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My choices 1

Posted on May 08, 2016 by jimparedes

My choices
HUMMING IN MY UNIVERSE By Jim Paredes (The Philippine Star) | Updated May 8, 2016 – 12:00am

Tomorrow, close to 50 million Filipinos will be going out and voting for their preferred President, Vice President, senators, and local candidates. I would not be surprised if many have not completed their list of local officials. I am very sure though that almost everyone has chosen their President and Vice President.

I made my list two weeks ago. I looked at it again today, and I am not making any changes. I have shared this list with many OFWs who wrote to me asking advise on who to vote for.

Before i share my list, a caveat. In politics, there is no perfect candidate. You just have to look at a list of imperfect people and choose who you think can serve the Philippines best.

These are the ones I have chosen to shape our country in the next six years, and my reasons for choosing them.

President: Mar Roxas.

He is the Only one among the candidates who is not connected to or tainted with corruption, or is supportive of Marcos in any way. All the others are somewhat connected with the dictator. I also like it that he will continue and improve on Daang Matuwid. I believe in what has been started. At no other time have we been prouder of our standing in the world. Our economy is improving so much, the world has taken notice. Four Ps, the one good thing started by GMA and vastly improved on by PNoy’s government, has been adopted by all the other presidentiables. Why? Because it has worked very well to combat generational poverty.

Mar Roxas will not sell us to the Chinese or the NPA. That is for sure. We will have prosperity and stability, The other candidate with mercurial ways will create instability at the very least. He has vowed to be a dictator which to me is totally unacceptable.

Vice president: Leni Robredo.

I know her personally. She is intelligent and compassionate and is genuinely concerned for the poor. Her dedication and her honesty are unquestionable. Prior to her candidacy, I participated in a dialogue where we peppered her with 35 questions about governance and national issues and we all came out very impressed. It was clear she had a real grasp of the problems. Her answers were clear and nuanced. No generalities. She was very specific. Leni is my VP.

Who would I want to see in a strong Senate?

1) Kiko Pangilinan

2) Risa Hontiveros

3) Leila DeLima

4) Frank Drillon

5) TG Guingona

6) Ralph Recto

7) Serge Osmena

8) Nariman Ambolodto — A Muslim and a woman!

9) Cresente Paez — He has wide experience running cooperatives

10) Ping Lacson

11) Susan Ople

I am still deciding on my last senator. But one thing I am sure of, I will not vote for anyone who is running with Duterte and Binay

These are my choices. You don’t need to follow them. But when you vote, please do so for whoever you think will serve the nation with dignity and honor and will make our country a more progressive and respectable member of the community of nations. Vote for those who inspire instead of those who use fear to manipulate us and bring out the worst in us as a people. We need more job opportunities, more education, more roads and infrastructure. I would like to see OFWs coming home with no regrets and live productive happy lives here.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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