The miracle for today

Glenwood rainbow

Things I love about where we are in Aus are sights like these. After a downpour in the afternoon, the sun comes out briefly together with a rainbow. We get so excited that everyone at homes comes out to look at it. Some of our neighbours do the same. What at a sight to see. Actually, today it was a double rainbow.I swear I took shots of it but I accidentally erased them . Oh well!

Miracles happen daily. I believe it. We just have to pay attention.

APO’s Christmas album

Christmas songs are in the air. I remember when we made APO’s only Christmas album PaskonAPO. We started writing songs around April and recording in July. Since the Ber months usher the Season in the Philippines, we had to start early. It was such a fun effort. Christmas is a wonderful topic. There are many angles you can write about. There are the Christian and yuletide narratives that can inspire sacred wonder, mystery and nice, warm feelings. We even had our own children sing with us.
That year felt like it was Christmas all year round. The album was reissued a decade after it was released thus the two album covers below. I know i am biased
but I think we had some great songs in that album.
This Christmas, I hope you enjoy our music. Look for them on Spotify, Apple Music, etc..

paskonapo cover1

Paskonapo cover2

A new song!!

I met two Estonians almost 40 years ago. They were known as the Urb Brothers. We were in Russia then for a conference. I heard them sing a beautiful song in their own language. Thirty eight years later, we found each other on FB. I asked them if I could put Tagalog lyrics to the melody I heard years back.. They said yes. My lyrics is about love in difficult, unsure times. . The original lyrics spoke of an entirely different topic. This is not a translation.

Tarmo Urb, and Toomas Urb – Music
Jim Paredes -Lyrics
Arranged by Ernie Baladjay.
Mixed by Hazel Pascua
Video by John Gomez Goodway

Thank you everyone.
Magpakailanman Lyrics
By Jim Paredes
Maraming natatakot, marami ang nangangamba
Sa mga pangyayari nagaganap nakikita
Sabi ng iba malapit na magunaw ang mundo
Wag mag -alala. Pakinggan ang sasabihin ko

Magpakailanman ako
Mananatiling sa tabi mo
Walang hangganan ito
Naririto para sayo

Sa gitna ng kadiliman ang takot ay umiiral
Wag mag-alala pagkat ako ang iyong kandila
Liwanag lang ang pwedeng tumapat sa kadiliman
Asahan mong pag-ibig ko ay laging nariyan

Magpakaailanman Ako
Mananatiling sa tabi mo
Walang hangganan ito
Naririto para sayo

Kung ipagsama natin lahat ng mga nagmamahalan
Daig ang kalungkutan, kaba at takot ng karamihan
Pag-ibig ang kailangan maghari sa buong mundo
Eto na ako sisimulan ko na sayo

Magpakaailanman Ako
Mananatiling sa tabi mo
Ito’y walang hangganan
Nariito para sayo