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asking for something and getting it 27

Posted on November 18, 2005 by jimparedes

‘Ask and ye shall receive.’ This is what the Bible tells us. The Chinese state it more cautiously when they say, ‘Be careful of what you ask for, you might get it.’ Many times in life, I did ask, and guess what? I did receive many times in amounts that often were quite overwhelming. (This inludes the material stuff—Ipods, cars, cell phones, etc.. although this entry is about much more than that). Some of them I continue to receive in doses that I can handle. Some I got when I stopped asking. And many more I received and continue to do so even if I do not always have the wisdom to expressly ask for them! Here’s a list of what I have asked for, and received, some of them in abundance. Thank you Universe!

I asked that I would someday own a house.

I asked that I would be able to sing and write my own songs.

I asked that someday I would get to do at least one recording in my life.

I wished that I would have one small photo published somewhere so I could claim to be a published photographer.

My third book Writing On Water

I dreamed of having my writings published—in some magazine, and if I am lucky, maybe get a book published and released.

I prayed that I would be able to travel!

I wanted to perform in at least two other countries aside from the Philippines.

I prayed that I would be given a chance to have some sort of positive impact in the lives of some people.

I asked that I be able to teach a course or subject I conceptualized myself.

I asked that I be able to meet and recognize the many faces of God through as many people–that I may see Buddha-nature, or Christ in every sentient being, and in as many places and situations as possible— (This is my ongoing my spiritual practice).

I asked that I may be allowed to touch the core of the very meaning of life and understand it. (This is being given in doses I can handle–most of the time).

I asked that I may have the gift of constantly seeing the eternal reality that seems covered behind every fleeting moment and situation.

I asked for beautiful, healthy children to raise and love.

I asked that I be blest with a long lasting and a loving relationship with my significant other.

I asked that I may understand and accept myself just as I am so that I may understand and accept others just as they are. (I’m getting there slowly. Some days, it is harder than others).

I asked that I may see the real mission assigned to me in this life. (Sometimes it is quite clear. Sometimes, not at all, although these days it has quite been clear).

I asked for enough wealth that I don’t worry too much about keeping body and soul together.

I asked for enough fame and recognition I can handle.

I ask that I may be reminded to always stay in the present as often as I can.

I asked for the ever-renewing capacity to be happy.

I pray that the “I” who asks for all this will always be able to give up and surrender to the bigger “I” who really runs everything.

I pray that all may experience the ever-present gift of Oneness. (This I KNOW will eventually be recognized by everyone).

What’s on your list?

* * *

Photographer caught in the act! Thanks to maricar Lopez for the picture.

There is one rather mundane wish that has been on my mind for sometime which will finally come true. There will be an exhibition of my photographs this Dec. 8, 2005 at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall. I have been wishing this for sometime and decided to take the wonderful and creative step of actually doing it. I was at Studio 58, my printer of choice to finalize the 30 or so pictures which will be exhibited. The subjects have something to do with, (A for air) as in clouds, fog , (Water) water, boats and beach, and and (Earth) flora and landscapes. Thus I am calling it JIM PAREDES IN A.W.E.—a Photographic Exhibition! It will run for only a week. I hope you can visit and who knows, buy a photo or two..or three! Pasko na!

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