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Ego Tripping On Fleeting Glory 0

Posted on November 11, 2003 by jimparedes

I just came from Anvil Publisihing and they informed me that my three book set will be out by 1st week of December and it will be P890, less 20% if you are a Laking National Bookstore card holder.

Meanwhile, allow me to bask in some fleeting glory and share some feedback from readers of Writing On Water:

—“Just checking if your two other books are in National Bookstore. Am enjoying this one. Makes me think about my own attitudes towards life and human relationships”–texted by Marjorie Villarama, New Zealand,

—“Thanks for sharing about your mother-in-law…diba siya yung pinuntahan niyo sa States? I’ve ALWAYS admired the way you looked at death…for that, thanks. Since PG, my brother, died only months ago, I could relate….really relate.

the foreword: Ganda…and tama siya!…

Your words dance like merfolk…sad, but accepting…collaborating and corroborating with life’s breath and tears. The ripple turning into a tidal wave…I like the way you described life…and how connected everything and everyone is…Naimagine ko pa ikaw surfing talaga…nakita ko how you were naka-hang ten, though metaphorarically speaking lang, parang nakita ko pa yun.

Yeah, I guess biographies are like that. (I liked it when you said “But even such timelessness is fleeting)–Lara Veronica Garcia, Manila.

–“I have been waiting for this 3rd book… I have begun reading it and it’s mind-blowing. Sometimes I have to re-read the page a couple of times but I totaly ” get it” . It’s like somevbody putting very eloquently what are just random, disorganized ideas floating in my own head constantly, dying to be understood. ” —Michele Gemperle, Manila.

–“Love your book. I have been reading it nightly since that day I got it. I like your prose and the depth of your emotions — beautiful work of art! Every time I read it, I flow. Thanks for sharing this gift. I hope that there are more people who get inspired by your writing.”–Imee Alcantara, Manila.

Feel free to send comments. I will print them (but may edit for brevity purposes).

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