I’m excited about a few things coming my way soon.

This Saturday, my song Parang will participate as one of the finalists in the Metropop Song Festival. Arranged by Ernie Baladjay and to be interpreted by Arnel Ignacio, this 40’s inspired song with a jazz touch will be on slot 12. I am so happy with the way things have turned out. For one thing, I submitted this entry on the last day of submission simply because a friend had recorded his entry in my studio. Nakisabay lang ako. I got in, he didn’t. Months later, I was surprised to get a call from a friend. I had even forgotten that I had joined and so was surprised when informed that I got in as a finalist!

The whole story of how Arnel Ignacio became my interpreter is a story in itself. I saw him on SOP when we were presented to the public as this year’s Metropop finalists. He was wearing drag for a novelty song he had just performed when he approached me and asked to audition as interpreter of Parang. (Just try to imagine what an effort it was on my part to take this man wearing a woman’s dress seriously when he asked me if he could try out for the song). I politely nodded and told him to show up the next day. He was the last to audition among 3. He just blew me away when he sang. Few people know that funny man Arnel is a music major and sings jazz very well. He listens a lot to Harry Connick, his favorite artist.

Everything about this song has been pleasant from the time I wrote it (ages ago) to the present. Working with Ernie and Arnel has been something else!. Things just seemed to blend seamlessly. To be honest, win or lose is not even important anymore. I already have a nice song and all I am looking forward to is a great performance on Saturday night. I will sit and enjoy this to the hilt!

The other thing I am looking forward to is my upcoming creativity workshop which will be on Dec. 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 at 7 to 9 PM each night. It will be at Forbes Park on this run. The last time I did this was in San Francisco. This will be the 22nd time I run Tapping The Creative Universe, an unblocking of creativity workshop. So far, I have 18 students and I am expecting more to sign up this weekend.

This workshop gives me such a big high. How can it not? I meet new people from all walks of life–housewives, CEOs, artists of various disciplines, nuns and priests, students, expats, etc.. The workshop guides them as they rediscover their lost creativity. The breakthrough process is something to see as they meet their blocks and overcome them. The individual and collective “AHA” is palpable.

And it is always heartwarming to hear that days, weeks, months after the workshops I have given in the past, I often hear that some of them have applied the principles and practices they had learned to their lives in major ways. Some have suddenly become painters, entrepreneurs. Some have published books and poems they had long wanted to do. Some had done “walk the edge” stuff they had always wanted to accomplish but could not in the past.. In short, their creativity, now restored had allowed their dreams to take flight!

I could keep on giving these workshops forever. In fact, I may run it in Melbourne in the coming months. Sana!

If you are one of those who are attending this monday, see you soon!

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