Life On THe Cusp

I’ve been reading a book called Life On The Cusp, an anthology by more than 20 assorted writers including Sylvia Mayuga, Randy David, Jaime Zobel de Ayala Sr., Ana Alejandrino, Mariel Francisco, yours truly among others. What is fascinating about it is each writer’s description of what life is like for them now, and most interestingly including the journey that led them to the present. Throughout the narratives, the reader learns not just tidbits about the writers (Randy loves motorcycles, Jaime Zobel scuba dives, Ana Alejandrino teaches Qigong, etc..) but about the wisdom culled from the pathways, and highways of their life’s journey. Lessons learned from disappointments, turning points, failures and successes abound.

If you want to read about people in our midst and their extraordinary take on life, buy the book. Wisdom, insights, disappointments, joy everywhere. And yes, great writing too.

The range and breath of experiences are something else. One can read about the lives of a monk, activist, educators, late-blooming people who took radical turns in their lives. I am not sure though if the reason why the book resonates with me is because I am in my early 50’s and so I identify with people who have had a more or less long journey time-wise. If you’r ever in a bookstore, do take a browse. You may like it, or know someone who will.

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