Are you going to finish strong?

I choked up watching this. I’m not even half the man this guy is. He’s the most amazing Aussie I have seen, and probably one of the top 5 most amazing human beings on earth.


3 thoughts on “Are you going to finish strong?”

  1. Hi Jim!
    same emotions welled-up, i love that line, are you going to finish strong? i can only be braving enough on a daily basis!

    when our Frontline Newsletter gets published, i will not be surprised to have you invited here in “clark freeport zone”!

    thanks for the perspectives on leadership
    tell me, what is strong enough?

  2. indeed amazing. had a little tear in my eye after watching the video.
    sad really, nobody seemed to be touched judging by the amount of response (just me).

  3. The video was e-mailed to me by a friend as an attachment. Tears welled up my eyes, too. It’s amazing how he made the audience laugh and cry in less than five minutes. Truly great realizations hit you that hard. I hope I’ll be able to finish strong.

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