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Since Webstats4U statistics say that my second biggest batch of readers come from North America, I would like to announce that the APO will be going on tour again in the US starting this October 15. First stop will be in Las Vegas, next is Atlantic City, 3 in Texas, 1 in San Francisico area, 1 in Hawaii and a few more being arranged. Check our schedules and ticket info by following the APO link. Do catch this if you haven’t seen us. It will be the last one in a while. And it will probably be the best ever.

I asked my readers awhile back on who could give us a good title for this tour. The truth was we already had a working title but we wanted to hear brighter ideas and someone came up suggesting the exact same title, “The APO Experience”. Since I promised a prize if we chose your title, just the same, I will still send you a signed CD for that. Please write me. YOu know who you are! Congrats!

* * *

This will also probably be the last time I will run this in a while. Schedules are piling up and major life changing events are about to take place, but more on that later.

Here’s what I want to convey:

Are you stuck some place in between dreams, careers, purposes, directions, loves? Do you want to experience a breakthrough in your life? Have you lived 10,000 days or have you lived the same day 10,000 times? If you want to unblock and re-awaken your creativity, re-energize and clarify your purpose in life, you may be interested in this cutting edge workshop.

I am very pleased to announce the 27th run of my creativity workshop, Tapping the Creative Universe (TCU). Dates: September 19, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30

TIME: 7 to 9 PM.

Venue: 31 M. Jhocson St., Loyola Heights, QC

FEE: Five Thousand Pesos for all six sessions inclusive of coffee, tea and juice.

It is advised that enrollees attend all sessions. Certificates will not be awarded to anyone with more than one absence.Enclosed is the syllabus of the workshop. If you are interested, do write to me at or call 9290230 and I will answer all queries or take in your reservations. Remember, the course runs for 6 days spread out over two weeks at two hours per session.I will also send a location map for those interested.

This will be the last run of this workshop for quite a while!

Allow me to brag a little and share some endorsements from some who have taken the workshop:

Ramon Mendoza, IT Consultant, 52

“The TCU workshop was truly inspiring. I want to
attend it again.”

“TCU has changed my life…for better. I recomemded
it to my husband and it worked for him too.

Athiporn Arriens

“Every writer dreams of having his works published some
day. TCU has opened a portal in my mind, and enhanced
my adventures in creativity. Furthermore, it developed
my skills as a writer and made me realize that there
are countless opportunities for recognition!”

Jard M Gerona, writer

“TCU was a fun learning experience for me. At 50 (when
I took the course), I was the oldest in the class of
about 2 dozen or so people who were mostly in their
late twenties to early thirties (some are friends of
my kids). Thanks to my ex-classmate Jim Paredes for
teaching me useful tips on creativity.

Just do it!”
Rene Ongpin, retired stockbroker.

“TCU helped me unblock my creativity and get in touch
with my inner self. I have discovered that there is
more to me than what I know and there
is no other time but NOW to do whatever I should. =)”

Lara M. Garcia, 34, Ghostwriter/Researcher & Vocal

“TCU has tremendously helped me to focus my energy and
passion to what truly matters: (i) here, in the now —
by paying attention to life’s everyday details, and
(ii) my divine gifts — by expending them where they
will make huge and real difference.
It was a very liberating experience for me. I am also
very grateful to have met my lifetime friends through
TCU. Through TCU, I am also beginning to re-discover
my true self.”

Bettina Gancayco (wife, mother and civil
servant of the World Bank Group)

Age, Forever 21 — hah-ha!!

“Learning to live each moment to the fullest has had a
tremendous impact on me.”
Wouter Lincklaen Arriens, musician, 47

17 thoughts on “Last time(s)”

  1. sige, punta akos a vegas show nyo, pag may narinig kang pinakamalakas kumanta sa audience, ako na yun. sana makanta nyo “blue jeans”! mabuhay mga jeproks!

  2. wow i’d like to take your creativity workshop! i would most definitely take it! i hope you guys can make it out here to chicago!

  3. hey coolmel, Joey, Ang–sana someday I can be traveling to different places and giving the workshop.

    Ibalik–OK, I will keep my ears open so I can hear you. haha

    maricar–yes, see you! Your sister mariz signed up for the workshop.

  4. sir jim, daghang salamat sa CD. how do i get the cds? i’m not comfortable posting my home address on the net but here’s my email:

    again, maraming salamat. sana sa susunod na nasa cebu kayo makapanood kami.

  5. I’ve been very interested in taking that workshop but aside from not having the money to spare right now.. i’m a bit “afraid” people who know me know that i’m the quiet type… content on just sitting in one corner and observing but maybe trying it out when i’m alone..

    but i’m hoping one day i’ll get the courage to finally attend. and i hope when that day comes you’re still around giving them out! 🙂

  6. Is Houston one of the 3 shows in Texas? We want to catch this then (if you say it might be a long while before the next one). We watched your Cincy show at UC Raymond Walters last year…our kids-not really kids anymore (15 & 19) were hooked after that first initiation w/ APO…’can’t wait… (any new CDs, new book?)

  7. I hope one of the venues being arranged will be somewhere in Southern California. I missed you on your previous trips here but I’m here now so I wish…

    It would be funny if you will have an Asian tour, now that we’re not in Asia anymore… hehe. Slick and slippery APO it will then be for me. 🙂

    Goodluck on your shows and safe journeys to you and your group. I’m really hoping to see you.

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