Jon Santos, the 44th, and some shameless self-promotion!

I have quite a few plans set up for 2009.

One of them is producing shows of talents I truly like and whose artistry are, in my eyes, top-notch. I’ve always wanted to entertain people and I do it with my own group. And one other way is to bring and share with people the talents I know who are truly ENTERTAINING.

Let me tell you, I’ve been around for quite awhile and have watched practically everyone. I know the comedians and entertainers I like and they are those few who break new ground and deliver their material not just in an OK way but exceedingly well and with great impact. In other words, they are not the lazy performers who go for the easy or cheap shots but those that work on their own unique material diligently, display amazing wit and take the audience to a new high along the way.

For our first attempt, together with Conrad Isip of Mega-Rhythm Productions, we are bringing in the very funny, extremely talented impressionist, impersonator-extraordinaire who also happens to be my good friend. He is none other than the inimitable Jon Santos, and he is coming to Sydney!

On the night of April 4, 2009, Saturday, make sure you are at the RSL Club in Burwood. NSW to watch Jon Santos do his stuff. He will suspend your disbelief as he does his uber hilarious impressions of Vilma Santos, Erap Estrada, Imelda Marcos, Fidel V. Ramos, Armida Sigeon-Reyna and many more. Tickets are at a very reasonable 49 AUD and you can already make your reservations this early.

Call Conrad at 0410618299 or 98363494 for more details.

The show is entitled JON SANTOS, LIVE AND IN PERSONS! If you want to experience a rare and unusually wonderful night of really good entertainment which is worth much more than what you pay for, BE THERE! Mark it down. Better yet, call now! This will be a night you won’t forget and you will be telling your friends about days and weeks after!

Sponsors are



* * *
For my Manila readers, I am announcing the 44th run of TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE (TCU), a cutting -edge creativity workshop.

WHEN: FEBRUARY 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23
TIME: 7 to 9 PM
WHERE: 113 B. Gonzales, Loyola Heights, QC.
AMOUNT: 5,000 Pesos inclusive of materials, merienda.

TCU is a workshop that is already 6 years in the running. It has helped hundreds of students with its transformative, practical concepts which unleash the creativity and joy of all who attend. If you are in between dreams, goals, careers, loves, lives and need of a jolt, or a nudge to get you out of a rut, this is your chance. It’s a new year. Time to get a new you going!

For the syllabus, questions or reservations, write to or click here for more info.

* * *
I know this seems like shameless self-promotion but what the hell.. ha ha. For all those who continue to ask me, yes, I finally have copies of the following items here in Sydney:

1) APO’s latest CD called ‘Danny, Jim and Boboy’ which is not sold in any outlet. You can only get them during APO concerts and at APO’s office. I have signed copies. Not too many though. They are at 25 AUD each, or 20 USD.

2) Jim Paredes AKO Lang CD–a rarity. This is a CD of songs I made on a pure whim without Danny and Boboy. They are personal songs I made a few years back. (25 AUD, or 20 USD)

3) My books Writing on Water, Humming in my Universe, Between Blinks. (17.50 AUD each)

Sorry but I had to adjust the prices due to the poor exchange rate. I can mail them to you with added postage cost.

If you are interested, do write me at YOu can either pick them up or I can mail them to you.

For those who are interested in my fourth book called As Is Where Is, you can order it here. Read the reviews while you are there.

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12 years ago

Love his antics! and this site too! ^_^

SMILE coz I’ve got all new articles on my website Check it out! Thanks!


Jehzeel Laurente
12 years ago

Hi Jim! congrats for winning the 2008 OFW blog awards! 😀

Jun Villanueva
Jun Villanueva
12 years ago

I’d seen your show with him in San Diego back in 2003(yata). And we had so much fun. Kudos to you guys!

12 years ago

congrats for winning the Pinoy expats blog..happy blogging

12 years ago

good luck for your plan in 2009..ingat palagi!!

12 years ago

visiting this interesting site!!happy blogging