Seen at the Museum!

On my last day in Washinngton, I visited the Hirshorn and an Oriental art museum. Natuwa ako sa mga works. I saw everything —from the conservative, classical art to the modern, postmodern ones. Aliw!. Whether you think they’re art or not, you must admit may dating talaga! It was a day well-spent. Enjoy these!

This is called The Pink Tree! Love the title! Actually, I almost didn’t notice the nudes. Ha ha ha

Japanese ancient sculpture! Not just another pretty face…

Hmmm…which one is the art work and which is the audience?

This one is so exquisite! Japan ancient art.

I just love this one! Art as environment, or is it vice-versa?

There must be a museum somewhere where all the missing heads, arms, legs etc.. of all these great art pieces are hidden.

Well…uh…Far out!!!

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