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POST MORTEM: APO of the Philippines

Posted on September 21, 2008 by jimparedes

We had a great time. Everything seemed to cooperate with what was to transpire. We had a crowd to die for, a line-up that worked, musicians that rocked and the vibes semed to make everything magical.

I write this while sleep-deprived, and tired but with a smile on my face. I still retain images of the Big Dome lighted with cellphones everywhere in the audience like points of happy light sending out warm affectionate signals to us on stage.

We were on for 3 hours and 8 minutes!! We thank our audience for the deep appreciation we felt all the way up the stage. It was just amazing. YOU make us feel like we’ve been doing something good all these years.

To everyone-family, friends, acquaintances who asked me for tickets, my apologies for not sending you any. Ticketnet owned all tickets last night and everything we got from them had to be paid for by us. To those who bought and paid, we hopefully gave you a show that was more than your money’s worth!

Peace love and gratitude to everyone, and God who constantly gives us what we need everytime. Till next show! Hopefully, less than 39 years from now.

23 to “POST MORTEM: APO of the Philippines”

  1. reo in vancouver says:

    will we ever see your great show on DVD?

  2. dac says:

    Hi Jim! Really really enjoyed the show… My dad and I watched it. Galing-galing niyo=) By the way, I’m an APO Virgin!

  3. nickie wang says:

    Hi sir Jim! I watched your concert and I’ll be writing a review about it. I’ll be lifting some lines from this blog entry if you don’t mind…By the way, I’m an APO virgin, too!

  4. gob says:

    The concert was very great jim! all the songs was amazing.. apo on its finest! we all agree on what danny tell us before the show ends. now we all know the secrets of APO. friendship that last up to lifetime.

  5. gail says:

    sadly… i wasnt able to watch. my first and only time to have watched an apo concert was just this year at the crossroads77. i do hope there will still be more concerts of apo in the future so i can watch another great show. 😀

  6. pointblank says:

    Hi Jim,

    I extremely enjoyed the show. It was then my first time to actually watch you perform live and wow, I look forward to be watching your next show! Sobrang galing nyo!

  7. roy says:

    ang galing ng show….this shows that Apo is one of the greatest live acts in the Philippines…by the way i am just curious …why was there a big empty section on the patron area?

  8. roy says:

    hi Jim the concert wa great.. this is my 10th Apo concert that I attended.. My companions and I enjoyed the show…by the way why was there a big empty area in the patron section? thanks and more power

  9. doranne says:

    i hope all APO virgins will be converted to APO groupies!! 😀

  10. jimparedes says:

    Hey everyone,

    Daghang salamat sa lahat. We had a great time watching you have a great time. It was magical for us.

    Roy, that empty blob there was through the fault of ticketnet that kept saying there were no tickets left when they controlled al of it.

    APO wil be doing a lot of shows on our 40th year next year. I hope you can catch some!!



  11. gracie says:

    I really enjoyed the concert last Saturday. Congratulations APO! It was my first time to see you perform live (Apo Virgin, too).
    Looking forward to your next show.

  12. stephanie says:

    thank you for an unforgettable evening of musical genius, nostalgia and fun camaraderie! it was a privilege to watch sheer talent being shared by the 3 icons of OPM. nag-iisa lang talaga kayo. long live the APO! looking forward to your next concert.. can’t wait.

  13. jimparedes says:

    Gracie, Stephanie–Thanks!

  14. Jasty says:

    just another APO virgin here..

    I just happen to come across your site through ALA’s site. Just want to say that me and my family had a great time watching your show!me and my sisters loved it so much!..Actually, I never thought I’m an APO fan,really..;D

    Congratulations to you guys!

  15. Mari says:


    You should have a DVD special or live CD. It’s for peeps who wasn’t able to watch the show. Not to mention, extra income for you.

  16. libhy says:


    I forgot, I don’t have a nice shot of the APO during the concert.. PAHINGI ng pics…anyone?


  17. libhy says:


    one of the many APO virgin here.. ang dami pala nating virgin! hahaha… APO groupies? Why not?! I’ll say yes to that!

    Sir Jim (a.k.a. Mike Enriquez)I don’t know if you remember, I sent a letter with a title “I don’t know” I think two yrs. ago na in the APO site. It was a thrill for me to read your reply, it really helps. Till now I hold those words close to my heart. Thanks!

    And finally, I was able to watch an APO concert! It was such a lot of fun! Nagyayabangan kami ng friends ko, saying ” o alam ko p yung song..” but when you sang some kundiman “patay hinidi ko na alam yan.” I want to ask the old man beside me n nga eh..hahaha!Now I wonder how GREAT the 40th concert will be. Sana my orchestra! hahaha!

    I forgot, I don’t have a nice shot of the APO during the concert.. PAHINGI ng pics…anyone? Thanks!

    Congrats to APO!

  18. Willa says:

    Is there any online store to get the DVD of your show?

  19. Willa says:

    do you think you can upload even a minute of your show on youtube and post it here on your site?

  20. Abby says:

    No chance talaga na you will be performing in Singapore?

  21. Mabel says:

    Hi Jim!

    I just want to congratulate APO for the recently very successful 40th year anniv kick-off concert at Araneta!
    Indeed, my sister and I were among the very many “APO virgins”. We enjoyed the concert and went home still smiling and so excited to share how it went sa mom namin.
    Ang ganda ng concert nyo and amazing adrenalin coz I was surprised there was no break or intermission number.:-)
    I have blocked my calendar when i first learned about this Araneta Concert early this year.

    More power to APO Hiking Society!

    P.S. Ang cute talaga ni Buboy (“Gary V”, rockstar), very funny man too.:-D
    And one more, the “Dong-ding-ding, Doong-doong, Kling-kling”!

  22. jimparedes says:

    To everyone,

    Thank thank you thank you! See you again in future concerts!!

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