Last two days!

I know I should have posted this earlier but was so busy leaving for Sydney yesterday. Now that I am settled somewhat in Aus, here it is:

Hey Everyone,

I am inviting you to view the Panasonic exhibit now going on at
the TriNoMa Mall. It features 5 photographers–Wyg Tysman, Mandy Navasero,Jean Young, George Tapan and yours truly! It’s quite an exhibit.

Each photographer was assigned an element to photograph—water, earth, wood, metal, and fire. I was assigned to photograph fire.The exhibit runs till October 25th only. It is at the center ofthe mall where the restaurants are.
I will upload my pics after the exhibit.

3 thoughts on “Last two days!”

  1. I was able to get a glimpse of your majestic pictures at Trinoma… ang galing…. even that of Mandy Navaserro (Earth theme naman… napakagaling din…)

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