A new way to greet happy Birthday

Everyone of us have friends, family members who celebrate birthdays every year. If you are tired of saying or singing the old Happy Birthday song, I have an offer for you. I actually wrote an original Birthday song in Pilipino to replace the old yucky song that everyone sings.

As Filipinos, I feel we should have our own song especially for such an important occasion such as a birthday.

Next time you have to greet anyone, song this to them, or just send them the song below.

When you click on this it will not only play the song and you can go to the share button to copy the URL and send through social media.

Let’s interact more

My first ever entry in this blog was October of 2003. Yes, this blog is 18 years old. It’s been quite active mostly, except for some months when I would stop writing. The number of visitors in this blog were accidentally erased a few years back. It had reached almost 3 million already. Now it only shows a few hundred thousands since i reset the counter. If you want to engage with me more, and also listen to more of the music I have made and currently making, may I invite you to subscribe to the following sites?

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10th Songwriting workshop

Jim on guitar1

Proudly announcing the 10th Jim Paredes Online Songwriting Workshop!
This is a cutting-edge, hands-on, songwriting workshop where you will write a minimum of 4 songs in 4 weeks. Along the way, you will learn melody generating techniques, lyric writing, chord enrichment, transposition, styling, writing for different genres, lots of music theory, and many, many more.
Throw in generous amounts of shared experiences you will get from classmates and your teacher. Priceless!
Dates: Oct 2,3,9,10,16,17, 23,24 (These are Saturdays and Sundays)
Time: 10AM to 12PM Manila Time
All sessions will be via Zoom. Tuition is 7K Pesos.
If you have other questions , pls feel free to write me.


Dear Friends, thank you for all your greetings. Today, Aug 31, I am 70 years old. Despite the pandemic and some people close to me being in the hospital, I am thankful for many friends, relatives, strangers who have greeted me so far, and more probably during the rest of the day. And I am happy. Life is good.
Being 70 is a milestone. Some people see it as the start of the BIG FADE AWAY. I see it as the beginning to the build up of a great sunset. We must know how to live and how to die. I will continue to write, sing, live, laugh, cry, love, be inspired, be active, be crazy and put effort into causes that will help me evolve with the rest of humanity.

One thing that is evident as you age is that, barring accidents, pandemics, and acts of God, the three greatest killers are salt, sugar, and gravity. So far, I have taken care of my self physically with regards to those three. Aging will happen to everyone. From being young and able to shake the world like thunder, we become Tanders. From being current, we become vintage.

But to live well, we must keep moving. Life is movement. Movement is the clearest sign of life. And so I am posting my ‘proof of life’. Ha ha ha. I practiced a few weeks to build up to this. I don’t think I will be able to do this when I turn 80!

Revisiting and changing a song

My group APO HIKING SOCIETY had an old song called I’ keep remembring’. It had a guitar and violins sound. All I have is a rough copy copied from vinyl with a tape recorder.

A few years back, I revisited and translated that song into Tagalog. The late Ernie Baladjay arranged it. Listened to it again just now after a long time. If you ever listened to the original, this has become a new song.

Listen to the very end! What do you like better?