Heat and cold, kicking ass, moms and last calls

May 5, ’08 4:07 AM
for everyone

It is so hot I don’t have a shirt on practically the whole day. I have the fan pointed at me and I still feel sticky. This is Manila heat, and it seems I have never gotten used to it. It seems like it’s getting hotter every year.

On the other geographical center of my life where most of my family are in Sydney, it is freezing and it’s not even supposed to be winter yet.

One good thing about Sydney winters are the spectacular sunsets. It’s just amazing how the sky seems like it’s blazing, and yet one looks at it wrapped up in jacket and warm clothes.

Truly, Aus and Philippine life are almost opposites in many ways.

I miss Mio, Ala and Lydia. It was a good time to be there last month where I reconnected with my kids.

They have really grown up so much since the last time and seem more sure-footed about life, school, and stuff. Well, mostly. That’s why they still need parents to be around once in a while. I live for talks I have with them. I was quite touched that on the way to the airport, Ala gave me a letter she wrote by hand that expressed her gratitude to Lydia and I for all the support we continue to give them. Mio and Ala are so independent they can find their way around everywhere.

The consolation I have is that Erica, Dada and my adopted daughter Gina are here with me in Manila. Dada talks A LOT!! She is quite amusing and can really engage you. Erica is so busy. It will be her birthday by May 7. I still remember writing the song Batang-bata Ka Pa when I brought her home two days after she was born. Can’t believe how time flies!

* * *

Had a good time with Danny and Boboy last weekend. We did a show in a tiny town past Toledo in Cebu. We had a live band and it was pretty hard work. It was a long drive to get there, and it was HOT on stage. I was also still tired ffrom an overnite trip from Sydney two nights before. But, it’s work I really enjoy. We are a tight team and we can really kick ass on stage.

Thanks to Allan Restauro of Cebu for these great pics!

I have a feeling we will still be around way after the Stones have retired. That’s Mick, Richard, and yes, Barney and Fred, too!

* * *

Mother’s day is coming up. My wife posted this pic on her site. This was taken years ago . Now, only Boboy’s mom is still around. I remember this pictorial since the three APO mom’s were so game about it. I guess they must have felt some sort of bonding too knowing that their sons have been friends for a long time. I miss my mom. She was always grateful to see me every time I visited her. Every son is his mother’s child, if you know what I mean.

* * *

This is the last announcement for the 40th run of TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE workshop.

WHEN: MAY 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19

If you want to visit the TCU website and know what the worlkshop is all about, click on my pretenscious ‘guru’ pic below. Couldn’t help it. They donned it on my head when we went to India years ago. heh heh.

Call 426 5375, or 09168554303 for information and to reserve a slot.