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My glamorous daughters! 55

Posted on June 14, 2006 by jimparedes

T’was another evening of photo fun and play last night. I brought out my lights and I commissioned my daughter Ala to pose for me, and Erica to be her make-up artist. It was also a tutorial for my niece Monica and my cousin Malou who both wanted to learn studio and lighting techniques. Here are some pics I took of Ala.

What can I say? Ala looks so much like her mother when Lydia and I were just still dating. I really think Erica did a really great make up job on her sister. Erica is one person I know who really goes gaga over her work. Painting people’s faces is one of the things she really enjoys. It’s quite special to like something and get paid for it. It’s good she did not charge me though. Ha ha.

A commenter on my blog suggested I take Ala’s pictures. I’ve been asking her to pose for me for the longest time but for some reason, it did not push through. Actually, I had taken her pictures before with film but I think these ones came out better.

So blest to have daughters like Erica and Ala..

By the way, do check the new icon on the bottom right of the page called cluster map. It shows a geographical run down on where my blog visitors are coming from. I would love to hear from the readers who come from the far-away places like Africa, Latin America and other parts. Do drop a line on the comment if you have time. The lone dot in China I suspect is Peter Gonzales, my brother-in-law!! Tama ba, Peter?

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