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2, 30, 3, the next one and being transnational

Posted on November 01, 2007 by jimparedes

I finally succumbed.

I got not just one but 2 iphones!! I gave one to Lydia for our 30th anniversary and she thought it was such a cool gift. I’ve been using an iphone for about two weeks now and let me say that the iphone is a different type of cellphone experience. I have been a Nokia guy for the longest time and switching to an iphone where the menu and functions are laid out differently required a few adjustments. But they are adjustments that take only a few minutes to get used to and a few uses to make it an easy habit.

The iphone is a very intuitive instrument. Everything responds automatically according to how icons, arrows and the like are laid out. I just love the instant access to internet, email, youtube, maps, google earth and the photos and music. To tell you the truth, it is not hard to get ecstatic about it. It is a GREAT phone. But having said that, I still wish it had other functions that are missing like cut and paste, and a good bluetooth that works not just for the ear piece.

I had my iphone unlocked in Greenhills. These guys who do this are real techie geniuses. On the internet, I have been following the cat and mouse game between Apple and the hackers, and it seems that our Pinoy hackers are at par or even better than those who put the ‘latest’ solutions on the net. Saludo ako!

As I mentioned above, Lydia and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last October 29. I know it sounds corny but it really does seem like just yesterday since we tied the knot. Thirty years after 1977, Lydia and I were smiling while having dinner at the thought that here we were–still together, alive and kicking, happy and in a foreign country at that. One never knows what life will bring or how it will turn out!

Been here in Sydney for almost a week now and I have been having great sleep. I love the way this place is quiet and laid back. Even if I do a lot of chores, it is a restful place. And I am amazed that every time I come here, I make no adjustments to feel at home here in our little abode. I just slip in seamlessly to the rhythm of life here.

But then, when I am in Manila, I also love the way it is vibrant, loud, chaotic and sometimes dangerous. And no matter how ‘Aussified’ I become, it IS home as well.

All this traveling back and forth has qualified me as a transnational. I live, work and give expression to aspects of myself in both places. The world is my oyster. I love it.

For those readers who live in Australia or New Zealand, I have copies of my books here in Sydney and you can order them by writing me at emailjimp@gmail.com. They sell for 15 AUD each but will give it for 40AUD if you get all three titles plus shipping costs.

Also, I have recieved in the past some inquiries about when I will be holding the next TCU workshop in Sydney. This i the creativity workshop I have been facilitating for some years now. I have done two in Sydney and 1 in Melbourne and many more in the Philippines and the US. If you are interested, read below:

The 37th run of TAPPING THE CREATIVE UNIVERSE, a cutting-edge workshop that will open participants to an increased level of awareness, joy, creativity and productivity is on again.

When: November 25, 2007
What time: 8 AM to 6:30 PM
Where: As of the moment, it will be at my house in Glenwood unless I get a great number of attendees.
How Much: 100AUD$

If you want a syllabus, please write at emailjimp@gmail.com.

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  1. Ray says:


    Before your current blog gets old–
    my Best Wishes to you and Lydia on your aniversary–I take my hat off to couples who endure the hardships (and joys) of marriage. You’ve kept yours intact through the roller coaster–with good intelligent kids and a happy home–a good model for all of us. Congratulations!


  2. Anonymous says:

    isn’t hacking your iphone similar to piracy?

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Ray,


    Anonymous–It’s not illegal in the US and practically anywhere to hack your phone. The logic is, it is your phone annd you can do what you wish with it. YOu are not stealing what you already own.In France, Apple is forced to sell iphone as an open phone even if they wanted an exclusivity with Orange telecoms because they were violating antitrust laws.

    The new Time magazine says Apple should open it.

  4. barrycade says:

    hi! bumped into your blog from major tom’s blog. anyway, congrats on your 30th year. reading your post made me recall my parents’ 25th anniversary two years back. Twenty five years before, they had a very modest wedding ceremony in Cebu, and so on their 25th anniversary, my siblings and I decided to arrange for their renewal of vows complete with a wedding set-up and reception with close relatives and friends. Seeing my parents happy together for 25 years and still counting was enough reason to celebrate. Congrats again and here’s wishing you reach 50 and beyond.

