What are your all-time favorite APO songs?

I am reprinting an article by fellow Philippine Star Columnist Mons Romulo-Tantoco which came out today. Thanks Mons!

Sunday Life
What are your all-time favorite APO songs?
WORDS WORTH By Mons Romulo-Tantoco
Sunday, September 14, 2008

Apo Hiking Society is one of the leading music icons in the country and in the history of Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Jim Paredes, Danny Javier, and Boboy Garrovillo have been friends for 39 years. They have recorded 26 chart-topping albums throughout their career and these timeless songs have become part of our lives.

On September 20 at 8 p.m. at the Araneta Coliseum, we will have the chance to once again hear them sing our favorite songs. The concert, “APO of the Philippines,” also celebrates the trio’s 40th year on the music scene.

GB SAMPEDRO, stage and TV director: Paano — “Subukan mong magmahal o giliw ko…kakaibang ligayang matatamo…” It’s hard to fall in love and fall out of love; it’s even harder to fall in love again, but it’s worth the risk. That’s how I interpret my favorite beautiful APO song.

AMY PEREZ, host and actress: When I Met You. It’s my favorite talaga, even before I worked with them on our show Sa Linggo Napo Sila. After all these years, grabe, Danny sings it better pa. Parang hindi tumanda!

MORRIS TUASON, businessman: Awit ng Barkada, which applies to our culture. Classic tune and lyrics that will never fade. The song also brings cheer to a typical barkada setup. Very much Filipino.

SANDRA CHAVEZ, talent manager: When I Met You. It’s a simple, gentle song you can take with you. It is just there when you need it.

Senator CHIZ ESCU-DERO: Batang-Bata Ka Pa. Being young should never be considered a handicap because it’s not. The song talks about the youth’s promise — that of change and that they are capable of doing it now. Not when he graduates, not when he gets rich, not when he’s in power — but now. It’s a song that says the youth can stand an army of traditional norms, events, people and beliefs if and when they will themselves to. The ball is in their hands to make a change now.

VERNI VARGA, singer: When I Met You, a song all about love — first to God and to someone special. For me, it’s an inspirational song, which is the reason I like it.

FRANCIS PAPICA, US lawyer: Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo. It reminds me of how strong we are as a people and the great things the future has to offer if only we put the country before our selfish personal interests. I’ve never met a race of people who has the potential to accomplish- much — if only we put our minds and hearts together.

SARI PAZ VILLAR-TAN, marketing manager, 105.1, Crossover: Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan. The magic of APO is there because their songs have always been about real life. Pumapatak for me is the definitive APO song. It takes me back to a time and place when life was less complicated, and I realize that the worries I had then were actually nothing to worry about. I hear that song, and it never fails to make my heart smile.

Marikina Mayor MARIDES C. FERNANDO: Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan reminds me of when I was still in my school days. There was fresh air, we seldom encountered problems and during rainy season masarap matulog lang kasi when classes were cancelled.

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12 years ago

my boyfriend and i all love your songs but it would be great if you can dedicate your love songs to us because this concert will be our first concert together since we became together this year…(Yakap sa Dilim, Panalangin…)

12 years ago

It will be difficult for me to choose which is my favorite APO song, because I like them all.

12 years ago

Awit ng Barkada and Nakapagtataka…
A legendary Atenistang Banda..
live on..

Kylie Sanchez
10 years ago

i love the smell of fresh air in the morning. it is so rejuvenation.`;`

Magnesium Ascorbate
10 years ago

the morning fresh air is the best, i have asthma and i love to get some fresh air ***