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OK, Makati people and those who live or work on the southern part of this big town, we hear you. A lot of you are curious to attend my workshop but it’s just too far. Quezon city, while it’s a nice town is just too out of the way to go to after work what with traffic and all. So, here’s good news. Read below:

To residents of Makati, and its neighboring areas, the 37th run of TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE, a cutting edge workshop that will unblock your creativity and joy, will be in your area this month.

WHEN: 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25

TIME: 7PM to 9PM

4th Floor, Magallanes Barangay Hall,
Lot 2, Block 6
San Antonio St.,
Magallanes, Makati

HOW MUCH: 5000 Pesos.

If you’ve been dillydallying about getting your stalled dreams and life going, this is THE moment. Call +63917-5251218 (Sandra) or write to emailjimp@gmail.com for a syllabus. This is the last run of TCU this year. Reserve now. This is not gonna happen again anytime soon. I leave again for Sydney right after.

The 36th run of TCU is ongoing right now and it’s just what I need after my dengue episode. My spirt or prana is springing back to life and building up to the speed I am used to. Spring has definitely sprung’.


APO is gearing up for 4 shows in the next few days. It’s a private show this Friday, and a big show with a huge venue in Lucena (9000 people if I got it right) this Saturday and two Music Museum shows on the 12th and 13th. If you want to inquire about tickets, call 426-5301/ 426-0103 and look for Agnes.

Love, love, love this. This is pure joy.

To top it all, I will also be part of a photo exhibit for Panasonic at TriNoMa, the new mall on the North side of town across SM North. My co-exhibitors are idols of mine like Wyg Tysman, George Tapan, and a few others. I am scared, and though a bit intimidated, I am so looking forward to it. We were all assigned different themes. Mine is ‘FIRE’. Love, love, love this!

Incidentally, my first photo book is out via lulu.com. It has the pictures I displayed during my last exhibit at the Renaissance Gallery in Megamall last December 2005. I added a few recent pictures in it. You can only get the book through the internet since the set-up is they print on demand. I hope you can drop by and preview the book.

I hope you can drop by. It’s on the 20th of this month.

I am lucky and blest to have the chance to do the things I love to do and what I think I do best. I’m on a high. I’m riding a big wave. My cup runneth over.

5 thoughts on “Everything I like to do…”

  1. hi sir jim,
    i did know u were ill. So glad to know youre back and well. been away for almost a week. its liberating not to check my email, read the papers, or watch the nightly news! Wish I could do that for longer periods of time! haha.

    See u soon.

    To fellow readers,
    I highly recommend the TCU class. doesnt matter if your a housewife, a bum, an accountant, or future lawyer. Really!


  2. Hi doranne,

    Looks like yo9u had media deprivation and it felt good.

    Nice to hear from you. I hope bora was good and I hope the bar exams were not so hard.

    Thanks for the reco.

  3. Hi Sir Jim, i’m glad to know that you’re recovering nicely from dengue. =)

    i would want to attend the TCU class but i am not in manila 🙁

    Sir Jim I’d like to know what you think of what’s happening in Burma? Today October 4, there is an international bloggers’ day in support of freedom for Burma, here po is the link: http://www2.free-burma.org/index.php#spread

    thank you for your always inspiring posts and God bless!

  4. hi jim! i love to sing! but it seems like singing do not like me:) i graduated from computer science & now studying business. hope i heard about this seminar before i left the philippines, i might as well be given justification about my frustrations 🙂 kudos apo! i love your music!!! may God bless you more!!!

  5. miki– my heart bleeds for burma.The Burmese people will be liberated soon but I hope without much suffering. I don’t think I’ll be able to rush a blog by today though.

    pink-apple– sing because you love to do it and you will improve quickly. Don’t put too much effort and enjoy it..

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