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Posted on July 27, 2009 by jimparedes

Here are three events I’ve been meaning to write about.

Watched Dyords Javier at the Teatrino in Greenhills last Thursday and had a blast! Dyords, who has always been funny and entertaining was on full-throttle. Together with a 12 piece band, he sang, danced, told crazy stories, played instruments, joked, and just totally charmed, and floored his audience. It’s one of those nights that brings a smile to your face when you remember it.

The great thing about entertainers like Dyords Javier is that they are NOT into TV culture, and the insultingly low standard of comedy that it believes to be funny and entertaining. No obvious, predictable, stock-character personas. No degrading, embarrassing attempts that fail to hit the mark that get more pathetic because of canned laughter. Dyords is live, FUNNY in a creative, original, seminal way and the audience reaction shows it. His concepts are unique, and especially so because of the immense contributions of Ernie Baladjay, his musical director and co-creator of his musical gags and elaborate works. John Lesaca, his guest, not only performed superbly but also gamely got into Dyords’ antics.
I won’t get into details about his material. I want you to discover it for yourself. Catch him on Thursdays, 8PM at Teatrino. You’l be happy you did. And yes, you can bring your high school son or daughter. No obscene material that will make you squirm. Just stuff that will make you laugh out loud or shake your head in delight! And btw, the music playing (and at times, even Dyords’ singing) is excellent!

* * *

Two Saturdays ago, a good friend in the art world Noli Romero invited me to photograph a nude painting session by some famous painters at the NBC tent. This was part of the big art exhibit and sale that went on during that weekend where many gallery owners displayed their collections much to the delight of the people who went.


The model was alternative cinema actress Mercedes Cabral, the ‘most beautiful actress’ in the last Cannes festival. It was interesting to watch blank canvases come to life with a few masterful strokes by the hands of good painters.

* * *

Last June 20, I invited a few friends in Sydney to my house to watch a young Phil-Aussie guitarist perform. About twenty people were agog watching Bryan Browne, 15 years of age play music with his guitar like a master many times his age. His audience of first-timers clapped, cheered, and even gave him a few ovations during his one and a half hour performance. He played guitar pieces that showcased his unbelievable dexterity and masterful grasp of the instrument. At such a young age, he plays with such impeccable precision and soulful feeling.
No wonder he has been invited a few times to play in Nashville, and for the Chet Atkins Society, a group of guitarists who keep alive the glory of one of the world’s greatest guitarist who Bryan idolizes. One of my favorite stories of his which I enjoy telling people is how he met and layed with guitar legend Les Paul. Maybe he should be the one to tell the story. Ask him when you meet him.

Bryan is still in high school. It is quite ironic and funny that even when he is able to tour the world , meet, play and hang around with great guitarists, alas, becausee of his age, he can’t even have a few beers with them!

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  1. Reymos says:

    Very interesting post showcasing the Pinoy talents.The last part of your story reminded me of the BBC documentary (World Greatest Musical Prodigies) shown both in the UK and US, when a pool of kids met in London to learn, practice and finally perform live with a new opera masterpiece. This is the link of the story of these 5 talented kids.


  2. Fritz D says:

    Oh, wow. Haven’t seen Dyords Javier in a while. The masses miss him!

    Hi, Jim. I’m a friend of Wan’s, and I just wanted to thank you for those autographs she asked you to sign. They’re for my boyfriend and his brother. Haven’t gotten them yet, but I thought that was really…cool of you. 🙂 They are going to FLIP. OUT!!!

    Thanks again, Sir. AHS rocks!

  3. Columbus Deininger says:

    there are so many famous painters but i really love vincent van gogh. his paintings are really great.,

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