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Musa Dimasidsing 16

Posted on June 12, 2007 by jimparedes

I am breaking two personal rules with this entry: expressing anger and writing about politics.

Musa Dimasidsing, the district supervisor who was shot dead, was the election official who exposed the election fraud and other anomalies in Maguindanao. I was so shocked and deeply saddened when I heard it on the news a few days ago.

I tried to imagine being in his place. Here he was, a teacher who probably taught a lot of important values to his students and was probably so troubled by what he saw in Maguindanao–the cheating, the fraud and the outright disenfranchisement of his fellow Filipinos. He had to do something.

He must have thought of his choices very intensely. On the one hand, he could just keep quiet and pretend that nothing happened, and it would have been the safe thing to do. After all, everyone seemed to be doing exactly this, resigning to the fact that this is just the way it had always been. Besides, what can one man do?

On the other hand, he could stand up and speak out the truth about the hypocrisy that is the election practice in the place he lived. For sure he knew there were risks, and he must have thought about the consequences. He probably faced the inevitable question that haunted him and that was, what is the right thing to do?

He knew exactly what he had to do and to hell be damned. He exposed the fraud that he saw. One night, gunmen came and snuffed out his life.

A few days before, Commissioner Abalos was belittling all the complaints about Maguindanao and implying they were mere hearsay. It was only when media had exposed the blatant cheating that he cooled his heels about recognizing the CoCs from there. He had no choice if he wanted to salvage the remaining shreds of his tattered reputation.

I am so sickened and angry that evil men can carry out out their plans to sow fear on the people of Maguindanao. I am so angry that our politicians are involved in this. Regular, ordinary people will not cheat just to cheat. Our politicians do not give a rat’s ass about the democratic process, and that is the saddest truth about it.

If the death of Musa Dimasidsing is to mean something, we must express outrage and let our leaders know about it. The Garcis of Comelec should be ostracized and punished. The Comelec, if it has any decency left should get to the bottom of this and punish the perpetrators. And yet, I know that as I write this, I sound just like another angry writer to our newspapers whose sound and fury will MOST LIKELY amount to nothing.

BUT THEN AGAIN, IT MAY AMOUNT TO SOMETHING IF ALL OF US EXPRESS OUR OUTRAGE. For Musa Dimasidsing and what he stood for and paid dearly with his life, we must rage against the cheating machine and topple it because it tramples on our rights to freely choose our leaders.

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