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3 Doves On My Lap! 0

Posted on July 06, 2004 by jimparedes

Just as some people like to share quotes from the bible, I look at other non-traditional places—religious texts from other sects, or just quotes from non-religious people to share. I’ve been visiting three websites for years now—http://dailyzen.com, http;//deeshan.com, http://interluderetreat.com, and once in a while, I spot some quotes that stay with me for sometime. I suddenly find myself in an aha! situation that is so affirming. It’s like the dove of understanding perched on my lap. And at that moment that they are there, there is clarity, until they fly away! I’d like to share three of them.

Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out.

Vaclav Havel

I love this! It’s so full of faith that clarity will always dawn upon us no matter how things turn out or how confusing things can be!

Worldly ups and downs

Should be treated

As lightly as clouds

Gathering and breaking up.

– Anon

This is one zen quote that can calm me down. I always think of this when worries about the future begin to overwhelm me, or I find myself in heated political discussion or anything else that can get me hooked! Nothing is permanent or written in stone.

Does one really have to fret

About enlightenment?

No matter what road I travel

I am going home.

Believe that everyone and everything are where they are meant to be. This is a profound realization that has visited me on a few occasions. I find myself putting a stop to my condemning or judging anyone and I drop the use of the words should, must, and have to. I understand that suffering and joy are not strangers to each other but complimentary. Without one, the other is non-existent. Strangely enough, most cultures seem bent on separating one from the other, dropping the pain and seeking only pleasure. Would we know what black was if there was no white?

But what if one feels like putting an end to suffering instead of accepting it? No problem. Trust that whatever your choice, it will still lead to home. Leap of faith? Hmmm…

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