This is the Top Pinoy Expat’s blog for 2008!

Allow me some self-congratulations. I opened this blog a few minutes before the New Year set in last night here in Sydney and had the pleasant surprise to recieve a letter in my inbox informing me that this blog has been chosen as the Top Pinoy Expat’s Blog for 2008. Follow the link below to read more details. | |

I think I’m off to a good start. To the people behind this, my readers, please accept a huge though humble ‘thank you’ from yours truly.

“Meaningful and inspiring posts”
“Brings out pride in being Filipino”
“Writing on Air has depth and substance. Jim’s blog is brilliant and inspiring. His take on issues around the world and as well as personal experiences are culturally enriching as a Filipino. The lay-out and design is clean”

Some of the judges notes about Jim Paredes blog..

I promise you another year of exciting, readable, interesting, informative, and engaging reading!

20 thoughts on “This is the Top Pinoy Expat’s blog for 2008!”

  1. Congrats Sir Jimmy! I was one of the judge of the contest and I found your blog very inspiring. I read your articles in the Philippine Star and I think you should also expand your network in the blogosphere so that many people can be aware of your thoughts.

    Cheers Jimmy!

  2. To everyone, salamat. Thanks for visiting and reading my entries.

    Albert– Thanks for the comments. It was great na kahit papano, nakausap tayo the last two times we got together.
    Kevin–thanks. I anm really honored.
    Rabin–Thanks for your comment
    Kenji and the rest–Thanks for recognizing my efforts.
    Jose,Iza, wits and nuts–Thanks!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Am not a blogger but I read good blogs. My daughter introduced me to your site. She’s one of the winners too. Very proud to be a Filipino!

  4. i am so glad you won for two reasons: 1) because you are excellent and you deserve it, and 2) because it means we (ang bumabasang madla) have the ability to recognize, appreciate and promote excellence 🙂

    congrats to Jim, the judges, the award hosts, to all of us!

  5. Congratulations po! Without question, you deserved the honor! Thank you to those who hosted and sponsor the search contest!

  6. hi, sir jimmy! part of my weekly hobby is to read ala’s blog for two years now and i sometimes click on the link to this blog. you definitely deserve such acclamation. congrats!

    your family is an inspiration.

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