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basking in some glory. pagbigyan niyo ako! 17

Posted on May 02, 2007 by jimparedes

OK, you may call it blatant self-promo, and I plead guilty. But allow me to bask in some glory. Here are two reviews of my latest book As Is Where Is. One was posted here, and the other was posted right on Lulu.com. Here goes:

“Only those who have awakened know that they were sleeping.”

From: As is Where is – by Jim Paredes.

When the silence is golden, it is just silence. There is no obligation, no pressure to do something or to have something.

People who realize this will seek silence for its authenticity. They know that silence is the source of enlightened consciousness for everyone.

“This is the silence that is open and free”, says Jim Paredes in his new book As is Where is. “This is the truth of simply being, the silence that has no requirements.”

It is his third book, after Humming in My Universe, Between Blinks, and Writing on Water. Jim discovered silence through years of living consciously in the way of Zen, and has released his creative genius in ways that inspire many people to follow a similar path.

When I joined Jim’s creativity class more than three years ago, he asked us to release ourselves from media influence for two weeks (radio, tv, music, books). The result was immediate for all who complied with his request, as our creativity blossomed.

Jim writes about always being ready to experience life as it is. “The way to the unknown is the unknown”, he says, advising us to “throw away your old map. Only a new road will get you to a new destination.”

If there is anything constant in our lives, it is change. Yet we tend to believe that our spiritual journey is based on constant truths. Until we discover that our appreciation of truth also evolves as we grow in our experience. For one, we realize that we attract what we need to grow, including unexpected encounters with life’s paradoxes.

In the introduction to his new book, Jim writes about noticing a different feel to the topography of his own spiritual journey. Leaving the green and lush behind, he encounters “dried patches of a new, arid landscape”. He shares how it spurred his sense of being challenged to “explore new territories where God is hard to find, or is unlikely to be, but is in fact present.”

Jim keeps challenging us to live forward and let go of things that supported us yesterday. “It’s as if we are flipping a switch”, he says, “from sleep to full awakening.” Seeking out silence is an essential part of that daily journey.

As I write this, I feel encouraged to be awake. In fact, this Sunday morning feels to me like no other. Peace is here as I allow myself to enter its realm of silence. I feel better connected. Thank you, Jim!’

And thank you Wouter. Here’s the second review!

13 Apr 2007 (updated 14 Apr 2007)
by magisch50

…..a thousand sassa in the field of arts, J.P. is indeed a very insightful person, knowledgeable and a courageous one. reading this book, one gets to know a fraction of his personality. he speaks freely of his personal feelings, unfearful of what others may say or whatever the consequences may be. thus, freeing himself of every bondage connected to social norms. he dares himself to be a-typical, non-conformist or even un-usual.

his thoughts illuminates one’s mind, realizing that life can still be beautiful in spite of the ugliness that may come along. he inspires his readers to LIVE rather than exist; challenges them to goddamn DARE, to know the unknown!

i enjoyed reading it, savoured every word beautifully woven, love the cover & the title.

“as is where is”…..it is!!!

Wala lang! Proud lang ako.

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