one hand clapping: an interview by Craig Peihopa

Craig Peihopa, top Kiwi photographer living in OZ, a friend, and wonderful human started a youtube site where he features video interviews of people he finds interesting. He has met all kinds of people from big names to ‘ordinary’ folks. I am deeply honoured to be one of those he chose as a subject.

My profound thanks, Craig.

5 thoughts on “one hand clapping: an interview by Craig Peihopa”

  1. I watched this video twice… ‘Not so obvious that i am an avid fan of the Apo Hiking Society, haha!
    Kidding aside, i want to thank
    Craig Peihopa for allowing Jim Paredes to share a part of him to us and his thoughts and insights over few things.
    This interview changed my perceptions caused by some unpleasant issues towards this man whom i admire.
    I love when he spoke about Zen Mind and the sky watching the clouds passing by.

      1. I learnt much about you Mr. Jim Paredes, not just the singer. I have always admired the music of the Apo Hiking Society.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the interview brother Craig Peihopa and for letting me know better Mr. Jim Paredes. I see you in a different light and more appreciation to you and your works. I admire the music of the Apo Hiking.

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