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The glow, Obama’s RP relatives, and Victoria’s Secret

Posted on December 09, 2008 by jimparedes

Dec 8, ’08 11:42 PM

Photo by Sammy Samaniego

Our concerts last weekend in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan were just absolutely fantastic.

Even if the CDO concert was only about 70 percent full, it was still a blast. We were just there last February of 2007 and so we prepared a new show for our audience. We wanted to surprise and delight them with hits and gimmicks done in a new way and that’s exactly what we delivered. We felt the enormously good vibes that the audience threw back at us for our efforts. Furthermore, our producers were great, fun people and certainly knew a lot about making us feel at home. The massage at Touch and Heal, the breakfast at one of their houses were such a delight.

Iligan the next day was something for the books. Our audience must have been comprised of 95 percent first timers. They screamed, and sang so loud with us we could hardly hear ourselves through our monitors. We went for more than two hours and they loved every minute of it. We were all definitely on a roll in CDO and Iligan. It was mind-blowing.

Last Sunday, I still felt the glow as I boarded the plane to Manila. It’s a glow of love and appreciation thrown our way by the audience for what we have been doing. We appreciate the producers–these young doctors fired up with the idea of making a wellness center for Iligan’s poor. We congratulate you for a job so well executed.

We definitely want to come back again.

* * *
President- elect Barack Obama is the first international President of the US in the sense that his parentage and background are colorful. A father from Kenya, a childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii are just some of the things that make him unique and an appropriate leader of these global village and times we live in. But did you know that he also has relatives in the Philippines?

President-Elect Obama in Boracay!

See list below:

Barat Obama-a distant cousin of Ilokano descent. Unlike the President though, all he wants is ‘the change’.

Barako Bama– His most macho relative from Batangas.

Balat Obama–His Filipino cousin. Marami sila. Jojo Binay is one of them.

Banat Obama–His activist KMU-member relative

Balak Obama– His ambitious cousin

Birit Obama– A cousin who loves to sing and is also related to Regine Velasquez, and Charise Pempengco

Borat Obama–His distant cousin from Kazakstan

Bakat Obama–He likes to wear tight pants

Badaf Obama–His gay cousin

Bora Obama–His ‘party animal’ relative

* * *
When I first heard that Manny Pacquiao was going to fight Oscar De la Hoya, I immediately remembered the news about him being a cross-dresser. I could not imagine how De la Hoya would show up at the ring. Would he fight in heels and stockings? If he had, that alone would have psyched up Manny so much that Oscar could have won. But then how do you dance on the ring on heels?

If for anything, it is quite educational to know that there is a softer side to everyone, including boxers. Now that many Pacquiao has vanquished De la Hoya in last Sunday’s fight, Oscar can now retire and do what he pleases. Would Victoria’s Secret take him as a model? I hear he can really work those pumps!

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  1. bloggista says:

    LOL, you’re right, Oscar can now do anything he pleases, and probably being a sexy model in tights is one of them. Whether this picture is photoshopped or not, the fact remains, that Oscar did take a stripper for a night.

    I always believe people who are into Sports, especially champions like Oscar are icons, somehow it’s a burden but people expect them to behave well in public.

  2. meron pang isang kamag anak si “O” sa pinas (at isa ring presidente).


    Obama has been reported not to have gotten away with his “smoking vice”.

    apparently the White House has a “no smoking policy”.

  3. Yada says:

    I was there at your CDO concert! And I am one of them APO virgins. Lol. Excellent show, Mr. Jim. I especially loved the whole “a medley is…” I was laughing really hard. Hope to see you here again. Next year perhaps?

  4. yhen says:

    Barat Obama-a distant cousin of Ilokano descent. Unlike the President though, all he wants is ‘the change’.

    hahaha! pwede po bang magprotesta? di naman po lahat ng barat/kuripot eh ilocano or should i say di lahat ng ilocano eh barat/kuripot!

    nagexplain daw ba.. hehe!

    nwei, idol! yun lang!

  5. aidan says:

    too bad I missed the concert in Iligan as we were having our family reunion.. please please come back soon.. =)

  6. jimparedes says:

    yada–So happy you enjoyed!!

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