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Sinigang, Stevie and a shoot! 7

Posted on October 22, 2008 by jimparedes

Being away from my life in Manila and chilling out here in Sydney somehow opens me to myself. I go the little extra effort to do something I would not do back home like cleaning around the house, fixing things and cooking. The first time I made adobo, I felt so happy and accomplished. I felt that i had met a previously unknown aspect of myself. It was like a part of me made its debut– Jim Paredes the cook!

Today I totally pleased myself with my first attempt at making sinigang. Let me tell you with an understandable and shameless bias, but with some respectable objectivity (from my son) that it was DELICIOUS. When I first tasted the broth, my face grimaced with the sourness that was unmistakably kick-ass sinigang. It was nowhere near light and undefined. It was hardcore, through and through as sinigang as it could get! SARAP!

Buoyed up by the success of my culinary adventure, I am contemplating on my next project. Kare-kare? Lechon Kawali? Pochero? Hmm.


* * *

Ala just came home gushing over the Stevie Wonder concert she just watched at Acer Arena in Homebush. She said it was her best concert experience ever. I saw Stevie Wonder in Manila in 1988 and I still feel that it was the best show I had ever seen.

Due to Ala’s enthusiaistic reportage, Mio and I are watching it tomorrow!! Artists like Stevie who have defined so much of the good music that has thrilled us through the years are gems hat must be admired and enjoyed while they can still perform well. He pretty much wrote many of the most stirringly beautiful, singable tunes that have defined the times of my life.

I can’t wait!

* * *

I bought the Canon 50D during my recent trip to the US. It is a great camera. I just love everything about it. Today, I took a few pics around the house and they came out pretty well.. I am raring to do studio shots with it except that I do not have a model to shoot. Anyone reading this who is female, presentable, in the Sydney area and who wants great pics and is willing to pose for free, do get in touch with me.

Send me a photo first at emailjimp@gmail.com. If you are the subject I am looking for, I will call you to set up a schedule. All I can promise are good pics. It will be fun.

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