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Of great dinners, and home grown chefs 20

Posted on May 28, 2006 by jimparedes
Pictures on exhibition

Last December, I gifted myself with a photo exhibit at the Renaissance Gallery at the Megamall. I use the word ‘gifted’ because I was quite hesitant to embark on any project which would involve money knowing that I was leaving soon. But precisely because I was about to migrate in 3 months and I knew it would be my last chance to have a last exhibit, I treated myself to this personal ‘art extravaganza’. It was called Jim Paredes in A.W.E. You can actually see my musings on it a few blogs back.

About two weeks ago, someone from Canada wrote to me to inquire about purchasing some of my work (photos and books). Because of that, and the requests that came from readers abroad after my exhibit, I have decided to post the pictures online for everyone to peruse. If you want to buy the big versions in 16 1/2 by 24 1/2, and the 20 1/2 by 30 1/2 as they were exhibited, please write me and I will tell you how much they cost and will mail you a signed limited copy.

My new book (the 4th) entitled As Is Where Is should be available in about two months. Once we finish with the layout and editing, anyone can order it via www.lulu.com and it will be printed and delivered to your doorstep anywhere you reside in the world. This is the beauty of the new technology where we can now ‘print on demand’, saving authors and publishers the trouble of having to figure out viabilities of costs based on orders. No more inventories. The book will be printed and delivered when ordered. Now, anyone who wants to write books can now do so without having to pass through the demands of publishers and the world can have access to it. Of course, writers will still have to market it. I figure that through this method, it will make my book more accessible to anyone who may want to purchase a copy. More on this when it is ready.

jammin with kindred souls

Mario, Ding, Irene, Krip and Menchie and me toasting a sumptious dinner at the Roces home.

Three nights ago, I spent my first late night out in Sydney and it wasn’t a night on the town. It was at Ding and Irene Roces’ home at French’s Forest together with Ed Aragon, artist-illustrator of Sydney Morning Herald. (He makes all those wonderful editorial drawings). There were also Ed’s wife Menchi, Krip Yuson, esteemed columnist for Philippine Star, teacher and writer of many books who is here for a writer’s workshop, and Mario Aldeguer, a friend of the Aragons and the Roceses.

What a night it was! It started with snacks, a sumptuous dinner and after a few drinks amid great conversation, we started jamming with Ed on harmonica, Menchi keeping the beat on a native drum, me on guitar and everyone else singing their lungs out. It was a night of kindred souls gathered together–artists of different disciplines and newly discovered friends. Ed and Ding are painters, illustrators, Krip is a writer, and all of us including Mike, Irene and Menchi are passionate about photography. While we were jamming, Ed and Ding brought out their illustration papers and pencils and started doing quick sketches of everyone which they signed and gave away as parting gifts. In turn, Krip gave us a copy of his poetry book. What a treat to get free works from great artists. I ‘sang for my dinner’ and got paid in excess. Truly a night to remember!

An inspired moment drives Ed and ding to sketch!!

Living with .. ahem..’chefs’

In all these years that I have shared a home with my significant other, I have never known Lydia to be ecstatic over the prospect of cooking. Sure she can cook, but only if she had to. Migrating of course has forced upon us chores that we are taking on for the first time in our lives. Mio and I are in charge of garbage and general cleaning and the girls are the bosses in the kitchen. While Lydia complains about kitchen work, she has been managing to come up with some really good meals. Ditto for my daughters Ala and Erica who seem to not only surprise us but also themselves. They go out of their way to really cook ‘gourmet’ stuff fancying (I bet) that they are competent chefs. Tonight, Lydia went whole hog and attempted to recreate a family tradition which her mother used to bake to everyone’s delight–apple pie. She dug up her mom’s recipe and whipped up a really good one. The apple pie was dessert to the equally fabulous Singaporean chicken and rice she prepared for our dinner.

Needless to say, the whole family was very gastronomically pleased, even as I could see Lydia beaming with pride. Looks like she is really warming up to the kitchen.

Incidentally, my wife and kids DO NOT believe me when I say that I enjoy their cooking. OK. I confess to being a doting husband and father. To them, I am happy with anything they come up with. Mababaw ang kaligayahan. While that may be true, tonight my superlatives were 100% more heartfelt than usual! heh heh!

Another light show

Lastly, I wish to share (again) a gorgeous sunset that showed off all over Sydney the other day. It was worth standing in the cold outside our house to take this picture. Almost every afternoon, there’s a beautiful light show.

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