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Toronto!! 9

Posted on April 14, 2007 by jimparedes

The new APO tour has started. This is the Nth tour in our long career and will take us to 7 cities for seven shows in a month.

Jet lag is, for me, tougher than ever. Been in Toronto for three days now and I just got my first really good sleep last night. There is a twelve hour difference between Manila which was my last destination. It was bitingly, cruelly cold but has gotten better in the weekend. I have forgotten what winters are like. I was shaking the other day at temperatures close to -2 C. What keeps me warm are our kababayans we meet everywhere.

The show tonight is for all practical purposes already sold out. There are just a few tickets at the venue but they are going fast, if they haven’t yet as of this writing.

This should be a fun night. We have our trusty ninja band that can kill an audience at a moment’s notice. They have been our band for some years now and they can really kick ass. And the Rogers Theater at the Living Arts Center, our venue tonight is just beautiful.

Mike Rodas, a professional lighting director who drops everything he has going in the US to be with us when we tour is with us once more. Mike is so galing and experienced and it shows all the time. In every show, his lighting is a work of art. He has actually worked with biggies like Tony Bennet, Linda Ronstadt, a lot of the more contemporary talents including Prince, Alicis Keys, etc. But APO is special to him. He always joins us when we tour North America and for that, we are thankful.

Will write and update again later after the show. Meanwhile, I’m cooling my heels in my room waiting for the sound check.

The show went really great last night. Before the show, I was not feeling too confident since we were stepping out of our comfort zone with two songs we were singing for the first time. And I was not physically light enough to perform and felt wqe were under-rehearsed. My body still felt dragged down by jet-lag and I was sleepy somewhat. My spirit was kinda lethargic.

But just as we always ask for before every show during prayers, we got everything in abundance. I think it helped that it was my mom’s birthday yesterday and she must have watched over us and checked that wqe got everything we asked for. The house was full. The technicals were excellent and we had a crowd that was there to have a good time. And because they did, we did too.

After the concert, we signed hundreds of autographs, posed for pics, had dinner and posed for even more pics. I slept late, woke up early but felt very refreshed when I did.

Thank you Toronto even if the show was held in Missasauga! You guys in the audience were terrific. Winnipeg, we’re coming at ya’ soon!

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