit my blog and site as you, nor have I been doing this for as long either, but my foray into this new frontier is exciting nonetheless. Thanks Jim, you are an inspiration!

  7. Willa says:

    bloggins is also another kind of theraphy,some people will not understand until they try to become one.blogger that is.and it also another way of discovering ourself, i myself found out that I love to write,i know I’m not expert in grammar,but what the heck,it’s my life,my opinion,my blog. 🙂
    Have a great week.

  8. k says:

    to a certain degree, yes, you are exposing ourselves out there, our vulnerabilities, fears, souls…worst case sometimesif people wants to evn know you, nowadays they google your name and if you do happen to be one of those who holds a public blog, facebook. multiply or any that can give them a glimpse of who you are this infos may or can be use in whatever they choose to do so.

    but altogether jim, i agree with you in so many ways, isn’t it that the very nature of living is to connect and to have our lives be witness by the people we care for in the same way that we witness theirs. Our lives one way or the other are all intertwined one way or the other.

    how many blogs out there had save lives, made people see hope just by reading how these bloggers survived seperation, cancer, death of a love one and so forth, without these bloggers sharing the lessons they’ve learned along the way, the wisdom and the healing that goes with suffering and grief…..can you just simply imagine how many could have been deprived of such help?

    they say, nagpapapansin lang those who blog, is it? perhaps people would have differing opinions, you need no further attention, you already have so much of it in the same way that your children have…

    but blogging is creativity in itself, living a life out of the norm, because the norm simply dictates..”nakakahiya” or so many other staff…..

    in theraphy, gratitude journal or in a more modern approach blogging is healing in itself, research found out that for those who are afflicted with cancer the chances of those who write vs who does not write goes on remission faster….

    you will never know who will read your blog, and YES you have the responsibility to blog that has purpose and meaning…because it can be really influential to a certain degree specially a site that already have a following on its own like you…

    there was a point in my life, i thought that there;s no such thing as real marriage, till i read your article on your marriage…it was pass on within our christian community….proving out there that marriage can indeed survive and that despite the statistics or increasing seperation and annullment it need not be a “norm” we teach our kids even if it happened in our own marriage, we still ought to teach them never stop believing in the sanctitiy of marriage.

    continue blogging, who cares what the rest say, they have no better things to do in their life, how sad because they can’t even express themselves that they devote their energy and time making nasty comments in somebody else’s site. Instead of channelling it to a more positive channel.

    you will never know, who can read your next article, you will never know how it can help heal..it did on me and admittedly this is the only second time i came across with your blog. sooo….i just simply want to thank you that as long as you do mighty works for God through your writing how can it simply be a waste?

    God bless you and your family Jim. 🙂

  9. Arie says:

    Nice piece. Love it. Answers a lot of people’s questions. Especially those people who are still having second thoughts on blogging.

  10. Jena Isle says:

    Hi Jim, we are of the same generation (grins). I am your fan then and now. Your article is very well written. I have to credit you for that.

    Blogging is a rewarding endeavor, not only because you are given a venue to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings, but also because by doing these, you are sharing your knowledge to the rest of the world. Blogging also allows you to meet people from all over the world and be able to fruitfully interact with them and share ideas and concepts.

    The points that you have raised here are valid and true. You are indeed, an intelligent and well informed singer and raconteur that I have always imagined you to be. A rare combination nowadays.

    Kudos to you Jim, mabuhay ka!

  11. carol says:

    I am with you in your thoughts – lahat ng nasa isip mo, mga karanasan sa buhay, ay nangyayari din sa akin. I’m glad to know na di pala ako nag-iisa. When one gets older, saka pa natin nalalasap kung gaano pala kaganda, meaningful ang buhay.

    Sir Jim,thank you for creating this blog – it consoles me whenever I’m down. Keep it up so you can inspire more people like me. Take care.

  12. ellen says:


    I have always been a fan of the Apo Hiking Society. And felt sad when you guys went your separate ways. Still your music continues to be played in my home. 🙂

    Your piece is just what people (who still don’t appreciate a blog or bloggers) should be reading. It’s not because of ‘kulang sa atensiyon’ or ‘walang magawa sa buhay’ or ‘nagpapa-pansin’ that a person blogs. I think that it’s more because that person is oozing with creativity – talent – guts and a desire to share with the rest of the world. Well, with those who care to listen, I mean read, anyhow. lols I think that whatever God-given wisdom and talent we receive isn’t meant to be hoarded by self alone, it’s not just for our own benefit…. but rather that it’s also meant to be shared out to a greater number of people we may be able to reach so that as it has served us well — so should it also serve others if not better — best!

