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Love Between Men!

Posted on February 13, 2005 by jimparedes

This will be an unusual Valentine article. Sure, it speaks about love and all that mush. But to make it different, I would like to write of a love that men are not comfortable expressing, and that is the love men have for other men! I speak about two people I have been associated with for practically a lifetime now (for many of my young readers, that is!). They are Danny Javier and Boboy Garrovillo, two people I love.

We met in 1969 and since then we have practically been inseparable living our lives and times —the good and bad and all the others in between, since those innocent college days to the present. Collectively, we have done thousands of concerts, recorded hundreds of songs, done enough television to sometimes hate it, sang through martial law, two revolutions, espoused many causes, had 4 marriages (Danny had two), 9 children, 1 grand daughter, countless travels and crazy experiences that would last more than our three lifetimes combined.

We have gone through many sleepy and sleepless nights and long days inside recording studios, airplanes, cars, vans, buses, auditoriums, rehearsal halls, hotels, and on the road touring, driving, rehearsing, being filmed, doing interviews, signing countless autographs, posing for pictures, working, taping, doing commercials, dancing, singing, writing songs, joking, working our asses off while still enjoying ourselves. Before any of us got married, our partners already accepted our friendship as part of the territory. Even now, we have been APO longer than we have been with our wives! Our children believed for a long time that they were all actually related by blood! Each one of them has at least one APO godfather. Danny, Boboy and I have been a threesome forever.

In our earlier years when we were much younger, more competitive, hungrier and more ambitious, we were ALWAYS on red alert, on call, ready to respond to the demands of showbiz at the drop of a hat. We were on the make and were eager to be famous, make our mark, have a hit record, have another, maintain a streak of hits, buy our houses, our cars, our musical gadgets and other big toys for big boys, our exotic vacations. We worked hard and to do so, we were sharp and ready for action 24-7!

It’s been 35 years. We have been good to and for each other. A lot of people ask us many times if we ever fight. Sure!! Some of them pretty big and long ones. But we have learned to resolve them quickly enough since it’s impossible to do what we do if we hated each other’s guts, or even disliked each other. The stage is a very honest medium, and we have always kept the friendship an honest one if we are to radiate sincere performances. We have seen each others’ faults, failures, and flaws, and have also profited from each others’ talents, gifts and uncanny instincts. We know that as individuals, we are each just a Clark Kent, but as a threesome, we become a super group! Truly, in a great synergy, 1 + 1 can equal 10, or even a thousand!! And APO has always been that!

And all this we could not have done without great respect, sincere affection and yes, love for each other. And just so that nothing malicious is misconstrued from all of this talk about love among men, I want to leave you with the usual answer we give when people ask us how we’ve lasted this long. No matter which one of us you ask, the response is always, “no sex!”

35 years!!!

4 to “Love Between Men!”

  1. Jenny says:

    Jim – I admire you guys for being able to stay together for so long. Being able to surpass so much. You have lasted together longer than most marriages (especially Danny’s two). Here’s to another 30 years! God Bless you three.

  2. Cerridwen says:

    that is really awesome and I enjoy the answer to the “how” – I believe that is true, only way any relationship be it friendship or any other kind, is to have respect for each other. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jenny and cerridwen—thanks!


  4. Anonymous says:

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