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Growing wings!

Posted on January 28, 2005 by jimparedes

I love giving my workshops! It’s like entering a dark room and turning on the lights! I delight at seeing faces beaming ‘aha’ moments. That’s what it feels like when I see the participants hook on to the subject matter and go to places unknown to them and…wait a minute, let me rephrase that. The truth is, the places they go to are not really unknown to them. In fact, they are places they know but had forgotten, and are revisiting again after a long, long time.

I am talking about everyone’s inherent, original, God-given creativity which the adults in our growing years stole and replaced with blocks in the names of practicality, education, morality, responsibility, guilt, discipline, fear, etc. with the intention of controlling us. Oh sure, I know they did it in the name of love, as we do the same with our own kids now. I don’t doubt it. Neither do I doubt that we absolutely need those things in life. But many times, they were lessons that were passed on without much thought and sensitivity (just as they got it from their parents too) and unquestioningly put on their kids’ laps. They instilled discipline, to be sure, but they destroyed something else, and that is our sense of wonder at life’s mysteries, and our confidence in our creativity, or worse, our capacity to ever be happy! No wonder so many people are so screwed up and walk the earth like the living dead devoid of creativity and zest for life.

Getting back to who we really are so we can become what we were meant to be is the liberating goal of this workshop/journey! When we rediscover that our very essence, our creative DNA is that of the greatest Creator Herself, we begin to claim our power back and live life with so much more to savor, enjoy and contribute. Such is the power of our creativity. The very act of it is an affirmation of our greatness, our God-like powers. I tell my students that as an artist, I find that I like to hang around with other artists as well. That’s why it is no surprise that productive, creative people actually feel very powerful because they know (however small in scale) how God feels like. And the Great Artist, a.k.a. God, Goddess, Universe (or whatever name you want to use), just like us probably likes hanging around with other ‘artists’ as well! How can one not get ecstatic over that!

I love doing this workshop (Tapping The Creative Universe or TCU) because the very things I teach are the things I need to learn. And I do grow with every story and sharing I pick up from my students probably more than they pick up from me. I am affirmed by the process they go through—meeting their blockages, unblocking and acquiring new practices to remain unblocked. Once freed, you can begin to confront life with clarity, realism and joy, and thus truly create from that place in us that truly counts. Only then can one begin to live life, walk the edge confidently!

One of my favorite mottos in life is, ‘Jump and the net will appear’. But what happens if the net doesn’t appear, you may ask? My answer is, ‘Surprise! You could grow wings”!

I will not discuss too much since some of you may take it someday. I live to surprise and delight my students/audience! Four more exciting days to go as guide to this class’ journey! Man, I could keep on doing this. This is it for now. More adventures to attend to.

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