    I have had the good fortune of reading many outstanding blogs and quite a good number of them have inspired me in my writing/blogging. It also amuses me so much to see the different comments posted by their readers; some nice and again some not so nice. lols Yet it does not faze them at all. These bloggers are a brave lot unafraid to share their inner dreams, faith, fears, frustrations, disappointments, and all that is contained in the wide spectrum of human feelings and experience. They are all one in saying that… Hey, we all stand connected — wherever we are, whoever we are, whatever we do. Basically we are all the same regardless of color, race, or creed.

    I believe that every person has something to say, a story to tell, wisdom to impart, an experience to share.. and if this could in some way help another soul – give hope, strength, courage, enlightenment, inspiration, laughter, peace, increase faith — then why not do it?!! By all means, GIVE it. Share it. Write it. Blog it!!

    🙂 This is my first visit here, certainly not the last.
    Thank you for the pleasure of reading a beautiful blog.
    Keep writing, keep blogging.
    God bless you and your family.

  13. carol says:

    I love what you’re doing – sa panahon ngayon, we need a space to let go of our pent-up emotions, feelings – mga damdamin na minsan ay di maiintindihan ng karamihan.

    This blog of yours is very comforting – sa aking pag iisa, I found out that I’m still sane. I’m still grounded. Utak lang pala ang lumilipad.

    Sana marami pa ang katulad mo – people needs more inspiration..guidance sa magulong daigdig na ito. Thanks for showing us the way. Take care.

  14. witsandnuts says:

    Wise words. Occasionally got emails too asking why I am blogging. And finally I put the main reason in my “About the Author” page to make it clear.

    You have a very interesting site. I have been frequenting this for a month now. Ala writes from the heart also. You have raised her/ your kids so well (that I tell based on her blog posts).

    Looking forward to your posts. God bless you and your family more =)

  15. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for this post. I can resonate with this a lot as I have been asked several times also why i blog.

    I think in the end, we all have a need to EXPRESS and BE HEARD. It may be in anonymous scribblings on the walls of public rest rooms, or cellphone numbers left on bus seats or hundred peso bills, or in more profound art like paintings, or music. But to express and be heard is human — and as you correctly observed, divine.

    Why do we blog (or sing songs, or paint, or write, or act, or love)? We blog because we are human and this is what it means to be human, to borrow from Dead Poet Society’s John Keating: “That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. What will your verse be?”

  16. leila says:

    buti na lang po you blog! worth reading e. nilink ko po ito. thanks.

  17. ilocano says:

    Hi Jim,

    I came across your site a week ago. I got the URL from one member of what I call my blog community. At first, I was just curious as to what your blog may contain since you’re an artist and all. Not to mention that I am quite a fan of APO Hiking Society. I was impressed with what I discovered. You write good material here; little did I realize that songs are poetry with sound, which you can easily incorporate into an article and romance with it.

    I hope you can also welcome me in your community.


  18. Maria says:

    Wow, how fitting. I was hesitant to start my blog; afraid of exposing more than I want to about myself.. but I’ve decided to give it a go anyway! http://blognow.com.au/makemyheartsing

    Your criticism is most welcome! =O)

  19. Mayette -- Kailua says:

    I believe if you had lived and still living a life
    NOT full of hypocrisy, bad deeds, corruptions, illicit
    relationships etc., instead you have or had a life well-lived overall….. then, there is nothing you should be
    afraid of… be ashamed of…blogging about it to the
    whole world. I should say YOU ARE, Mr Jim Predes!
    Yourself, your life, your family, your talent, your
    thoughts & views and many other things….are an INSPIRATION to the whole world
    and I believe should BE SHARED!
    Thank you.

  20. jimparedes says:

    To everyone who commented, thank you.

    Mayette– Please do not believe I am anywhere near perfect. Far from it. I am a flawed human being as everyone is. I probably just write well at times and can catch the inspiration when it appears before me.

  21. Marman says:

    A late comer to this site and glad I stumbled into it. Your sensibility is top-notched. I’m new to blogging and found myself hooked to it… although I have no audience to speak-off, talking to the ether seemed like pay-off enough. This piece is a gem.


  22. jimparedes says:

    Marman, and everyone–I am overwhelmed by the eactions. Daghang Salamat.


  23. 7ea says:

    “wow!”,”very well said”(parrot!a term we use when we say something said by someone earlier..c:). truly an inspiring one! i came across this your blog sir thru ur daughter. it was really a surprise to know someone like u is blogging as well and been here for quite a time already. thanks to ur daughter and to the ideas u share sir. they are worth pondering for. not to mention, you write very well. just one of my wishes in the world!may God bless u oweiz sir. keep on sharing and spreading love!;)

  24. daybreaker says:

    I am always moved with all the entries that you made… indeed, you have your way of telling the world you existed! thanks lifting up my spirit all the time…

    good luck sir jim!

  25. jimparedes says:

    Glad you visited, daybreaker!

  26. NormanGM says:

    your words are breathed with life, sir! i feel them.

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