22 years ago

Twenty two years ago in 1986, we did our first commercial for San Miguel Beer. I thought I’d share it with you. How time flies!

At that time, we thought youth was forever. Now we know that it probably still can be for a few years more if we wish except for the physical aspect of it. We were young then, on the make and as Bily Joel liked to describe young US soldiers in Vietnam then, ‘sharp as knives’.

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12 years ago

I bet this was the most wholesome commercial of San Miguel. God, the shirt that Buboy was wearing betrays the age of this ad. HAHAHA

Henry O.
12 years ago

Did you also compose the jingle for this? Perhaps you could also post here your Close-Up toothpaste commercial. I remember watching it when I was a kid.

Craig Peihopa
12 years ago

What a fun thing to watch, you guys are truly gifted and blessed. The sharpness may have dulled a little but I am confident you can still deliver results on stage better than some younger artists, you guys know each other AND your audience.

12 years ago

Age is a concept. How old you feel is what’s important. And i’m betting you don’t feel old.

remonty warszawa
10 years ago

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