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Simbanggabi, Infanta and Vienna Yuletide!

Posted on December 17, 2004 by jimparedes

Simbanggabi at the Gesu in Ateneo is such a delightful experience. The church is beautiful, the homilies are good and inspiring, the singing is heavenly, and the Ateneo grounds are decked with lights so attractive people hang around and sit on the Bel field eating bibingka and putobumbong and chatting after. The crisp December air adds that touch of Christmas every Filipino has grown to love. Please catch this if you live near the area. If you don’t reside near here, it’s worth the drive.

The Gesu!

The singing is heavenly!

View from the church

If there’s one holiday that’s imbedded in the Filipino genes, it’s Christmas. Every overseas Filipino aches for home every Pasko. It’s their saddest time every year of their life abroad. This I’ve gotten to know after talking with many of our kababayans during trips overseas. So make sure you call or write all your friends and relatives overseas this season and let them know what they’re missing. ha ha!!

Fresh bibingka!!!

May churros na rin!!

* * *

Tired of the holidays? The last few Christmases, I found myself too stressed out chasing gifts, attending parties, doing shows that by Christmas night, I just felt too tired and wished the season was over. This year, I have not bought a single gift yet and will not stress out to rush and buy them. Neither will I stress out and attend all the parties that beckon.

* * *

Do They Know It’s Christmas in Infanta?

Aside from attending as many Simbanggabi that I can, I have vowed to help in the drive to get the Infanta people to enjoy a semblance of Christmas. I recently read a heartbreaking account of life by a priest who administers to his flock there. It’s so ghastly and pitiful, to put it mildly. I have started my own Christmas drive by urging friends, classmates and everyone to donate food, clothes, medicines, monies to the different Infanta charities. I have made my house a collection center. You can drop by and leave stuff here and I will deliver them for you. If you are interested, write me a note with your email at the comments board and I will get back to you.

* * *

Lastly, I would like to leave you with pictures of Christmas in Vienna. While we were there, the city was already decked with yuletide cheer— lights and all.

Shopping for Christmas decor? Magsasawa ka!

Yuletide spirit in this shopping area in front of Rathaus!

Forget Vienna sausages. Look at these chocolate covered marshmallows!

Ganda no? Enjoy!

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