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APO in Vegas!

Posted on October 17, 2005 by jimparedes

October 14, 2005
El Cortez Hotel Rm 300

Woke up at 8AM–officially that is, even if my eyes actually opened around 6AM initially to look at the time. Got a good rest after a long plane ride the night before plus the customary socials we usually do on the day APO arrives anywhere. We got in at 12:20 PM in Vegas after a Manila to LAX plane ride and it was a long lunch before checking in at El Cortez Hotel. I was lucky to get a three hour shut eye before going to the function that was set. There was dinner at Doctor Jun Borromeo’s house in the suburbs where we met many kababayans. These socials are quite important since they sort of announce to everyone in town who are potential watchers of the concert that we have arrived. Eyewitness accounts of the APO being here will dispel any suspicions that the whole concert is just a get-rich quick scam by some unscrupulous ‘promoters’ out to get a buck without the artist even knowing about the gig.

October 15, 2005

SOS:Still crazy after all these years!

Got to watch the Society Of Seven (SOS) with Lani Misaluchia at Bally Grand and it was a GREAT show. I had only heard of the SOS and had never seen them until last Friday night. They are a creative, imaginative, funny, wacky, musical— a totally entertaining group. No wonder they’ve lasted ALL THESE YEARS.

Lani M. doing her stuff! Galing mo, Lani! Idol!

Lani Misdaluchia, on the other hand was simply awesome. When she sings, she OWNS the stage. Her voice is powerful, and she utilizes it with such great precision, control and heart. There is so much to appreciate in her performance. I can understand why she has been crowned ‘the new diva of Las Vegas’ by What’s On In Vegas! Magazine. In my opinion, (and this is shared by many), she is many notches above the rest in the Strip and outside of it. Where Celine Dion’s voice is grating, and frankly, annoying, Lani is captivating and wonderfully entertaining.

IN10CT Rocks!

Another Pinoy attraction at Sundusk Lounge at the Strip is the IN10CT band. They are a show-cover band and they are impressive as well. They can really dish it out–soul, R & B, rap, dance music and the dancing crowd just lap it up. We were so honored to have been publicly rrecognized by their singer when we visited the club.

As of Friday night, our concert promoters were understandably fretting since ticket sales were running at 10%. I could sense something wrong but did not want to ask, much less want to know the bloody details of how bad it was going be for the Saturday concert in Vegas. Therefore, it was such a surprise and relief, and yes, an exhilaration when we came up on stage at 8PM last night to a practically full and eager crowd. In the audience were the SOS and Lani M. whose show we had watched the night before. Danny, Boboy and I were primed to give our 110% best, and we did, knowing our peers were in the audience It was a memorable show by our standards, and it seems, by our audience’s as well. The show opned with local artists, notably Stepahine Reese of Ms. Saigon fame (German Edition) and new US resident Tootsie Guevarra. It was one of those nights where we were completely present to the audience, maybe more than usual, and we dished it out with both technical agility and lots of fire, soul and spirit. Just as we had asked during the prayers before the show, we did have great sound, lights, good playing and singing, hilarious banter and a crowd so primed to have a good time, We walked out of the stadium walking on air. We felt like we were the new ‘kings’ as far as Pinoy concerts go in this city. Throughout the night, we basked in the afterglow of the magic that the gods coursed through us to pass on to our audience. This is one night that will be hard to forget!

People were snapping up the tees, CDs and DVDs!

More as the tour progresses.

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  1. girlie says:

    i am so green with
    anyhow,wish you all the luck all throughout your tour! my prayers are with you & the whole team.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on a good show.

  3. Benjie Ordonez says:

    I’m glad the blog’s back!

    congratulations on your vegas show and the My Favorite Show interview!

  4. ang says:

    good luck with the whole US tour! i wish you safety and many awesome experiences!

  5. Jim says:

    girlie–ha ha! Someday, I hope we pass by your side of the world.

    anonymous–thank you

    benjie–That show with ariel was lots of fun. It’s great being interviewed by an old friend. We got LOTS of texts from all over with that episode. thanks


  6. chay says:

    Greetings from Michigan!

    I just heard that you guys will be here in the Metro Detroit area this weekend. Hope to see you; it will be my first time to see APO.

  7. Mec says:

    am sure you brought tears and homesickness to your audience that night…

    more power… and good health to you all 🙂

  8. jey says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Nainggit ako sa inyo. Sama na ako diyan sa Amerika!!! Ayoko na sa atin. May salbaheng tiyanak sa atin.

  10. koAla Paredes says:

    Di naman siya salbahe ah! Tiyanak lang :-p

  11. maricar says:

    hey, congrats! imagine after 36 years of singing together, meron pa rin kayong ASIM! ha ha ha…

    kahit na ilang beses ko pa kayong napanood in the past, excited pa rin ako sa concert ninyo sa san jose.

    see ya! email or call me. 🙂

  12. Eunice says:

    Oh, I should have gone to your Vegas tour, I just live in the dorms at UNLV. Speaking of SOS, yes they are wacky, which makes the whole performance lively than dull. [:

  13. mich says:

    sir JIM,

    here naman !!! im based in the mid east!

    oh gosh, APO’s one full week show will never be enough.

    you guys make us proud!

  14. Jenny - kewlit co says:

    Hey Jim!

    As the producer who was fretting, I honestly have to say that the Las Vegas show IS the most memorable! I was praying the whole time and the blessings came in =) The seats were filled with LAST MINUTE ticket buyers – and I have to say it’s one of the best audiences we’ve had. They reciprocated your energy. Great job! See you in San Francisco =) That show made Las Vegas history!!! Congrats to all of us!

  15. BatJay says:

    hi boss jim.

    sayang we went to vegas two weeks early. it would have been great to watch your show.

  16. BabyPink says:

    wow! i have to get one of those apo shirts for myself! i’m going to die if i don’t!!! hehehe:) can i buy one from manila po, sir jim?:)

    i have always loved lani misalucha. she was my favorite among our female divas. her leaving made me really sad.

    i’m still wishing and hoping i get to see the APO in concert. please, please have one in manila.:)

  17. Jim says:

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the visit. I rarely get to use the internet so this will jjust be a general response to everyone. Every concert has been great so far. Promise I will update again soon.



  18. Jet says:

    Just my luck! We were in Vegas the weekend before you arrived. We did watch the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ and well, it was good but I’d rather have seen you gus. 🙁

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