My 1st Songwriting Workshop


A lot of people through the years have asked me how it is to write songs since I have written many songs and hits throughout 4 decades. I have been wanting to really do a workshop on it. Well now I finally will.

DATE: August 14 and 15

TIME: 1 to 6 PM

PLACE: 113 B. Gonzales , Lyola Heights, QC


Requirements: Must know how to play an instrument- Guitar or Piano.

Course description: I will teach you the basics of songwriting. This will touch on topics such as melodic structures and lines, lyrics, arrangements, musical and lyrical hooks, in different musical genres. I will also teach you how to make existing songs you have to be more exciting, richer in chord structure and progession.

This will be a very hands-on course. I will guide, encourage and teach you and will also criticize your work constructively.

If you, my student are ready, your teacher will appear. For reservations, write to or call 4265375 and 09168554303.

I will take in only a few students.