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The Bush shoe throwing incident 8

Posted on December 15, 2008 by jimparedes

Intelligence reports concerning the very recent incident of an Iraqi man throwing a pair of shoes at George Bush to show during his visit to Iraq show that

-The journalist was not only seen loitering earlier but also managed to enter the high security press conference. Police are not sure whether he was a mere ‘loafer’ or perhaps, a ‘sneaker’.

-Bush, it seems was the SOLE target of the throwing incident.

-The incident was meant to embarrass the leader of the world’s only remaining shoeper power

-The man had grim determination. He was not about to ‘flip-flop’

– He saw Bush as a ‘heel’

-Police suspect the mastermind to be a certain Michael from Jordan who told him to ‘Just do it’.

– It was a size 10 which showed the gravity of his intentions. But the fact that he did not hit his target shows he is a ‘slipper’. He missed Bush by ‘a mere foot.’

-There were security lapses for sure. Upon seeing the man stand barefoot before Bush, security should have immediately become ‘suspishoes’.

-The brand of the shoes was Nunn-Bush.

-There appeared to be a message that went with the shoes.

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