  5. Jim says:

    barrycade–Thanks a lot for your good wishes. Your parents must have appreciated what you guys did for them too.

  6. dagsperez says:

    Mr. Paredes,

    Happy 30th to you and your wife! Glad to know that yet another couple is out there, sacrificing their everydays for the marriage, the family and a life well spent together…and enjoying it fully! Wish you God’s perfect best!

    Would you hold a TCU workshop here in US (particularly Southern California) anytime soon? That would be awesome.


  7. Anonymous says:

    how much does it cost you to openline the iphone in greenhills? there is a step by step on how to openline the iphone on the net..free :)happy 30th wedding anniversary

  8. Jim says:

    YOu have to be a techie to follow the instructions on the net. I tried but I chickened out since there are so many steps not mentioned, little ones where I had to make decisions I did not understand. I went to greenhills instead. The cost is anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000P depending on who you are talking to and what you are having done.

    If your phone is a 1.0.2 system, it is cheaper to open than a 1.1.1.

  9. kingdaddyrich says:

    i saw toni gonzaga use iPhone too. One of the few celebs that i know hu use the phone. and here yu are..

    everybody’s craving for it. im just quite surprised that even people like yu use hacked units.

    hindi naman sa minamasama ko po yung pagpapaunlock niyo nung phone at hindi wala rin naman ako sa tamang lugar para manghusga. just thinking out loud…


    yer still one of my idols and makes every pinoy proud. a music genius!

  10. Jim says:

    kingdaddyrich–read comment above. Nothing illegal about it. Read Time Magazine and many other articles on the net.

  11. cdisin9 says:

    …and it seems that our Pinoy hackers are at par or even better than those who put the ‘latest’ solutions on the net. Saludo ako!

    Not to take thunder from these guys, but please, don’t put credit where it’s not due. There is a difference between unlocking the iphone and creating tools and discovering methods that unlock the iphone. The latter is the real deal. It’s the stuff that creates the cat and mouse game you said you’ve been following. Almost anybody can unlock the iphone using those tools. I always cite common consumer electronics as analogy on these matters. Anybody can operate a cd player, microwave oven, etc. But not anybody can make those devices. We leave that part to the real engineers, tweakers and hackers.

    btw, it’s great you keep your blog updated and all. I’m aspiring to migrate myself. Not to Aus but I know you get the point 🙂

  12. anonymous says:

    thanks for the clarification! now to look for an iphone ….

  13. jimparedes says:

    cdisin9– I don’t think this comment of yours ever disappeared from this blog as you claimed. After you reported that it was taken out, I did not do a thing to have it restored because when I checked , it was still here!

  14. Jann DeCode says:

    Hi sir Jim i spent an hour reading blogs..
    Wow its beautiful, a very impressive and realistic deep from heart and soul..blog

    sir Jim hows your iphone?
    A new version is coming out..now im facing a new challenge..anyway i love challenging my self with this..’coz with new challenge came, a new
    discovery exist..
    Thats why many of my co hackers called me “MadScientist” lols

    Now i have 1.1.2 assuming that gett’n first to jailbreak again here in phil.- thanks flyout to dev team,iphone elite,geohot see yah around guys.

    With Great power comes Great responsibility
    – Stan Lee (Stanly Martin Lieber)

    Viva!!! Pinoy Hackers

  15. jimparedes says:

    oo nga. I hope you can solve the 1.1.2 problem although there is very little to gain daw from it except the internationalization of the keyboard.

  16. Nice post! Subscribed. Will definitely check back for more of your blogging.

  17. cfnm videos says:

    It has been a great delight reading your work. The time I spent was well worth while. Hope you will include more to your unbelievable collection.

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