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What a year ender! 7

Posted on December 31, 2008 by jimparedes

Am writing this from the Mabuhay Lounge of PAL. In a few moments, I will be jetting off to Sydney to catch he New Year celebrations there.

I had so little sleep last night. We did the concert at the Riverbanks and it was one of the most awesome things APO has done in all these years of performing. With our intrepid band, we sang, entertained, cheered, danced, and joked around with a HUGE crowd of people. The estimate last night before the show started was 60 thousand people but our sound man Butch Dans estimated it to be closer to 80 thousand by the middle of the show. Both sides of the Riverbanks were so full people could hardly moce from where they were. It was unbelievable. People could be seen on top of the bridge near the new SM and the overpass. And they just did not stop coming to join in the fun and groove with the music.

We were sweaty on stage. There was a slight drizzle during certain parts of the show but we just went on with no fuss even if I felt my wet shirt under my jacket drying up.

It was a two-hour bash and it was an experience that will not be forgoten. What a way to end 2008! To all who came, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are honored that you honored us with your presence, smiles, singing, the shouts for an encore and the standing ovation.

Marikina, you rock! It’s a city that’s clean, orderly with officials that have a vision that they dare implement. Glad to be part of your success!

Till next time! Sydney, I will be there in 8 hours! To all readers of this entry, Happy New Year. May it be a year of renewal, healing, joy and success!

A toast!

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