APO Live and Free at the Riverbanks in Marikina this Dec. 30!

This December 30, Danny, Boboy and I will be having a big show. This will be a fancy one with lights, fireworks, a very ‘live’ band, etc.. at the Riverbanks in Marikina.

If you wanna have a great time, be there. Go early because they are expecting a lot of people. And yes, it’s free! I am leaving Sydney tomorrow (the 28th) to be there! Let’s party!

End the old year and greet the new one with a bang!!

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12 years ago

Have a safe trip, Jim! Have a super great concert! And a Prosperous, Peaceful, Happy New Year to you and Danny and Boboy! Enjoy! GOD Bless you all always!!!

12 years ago

Sayang, di kami abot sa concert! Good luck and Happy new year!

Nanalo kami sa lotto (again????) ha!ha! Tuwing ninos inocentes lang!