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The US elections, APO news and Ngiii!

Posted on October 30, 2008 by jimparedes

Some random thoughts on the US elections, and other observations:


-Americans are angry at the republicans and it is showing in the poll numbers. They blame Bush, and the GOP for the economic crisis they are experiencing. They are taking it out on McCain because wala na silang McCa-in!

-Meanwhile, Filipinos are mesmerized by Obama because as Danny Javier likes to point out, not only is he dynamic, promising, and all that but more importantly, kakulay niya ang maraming Pilipino. Danny calls himself ‘Balat’ Obama.

* * *

The best endorsement Barak Obama got, to my mind, was the one he recieved from Atlantic Monthly magazine. Aside from his other qualities, it pointed out that the very person of Barak would win people all over the world for America especially in the Muslim areas that lean towards radicalism. Imagine a young Pakistani looking at a a new US President who is black, with a Muslim name and background, and who was against the Iraq war from the very beginning. Barak could find it easier to sell America’s point of view in those parts of he world.

It will be a new, fresh way to present America to the everyone.

* * *

Just got my schedule from the APO office. It looks like the end of November and all of December will be a busy time for me. Wall to wall shows not just in Manila but also in different parts of the Philippines. Right now, I am taking advantage of the quiet and tranquility of my life in a Sydney suburb to get as much rest as I can before I go home for the Christmas rush. I am catching up with weeks of needed sleep and am eating well and healthy. I feel like Manny Pacquio preparing for a big fight.

In case you do not know, APO has released a new album which even if largely unannounced and not available in any store except through the APO office (4265301/4260103) and during APO concerts, has sold a few thousands in a little over a month. It’s close to beimng a gold record actually. If you are in Australia and want one, you can order from me. I should have it here by Dec.1. I can mail it to you or you can pick it up. If you want it autographed, please say so. Write me at emailjimp@gmail.com and I will prepare it for you.


Limited copies of BOBOY, JIM, AND DANNY. THE APO is now available. You can order Apo’s 27th album by calling (+632) 4260103. This is APO’s first independently released. In case you do not know, this album and is not yet available in record stores. Grab your copy now!

* * *
I watched Oprah yesterday where she devoted 3/4 of the show to our very own Charisse Pempengco. She was clearly gushing over this uber talented Pinay who continues to wow the world. David Foster, noted music man, arranger, performer, producer was also there and apparently has taken her under his wings. Oprah also showed a video where she sent her crew to trace the roots of Charisse in the Philippines showing her neighborhood and telling her sad story of being abandoned by her violent father.

After the touching footage, Oprah decided to surprise Charise with a video call from one of her (Charisse’s) personal idols, Celine Dion. She was clearly and pleasantly surprised. What I found funny was Charise’s reaction which to me was so truly Pinoy. When she saw the face of Celine Dion on the big screen, I swear she reacted in a ‘ngiii!’ sort of way we Pinoys do–you know, with bungisngis glee, hand movements and a big ‘ngiii’ utterance and sometimes accompanied with stomping of feet. For a second, Oprah’s show looked like Filipino TV.

Nothing to apologize for Charisse. You are Pinoy through and though!

11 to “The US elections, APO news and Ngiii!”

  1. Joni says:

    Ooohh, I hope you don’t get a lot of crazy comments because of the Obama preamble on this post. Howie Severino’s blog is still sizzling because of his post/s on Obama. O_o

    It gets a little crazy here in the blogosphere…

    And I don’t think a lot of Filipinos are mesmerized by Obama.

    But I am.

  2. BlogusVox says:

    Your new CD, are these new songs or a new rendition of your old ones? I’m asking because I already got all your songs (I hope) in one bundle consisting of 3 CDs.

  3. as for me, i still have to absorb collin powell’s statement on why he chose obama.

    was it because the repulbicans say obama is a muslim?
    or was it because obama is a black and naturally powell will go for a black also?

  4. Doc Mike says:

    I like Obama because definitely he is not a war freak like
    the Republicans who wasted a lot of precious lives and money, for what?????

  5. Anonymous says:

    Blogus vox–The new CD has new songs, and old songs. But the old songs are aranged differently from what you ‘ve heard recorded before. We rerecorded them using the new, evolved arrangements that we’ve used for concerts through the years. They do not sound like the original recordings anymore.

    hector olympus–What put to rest any doubt for me was Collin Powell’s endorsement. More than that, he spoke tons about how far right the Republican party had gone. I don’t think his choice had anyting to do about race unless of course you subscribe to GOP hate radio commentators POV like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    I especially liked it when Powell asked, ‘and if Obama is Muslim, what of it?” He gave a view of America that was true to its finest tradition of openness and non-bias.

  6. Mark says:

    Have you seen Obama’s infomercial? He is very good speaker.


  7. CoolYYZ says:

    A few more days to go before the Americans “hire” their new president! I must say that folks here in Toronto have been more interested in the US election than the one we just had here. I truly hope Obama wins.

    Now about the new APO album, Jim, will you entertain requests from Toronto?!

  8. jimparedes says:

    Mark–Yes! It was very well made and quite effective, I think.

    CoolYVZ– Pati dito sa Sydney, people are glued to the US elections.
    Yes, I will entertain requests from anywhere. It costs quite a bit though to mail. The whole thing costs around 25USD. If you are interested, email me. Will let you know how to pay for it.

    It’s not in stores and will not be for awhile.

  9. Jim101 says:

    Would love to have a copy of the new CD here in Washington State! By the way, maybe on APO’s next trip stateside you could drop by Seattle or Vancouver, B.C. Would really enjoy seeing you guys again! I know a lot of other people would enjoy it too. Best regards, Jim101

  10. shumai says:

    this historic election is resulting in record-breaking turnouts. residents of battleground states have to put up with long lines that take up to six hours and this is especially common in areas where there are large african-american populations. thank god they stay in line and not give up. the sight of those long lines is truly moving. i guess if africans could stay in line for 12 hours to vote for mandela, their american cousins, who have long been marginalized, could also do the same.

    O is truly inspiring and the americans want CHANGE! i am a US resident and am not allowed to vote but this election has actually made me think about seeking citizenship in this country just to be able to participate in the electoral process. i find it interesting, though, that most filipinos who are naturalized citizens here vote republican. my theory is that filipinos want to feel that they’ve made it in america and part of that image building is voting republican since republicanism is often associated with wealth. what do you think? michelle malkin, a conservative pundit of filipino descent, comes to mind. i could picture her having been raised by parents who badly wanted to integrate. below is a link to a clip featuring malkin being ann coulterish. racism among pinoys could also be a factor.

  11. jimparedes says:

    shumai– I saw her video and she was appalling. She wanted to rumor-monger but was afraid to take responsibility for her words.

    I too noticed a Republican streak among Pinoys. Perhaps it has something to do with trying to fit in. I don’t want to offend my Republican friends but for some, I know it’s like the political equivalent of using whitening lotion. ha ha.

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