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Mama Mia, Manila, WYD, etc. 16

Posted on July 16, 2008 by jimparedes

Saw Mama Mia last night! GREAT! I haven’t enjoyed myself this much in quite awhile. Meryll Streep, one of my all-time favorite actresses really delivered another superb performance. It’s so refreshing to see talented people take on roles fearlessly and do something amazing with it. And her singing was not bad at all.

Mama Mia is a must-see again and again.  I saw it as a theater musical and as a movie. I enjoyed both, but the movie was even much more fun. Pierce Brosnan was so game doing his bit. Do not miss it!

*       *       *

I leave for Manila today to resume my career of gigs with APO, workshops,etc. I am not excited at all to go home. I really am liking Sydney more and more and I feel sad about leaving. I had many students during this last trip here and many of them are very talented. I feel sad to leave them even for awhile because their attitude towards their music lessons is so inspiring.

I also took a lot of fotos of young, beautiful Filos in my studio here in Glenwood. I just love photography, and I am happy to have taken so many good shots of them.

I know I will feel better once I get to Manila since I am actualy able to adjust to any place almost all the time. But still, if I had a choice right now whether to stay put here or go back to the Philippines at this time, I would opt to remain for a few uninterrupted months. But it is not to be since I have gigs waiting including APO’s 40th anniversary concert at he Araneta Coliseum this September 20.

That’s life. Once we start rehearsing and all that, I should feel better.

*      *      *

It was a thrill to see Aus Prime Minister Kevin Rudd welcome young people from all over the world to Sydney for World YOuth Day. Amid a record-breaking crowd, he greeted people in different languages including Tagalog. He said, ‘Malugod ko kayong tinatanggap sa Australia’ followed by loud applause from the happy and sizeable Philippine delegation.

Kevin Rudd is a fantastic guy who speaks fluent Chinese so he is quite comfortable with people of different cultures. It’s a good feeling to be in a country with inspiring and dynamic politicians. I wish I could say that about the Philippines at this time.

*      *      *

The city is awash with the enthusiasm of young people from all over the world. Their zeal for the Catholic faith is infectious. An American girl was interviewed on TV and she expressed how mind-boggling it was that hundreds of thousands of young people from all over are gathered as one to receive ‘the body of Christ”.

I have not gone anywhere near where the delegates are but people ae saying that traaffic is bad, the trains are full but festive and there are flags and banners everywhere. Tomorrow, Lydia is going to the city with Reggie, a cousin of mine to be among hundreds of thousands who wish to see the Pope as he parades about town.

Sayang. Wala na ako dito.

*      *      *

I am rather embarrassed to put this. I have almost 1000 pending applicants who wish to connect to me on my multiply site. Obviously, I cannot say yes to everyone and I feel sorry about that. It helps though  if you do have a photo, and a message in helping me decide.  I prune my list once in a while since sometimes, I get too many entries I am not interested in reading.

Also, I  block any user who tries to sell me something. So please take note. About commenters, I WILL delete comments that insult, degrade or belittle anyone. I also will not tolerate people who wish to just use my page for their own interests. If you want people to read your rant or vitriol, make your own site, build equity and influence so that people will visit it,  and post it there.

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